Darja Zorko Mencin

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Darja Zorko Mencin



Insights Trainer & Transformational Coach & Mentor. Her mission is to empower as many purpose-driven professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and transformational leaders as possible to reach their full potential and help them make their great ideas come true, make next level commitments and powerfully and confidently bring their best work to the world.

Clients call her “queen of personal excellence”. She spent many years discovering the key elements of success and has worked closely with more than 20 international mentors. Through her self-development path she discovered a phenomenal, impactful and life-changing approach, called the Journey through the Spiral of Success, a way to learn winning strategies, to manage powerful change and to master the keys to outstanding results.

Darja has wide multicultural experience, having worked and lived in six different countries, Malta, Turkey, India, Sweden, Argentina and Switzerland, as well as her native Slovenia. For more than four years she lived in Buenos Aires. During that time, she started working with partners in Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Paraguay and Colombia. All of these countries have shaped her into the international global person she is today.

Her clients want to overcome mindset barriers to positively impact their time, to boost thier energy and effortlessly create a more fulfilled life. They are serious about taking their business and personal life to the next level in the fastest way possible and willing take to action towards living life on their terms by development of enjoyment of their success and financial freedom. Her real passion is helping people go escape from being overwhelmed, burned out, stressed and troubled, to relieve them of the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. She began a worldwide mission to offer new innovative workshops and retreats called Taquion: »Journey through a spiral of success« in Slovenia and Europe.
Darja has a Bachelor of Sociology from Faculty of Social Sciences and Master of Management non-profit organizations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.