WEF Slovenia 2020 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: Some plenary sessions of 60 minutes will have 8 speakers and some plenary sessions of 30 minutes will have 4 speakers who will speak for 5-6 minutes each.
* Awards will be conferred to awardees at WEF Black & White Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony on Friday 7th February from 7:30 pm on.
* Parallel Sessions: Each session of one hour will have 4 co-speakers on a panel, who will speak 10-12 minutes each. Balance time will be for interaction remarks and Q&A.
* Role of Moderator: The speakers in each parallel session are advised to select from amongst themselves a moderator who will strictly enforce the time allotted for each speaker. All speakers in a session will also be connected to each other via email in advance so they can coordinate their discussions, ahead of the forum.

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist 
 Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: Grand Hotel Union Ljubljana, Slovenia

WEF Slovenia 2020 “Power of the Pack – Women trustfully supporting Women”

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DAY 1, Thursday 6th February 2020
TimeHall NameTopicSpeakers
7 P.M.. – 9 P.M..Welcome to WEF Slovenia 2020 – Dinner reception at the Ljubljana’s City HallHosted by Mr. Zoran Jankovic
Day-2, Friday 7th February 2020
TimeHall NameTopicSpeakers
8 A.M. – 8:45 A.M.Registration
09.00 A.M.. – 09.20 A.M.Plenary – Union Grand HallWEF Slovenia 2020 Inaugural theme Address; Power of the Pack – Women trustfully supporting Women
09:20 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.Plenary – Union Grand HallWomen CEO’s – How to Empower and Co-create Results by using our Network
10:00 A.M. – 10.30 A.M..Plenary – Union Grand HallMen about Business Collaboration with Women Colleagues
10.30 A.M. – 11.00 A.M.Plenary – Union Grand HallKids & Youngsters & Students – Introduction of Power of the Pack: Women Trustfully supporting Women – Creative Pitch
11 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.Plenary – Union Grand Hall
11.30 A.M. -12.30 A.M.Plenary – Union Grand HallMaking Space for the Intuitive Approach to Management and Business
Parallel – White Hall 1Women in business: working with or bypassing one another?
Parallel – White Hall 2Time Feels right to fully Embody our Vulnerability in Leading Positions. Do we?
12.30 P.M. – 1:30 P.M.Plenary – Union Grand HallBeing a Female CEO: Sharing the Experience
Parallel – White Hall 1Healing the Core wound underneath Competition amongst Women – There’s Enough for Everyone #noneedtocompete
Parallel – White Hall 2Breaking the Stereotype: Women Shining in Supporting Roles, and thriving as Leaders
1:30 P.M. – 2:15 P.M.Fear of Authenticity in Leading Positions: The Core and the Cure?
Parallel – White Hall 1Bringing our whole self to work: seeing our softer aspects as strength instead of obstacles
Parallel – White Hall 2Expressing Emotions, Compassion and Intuition in the work Environment is often Perceived as Weakness: How do we Flip the Script?
2:15 P.M.– 3:00 P.M.Lunch
3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.MPlenary – Union Grand HallChange is an Invitation for Growth and Innovation
Parallel – White Hall 1Shedding your Old Skin – Transforming Beliefs, Family Patterns, Social Values
Parallel – White Hall 2Breaking the Stigma of Vulnerability: Allow yourself to be Vulnerable
4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.MPlenary – Union Grand HallHow can I Co-create a better tomorrow – What is my Purposeful Purpose?
Parallel – White Hall 1Mission, Vision, Purpose & Values at the heart of your Company: Engaged Employees are the Core Pillars of every Successful Enterprise
Parallel – White Hall 2Creative Problem Solving: What is my Next Step?
5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.MFree
7:30 P.MCreative Problem Solving: What is my Next Step?
DAY 3, Saturday 8th February 2020
TimeHall NameTopicSpeakers
9.00 A.M.. – 9:30 A.M..Plenary – Union Grand HallLive Authentically: Living your Unique Self is Adding Value to your Business
9.30 A.M. – 10.00 A.M.Plenary – Union Grand HallA Different Path towards Innovation: Alliance over Alienation
10.00 A.M. – 10.30 A.MPlenary – Union Grand HallRising Beyond Rivalry: When we Follow our Unique Creative Flow, We have No Competition
11 A.M. – 11:30 A.MBreak
11.30 A.M. – 12.30 P.MPlenary – Union Grand HallPersonal Well-being as Initiation into Top Business Form
Parallel – White Hall 1How do we Shape ideas into form to Create Income
Parallel – White Hall 2Harnessing the Flow of Energy: An Alternative Business Planning Strategy
12:30 P.M. – 1:30 P.MPlenary – Union Grand HallThe Power of Network: Alone We can go Far; Together we can Reach Beyond and Create Positive Change for the Planet
Parallel – White Hall 1Your Gut-Brain Connection: Vulnerability is My Creation
Parallel – White Hall 2Celebrate your life: Joy is My KPI
1:30 P.M. – 2:15 P.MPlenary – Union Grand HallThe Essence of balanced Leadership: Support, Inspiration and Co-creation
Parallel – White Hall 1Never Give up on your Dreams. / Dream your way to Manifestation
Parallel – White Hall 2Soulful leaderShip: How does it Manifest through Me?
2:15 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.Lunch
3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.MPlenary – Union Grand HallThe Future is Created Today: Providing Inspiration and Motivation for Future Generations by Shifting our ways from Individualism to Teamwork Now
Parallel – White Hall 1Achieving Inner Peace to Create Space for Change
Parallel – White Hall 2Women’s Health & Well-Being – What is your Story
4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.MPlenary – Union Grand HallEngendering an Inclusive, Respectful & Abundant Society: Shifting from Discord to Co-creation & Concord.
Parallel – White Hall 1Manage your Priorities to Avoid Distractions and Maintain Creative Flow
Parallel – White Hall 2Sisterhood and Partnership: A different Approach to Fostering Balance.
5:00 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.Plenary – Union Grand HallThe Limitless Power of Sisters without Borders Pack Dr. Harbeen Arora
Andreja Cepus
5:30 P.M..Farewell