Camila Rodrigues

Camila Rodrigues – Mulheres a Obra

Co-Founder-Women for Work Movement


Doctor in Political Sciences. Did social work for tem years, helping the homeless as well as undocumented emigrants. She is passionate about social movements and by the power of citizens when they pool their strengths together.
Co-creator and Co-CEO of the Mulheres À Obra Movement (Women at Work) together with Carla Lopes. In March 2017, they created a Facebook group called “Mães à Obra” (Mothers at Work) for women who wanted to create their own professional path according to their family requirements and personal skills. Many mothers joined them and they chose to extend the group to all women. They changed the name to “Mulheres à Obra” and today the movement comprises more than 75 thousand female entrepreneurs.
Their network promotes the collaboration between equals, so all women who wish to join are accepted and no distinction is made between them. Regardless of the stage of evolution and size of their projects, all have an equal opportunity to contribute and benefit from the group. They assume that the hierarchical networks of privilege promote inequality and compromise the quality of democracy, so they want to create an environment conducive to the establishment of broad networks of cooperation and trust amongst women who do not know each other and who have diverse and complementary experiences.