Suzie Lewis

Suzie Lewis

Co-founder, Ego2Eco


We connected via Shapr, it was an immediate match and we started a digital conversation. We soon realized that we had complimentary skills sets, and were both passionate about developing people, putting humanity back into organisations in this digital age and having a positive impact on society. This led to a meeting of the minds and the co-creation of Ego2eco.

Suzie Lewis :
Suzie is a global business leader with extensive experience in driving international transformation projects, and in preparing business leaders and employees for change. During 19 years working in the aeronautical industry, she has led both flagship projects and teams large and small in digital transformation : defining strategy, governance and deployment (across the three axes : technology, process and people), Agile innovation, leadership, coaching and culture change. Her passion is people, their potential and collective intelligence.

Hannah Havas:
Hannah is a global business leader with extensive experience in driving Emotional Intelligence and Storytelling in Business. During 15 years working in diverse organisations as an executive coach, Hannah has helped to bring their ideas and strategy to life, achieving clarity and engaging communication. Her passion is in helping businesses to use a story driven approach to connect and restore humanity in an inclusive, innovative environment.
This shared landscape of designing, developing and delivering impactful strategies for driving human excellence provides a great platform for designing the building blocks for today’s working environment.
Hannah and Suzie are both experienced facilitators, change ambassadors, keynote speakers and professional coaches, and are committed to making a difference and driving change in the evolving landscapes that everyone currently faces.