Pino Bethencourt

Pino Bethencourt

Coach for Leadership & Personal Growth, Club Comprometidos


Pino approaches personal growth with a mindset she calls “Embrace The Wild”: she teaches people to better manage the emotional side of business. She promotes the development of heart and guts – given our current excess of intellectual learning –, both of which work in a nonlinear, unpredictable, irrational way. Their behavior is much closer to that of a mammal, “wild” animal.

Pino holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from ETSII of Madrid, an ExecutiveMBA from IEBusiness School, and she is trained in multiples lines of study of human and animal behavior. She has been an executive in multinationals, an entrepreneur and business owner, a public speaker and promoter of several women groups. She has published four books and actively participated in TV and radio.

Pino provides executive coaching services to top management in several companies (CEO, CEO-1, shareholders, board members, and family business owners). She facilitates teambuilding and leadership skills programs for groups on mountain hikes or with horses. She offers life coaching services and presides the Club Comprometidos ( in Spain. More information at

Her clients include: Abanca, CaixaBank, PSA Financial Services, PWC, YPO Spain, ClearChannel, Ashoka, Anja Gockel, Microsoft, Phillips, Siemens, Asociación Nacional de Fundaciones, IE Business School, ArcelorMittal, Johnson&Johnson Medical, KPMG, Boston Consulting Group, Grupo Uralita, Fundación Cruz-Diez, Energizer, ITP, Técnicas Reunidas, Adara Venture Capital, BDO Audiberia, Grupo Santander, Carrera y Carrera, Richemont, Randstadt, Lilly, Roche, Energizer, Deutsche Telekom, ONA Group.

Her books are four: “Success in six cups of coffee” by Palgrave McMillan, “Toma las Riendas” by Ediciones Alienta of Grupo Planeta. “Leaders of Trash: Are you one of them?” published with Amazon Kindle editions. And her latest (and best!): “Pasión Salvaje: cómo abrazar tu lado salvaje te hará libre”.