Dr. Sarifa Alonto Younes

Sarifa Alonto Younes

International Speaker/Best-Selling Author/ Entrepreneur & Global Director, Speakers Tribe Women


“In her first book ‘Love Your Obstacles’, Sarifa writes extensively on empowerment, resilience and how education changes our future. She was nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award and is the winner of the 2018 AusMumpreneur Multicultural Business Excellence Award. Likewise, she is a finalist of the 2019 AusMumpreneur: Women Will Change the World Award. Sarifa Alonto Younes is #1 Best-Selling author and an international keynote speaker with a deeply rooted passion for empowerment through education as a pathway to creating ‘futures with choices’. She works tirelessly to improve the career opportunities for women and young generations. For the past two decades, Sarifa Alonto Younes has been invited to conferences and seminars to present to heads of states, academic and business leaders, as well as organisations and media addressing social, environmental, cultural and educational issues. She resides in Melbourne Australia with her husband, Hassan, and her four children. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (Malaysia) and a Master’s Degree in Education and Training (Australia) which made her a strong voice on the international stage, speaking on organizational change, social behaviours and women empowerment. Sarifa Alonto Younes is the President and Founder of the International Academy of Marawi (IAM), Philippines; Director and Co-Founder of Training College of Australia; CEO and Founder of Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre, Australia.”