WEF-Portugal, 2019 Program Details

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Session Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session of one hour will have 8 – 10 speakers/awardees who will speak for 5-6 minutes each. Awards will be conferred at the close of the plenary session.
* Parallel Sessions: Each session of one hour will have 4 co-speakers on a panel. Who will speak 10-12 minutes each. Balance time will be for interaction remarks and Q&A.
* Role of Moderator: The speakers in each parallel session are advised to select from amongst themselves a moderator who will strictly enforce the time allotted for each speaker.
All speakers in a session will also be connected to each other via email in advance so they can coordinate their discussions, ahead of the conference. If a moderator is not selected by the speakers, then a member of the WEF 19 organising committee allotted to that session will handle that part. In Addition, Two members from the WEF 19 organising committee will be allotted to each conference hall for coordination among speakers. These names will be given to speakers closer to the date. (The session topics & timing are subject to change)
* (*) accepted tentatively

Moderator/Others   Co-Lead  Panelist  Via Video Keynotes & Others

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: Municipal Pavillion Republican Centre Street (Rua do Centro Republicano)

Women Economic Forum – Portugal 2019 “Inspiring Passion and Innovation through Sustainable Change”

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Day-1, 22nd March 2019.
TimeHall NameSession NoTopicSpeakers
08:00AM – 09:30AMRegistration/ Reception of Delegates & Speakers
10:00AM – 10:30AMPlenary HallPH01Opening Ceremony
10:40AM – 11:30AMPlenary HallPH02Circular Economy & Disruptive Innovation Suzie Lewis
Hannah Havas
Priscilia Queiroz
11:30AM – 11:50AMNetworking Coffee Break
11:50AM – 01:00PMPlenary HallPH03Youth for a Sustainable World NOW Contest – Project Presentation
01.00PM – 02:30PMSustainable Networking Lunch
02:30PM – 03:20PMPlenary HallPH04Young Trend Setters towards a new Paradigm?Raquel Soares e Morais
Kendall Clifton-Short
Dr. Martina Geromin
Pino Bethencourt
Parallel 11ASustainably Repairing RelationshipsAnndeloris Chacon
Parallel 22AExperiential Learning & Project Based Schools / Aprendizagem e Ensino Experiencial (Bilingual)Susana Cravo
Parallel 33AEducating towards Sustainability / Educar para a Sustentabilidade (Bilingual)Alexandre Pereira
Celio Gonçalo Marques
03:30PM – 04:20PMPlenary HallPH05Being Sustainable: Yes I AmAnndeloris Chacon
Parallel 11BEquitable, Accountable, ResponsibleCarol Hanlon
Parallel 22BPeacemakers 2.0/ Fazedores de Paz 2.0 (Bilingual)
Parallel 33BA Sustainable World – A Possible Dream? / Um Mundo Sustentável – Um Sonho Possível? (Bilingual)Rui Vasques
04:20PM – 04:40PMNetworking Coffee Break
04:40PM – 05:30PMPlenary HallPH06Living a Wholistic Life in the 21st Century + Special Country/ Region Focus (20 min) Chutisa Bowman
Rosemary C Williams
Parallel 11CBalancing Alopathic and Holistic MedicineIsabel Costa
Moni Rodriguez
Parallel 22CPerpectives into Equality / Perspetivas sobre a Igualdade (Bilingual)
Parallel 33CInnovative Infrastructures for a Sustainable World / Infraestruturas Inovadoras para um Mundo Sustentavel (Bilingual)Priscilia Queiroz
05:40PM – 06:30PMPlenary HallPH07Awards: Young Leaders /Innovators Creating a Better World for All. Marlene Zehnter
Renata Minerbo
Parallel 11DErradicating Emotional Hunger one Step at a Time Dorothy Githae
Rosemary C Williams
Pino Bethencourt

Parallel 22DInnovative Projects for Sustainable Change / Projetos Inovadores para a Mudanças Sustentavel(Bilingual)Chutisa Bowman
Rafaela Graca Scheiffer
Ana Jervis
Parallel 33DLow Cost Renewable Energy Every Day / Energia Renovável a Baixo Custo, Todos os Dias (Bilingual)
08:30PM – 11:30PMGala Dinner – A Journey Back to the Templars / Viagem de retorno aos Templários
Day-2, 23th March 2019
TimeHall NameSession NoTopicSpeakers
09:30AM – 10:20AMPlenary HallPH08 Awards – Iconic Women/ Leaders Creating a Better World for All Susana Cravo
Elsa Ribeiro Goncalves
Adriana Mano
Rute Batista
Paula Sobral
10:30AM – 11:20AMPlenary HallPH09Sustainability in Health, Fitness and Sports for Overall BalanceAnna Roca
11:20AM – 11:40AMNetworking Coffee Break
11:40AM – 12:30AMPlenary HallPH10Sustainable Social Structures
12:30AM – 01:00PMPlenary HallPH11Where Science & Spirituality meet towards Sustainable ChangeRafaela Graca Scheiffer
Alegra Tricia Jenkins
01:00PM – 02:30PMSustainable Networking Lunch
02:30PM – 03:20PMPlenary HallPH12Designing a Sustainable World Together – In Conversation with Invited SpeakersRui Vasques
Paula Soares
Carol Hanlon
Sandra Isabel Correia
May East
Parallel 11EEngineering Balanced Towns & Communities
Parallel 22EA New Success Paradigm / Um Novo Paradigma de Sucesso (Bilingual) Rafaela Graca Scheiffer
Anndeloris Chacon
Parallel 33EFeeding the Future – Fair Trade and Consumption / Alimentar o Futuro – Consumo e Comércio Justos (Bilingual)
03:30PM – 04:20PMPlenary HallPH13Art – A Path to Global ConsciousnessMoni Rodriguez
Herminia Sol
Parallel 11FUnschooling & Homeschooling versus The Instituted Educational SystemDr. Martina Geromin
Parallel 22FA new Economy? / Uma Nova Economia (Bilingual) Kendall Clifton-Short
Rosemary C Williams
Priscilia Queiroz
Parallel 33FA Balanced Life / Uma Vida Equilibrada (Bilingual)Anna Roca
04:20PM – 05:40PMNetworking Coffee Break
04:40PM – 05:30PMPlenary HallPH14Change is on the Way + The New and the Old in Sustainable Economic Development: The Bitter Lessons from the Eurozone CrisisDorothy Githae
Viriato Soromenho-Marques
Parallel 11GSustainable Tourism
Parallel 22GOptimizing Natural Resources / Optimização de Recursos Naturais (Bilingual)
Parallel 33GFrom Ego to Eco / Do Ego para o Eco (Bilingual)Pino Bethencourt
05:40PM – 06:30PMPlenary HallPH15Awards: Exceptional Women / Leaders of Excellence – Designing a Sustainable World TogetherRui Vasques
Paula Soares
Delfina Menezes
Leyla Acaroglu
Livia Tirone
Sandra Isabel Correia
Maria Luisa Oliveira
Pedro Norton de Matos
Parallel 11HEcological Politics in Today’s World
Parallel 22HWhen Less Creates More / Quando Menos Cria Mais (Bilingual) Chutisa Bowman
Moni Rodriguez
Parallel 33HAlternative Ways of Life / Modos de Vida Alternativos (Bilingual)
9.00PM onwardsArt in Motion Finds a Voice Fund Raising Concert
Day-3, 24nd March 2019.
TimeHall NameSession NoTopicSpeakers
09:30AM – 10:20AMPlenary HallPH16Awards: Iconic Women/ Leaders Creating a Better World for All -Associations that Work Ana Jervis
Camila Rodrigues
Francine Fleury Rodet
Joana Borges Coutinho
Teresa Abracos
Frederico Fezas Vital
10:30AM – 11:20AMPlenary HallPH17The Awards Women / Leaders of the Decade Maria Antonia Barreto
Richa Pandey
May East
Joaquim Parra Marujo
Viriato Soromenho-Marques
11:20AM – 11:40AMNetworking Coffee Break
11:40AM – 12:30AMPlenary HallPH18Announcing Youth for a Sustainable World Now Winner & Runners up + prize distribution & Teams speaking
12:30AM – 01:00PMPlenary HallPH19Closing Speech – Let’s All do it Together: a Sustainable World Here, Now
1.00pm – 2.30pmEco-Friendly & Organic Networking Lunch
02:30PM – 03:20PMPlenary HallOpen Networking Afternoon
Day 4- 25th March 2019.
Touristic Cultural Packages for Sighteeing in Tomar/nearby towns