Elsa Ribeiro Goncalves

Elsa Ribeiro Gonçalves

Journalist Freelancer


Elsa Ribeiro Gonçalves, journalist, was born in Tomar on the 6th of June 1976. She holds a degree in Journalism from the Social Communications Higher Education School in Lisbon. She is married and has a daughter, who, as well as many other dreams and projects, is one of her greatest joys. She has been a journalist in local and regional press for the last 15 years and had her debut as an author in 2018 with the publishing of her book “Singularities of a 40 Year-Old Woman” (Singularidades de Uma Mulher de 40), after having chosen to leave her comfort zone. The book was born from a simple visit to the supermarket where she imagined what it would be like to be the woman who served her that day, in an inspired exercise of empathy that she likes to implement as a daily practice. She enjoys travelling around the world on her own, writing emotions and sharing reflexions and affections. She has learnt how to cultivate her inner peace so that it reflects in her outer world. She is equally appreciative of a sunny day, as of a grey and cloudy rainy day. She is conscious of her own finitude, which leads her to live as best she can each day, spreading joy wherever she goes. What one takes from this life is the life that one takes, is her life motto. Though “Singularities of a 40 Year-Old Woman” is not an autobiography, the author managed to release some beliefs that kept her imprisoned as a result of writing this book, as well as letting go of the weight of other people’s opinions about her, having dived into a self-development process, aligning herself with her Essence and publicly assuming herself as the person she feels to be.