Sonia Trost

Sonia Trost

Artist, Architect, Ecolife Art


Sonia Trost completed a Masters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, prior to this she graduated with a degree in Architecture. Sonia has further specialised within the area of Eco art and Eco architecture, completing works and projects both locally and internationally (Lugano, Switzerland, London, Great Britan, Bangalore-Vrindavana, India)

Sonia Trost collection ART Mandala has been mostly exhibeted in Slovenia, Itally and over the world.
Throughout her lifetime Sonia has been inspired by the truth of our human existence. Through the world of colour, admiration of nature and the search to find the primal patterns of architecture within the environment that surrounds us, she felt the call to do eco architectural projects and create ART Mandalas. Indeed, through them flows the primal forms, designs and colours of our planet, universe .. She is also a co-leader of ART SOUND Mandala group, with an great Italian experts in the field of research vocals, Alessandro Imelio. Together they present how wide range of sounds & vibrations are transferred into the symbols of mandalas.

Sonia Trost’s lives and works on the Slovenian coast with her work predominantly focused on the field of environmental art. Projects are implemented at home and abroad under the universal title ECOLIFE ART.