Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez

Women’s Leadership Mentor, Moni Rodriguez International


Award winning, Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and women’s leadership mentor Moni helps visionary leaders to lead their life & purpose with greater flow, passion and joy so they can create positive impact and transformation in the world.

Monica is a highly intuitive multi-passionate entrepreneur who strives to master all the aspects of living a meaningful life while making a positive difference to others.

With more than 15 years of experience in corporate Moni has observed that more compassionate and heart-centered leadership is required to bring back balance, equality, and consciousness.

Moni is a certified NLP Practitioner and Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach. She is also trained in several energy-based therapies and has years of research in personal development, conscious living and spirituality.

Currently based between London and Barcelona, Moni believes that when we lead our lives from our soul essence and heart, we are able to claim our inner power and freedom and with that we can live in flow, passion and joy, transforming the world around us.

With her writings, signature talks and support Moni contributes to raising awareness of increasing the presence of feminine values in the world.

Her mission is to support gender equality causes as well as promoting the values of joy, respect, freedom, collaboration, and personal leadership in working environments and personal life.

She is passionate about vanishing burnout from the corporate culture, and she is committed to supporting women lead projects. Moni is helping and inspiring women around the world transform their life and become leaders for change in both personal and professional levels.