Samantha Aeschbach

Samantha Aeschbach

CEO-Founder, SatiHouse / Coach & Trainer


Samantha Aeschbach is a personal development coach & trainer, and she founded SatiHouse to help people maximise their potential sustainably and organically through mindfulness-based trainings and ateliers.

She combines the art and science of mindfulness in powerful tools to facilitate transformational change through the awareness that choices are always available.

She has lived and worked in almost 20 countries and traveled to over 70 developing a high intercultural sensibility and openness. She speaks several languages with diplomatic flair as she represented Switzerland as a Vice-Consul for over 13 years.

Her decennial spiritual and holistic development inspired patience, empathy, and serenity. Her volunteering reinforced her resilience to stress and courage in life so that she can continue helping others to transform into who they genuinely are.

She firmly believes that mindfulness helps anchor our lives in The Golden Moment of Now, without the worries and shackles of the past and anxiety of a possible future. That by changing the vantage point from which we perceive life, we can create a powerful paradigm shift in the present, increase our resilience to stress and shape our freedom. Moreover, that together, like a ripple effect in a serene pond, we can nudge change in ourselves and the people around us.