Chutisa Bowman

Chutisa Bowman

Director,LifeMastery Ltd


Chutisa Bowman is a pragmatic futurist, author, and speaker, with an entrepreneurial drive aspiring to make an impact and be the catalyst for change and for different possibilities in the world. Originally trained as a behavioural ergonomist and transpersonal psychotherapist, she is best-known for her work in Benevolent Capitalism, Conscious Leadership, Strategic Awareness, and Prosperity Consciousness.

Chutisa is currently a Director and CFO of Life Mastery Pty Ltd consisting of 7 Global Businesses and has been in this position for over 15 years. She is responsible for the strategic direction and financial performance of these companies

Chutisa is also the founder of the ‘Generative Woman’ enterprise, a vibrant business and lifestyle platform for women who have a vision of what they truly want in life and are willing to generate it. This initiative was set up with the aim to encourage and inspire women to become smart with money and business. (

Chutisa served as a senior executive of Coles Myer one of the largest corporations in the southern hemisphere from 1987 to 2000. She served as a senior usability consultant with The Hiser Group/Sirco, Australia’s most prominent user interface and human factors specialist consulting firms from 2000 to 2005. She co-founded Conscious Governance with her husband in 2005 to the present moment (

Chutisa also manages the global Benevolent capitalism project, the next step on her priority to be a conduit and create pathways for leaders and entrepreneurs to become a catalyst for change in the world. With her awareness, insight and courage, Chutisa has been described by many as a conscious benevolent leader. (