Paula Oliveira

Paula Oliveira

Human Capital Industry Entrepreneur


Dynamic Entrepreneur and Business Woman for more than 20 years, specialized in the Human Capital industry, she has founded companies always focusing on People, not only people that work with her, but prominently on people whose different lines of work have impact on others.

As an inspirational woman, with a contagious energy, she leads others in business, in life and in corporate social responsibility. Founder, Partner and Managing Director of several companies, she employs more than 3000 people, having a significant impact in families, society and across countries.

She is the Mentor of the social responsibility project JUNTOS (TOGETHER), creating value for transformation directly for these people as well as in the lives of the ones that contribute to others.

Recognized within organizations for creating a culture of positive energy, confidence, and reliability, promoting talent and developing individuals and teams.

Happily married, proud mother of 3.