WEF-Amsterdam, 2019 Program Details

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Moderator  Co-Lead  Panelist  Via Video Keynotes & Others

Time Allocation
For Co-Lead :12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam

General Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: each Plenary session will have 6 to7 speakers who will speak 5-6 minutes each.
* Business matching (B2B) will be organized in Parallel sessions .
* The sessions topics & timing are subject to change.

WEF-Amsterdam, 2019 ” Ecosystems of Wellness: Toward Health, Naturalness & Authenticity in Personal & Professional Lives”

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Day-1, 8th March 2019, Friday

TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
09:00AM – 10:00AMInaugural SessionOn the Theme “Ecosystems of Wellness: Toward Health, Naturalness & Authenticity in Personal & Professional Lives”
10:00AM – 11:00AM8A-PlenaryEngendering Agriculture : The Way Forward
801- ParallelThe Future of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Investing in the Light of the Sustainable Development Goals
802- ParallelEducation of Women Leads to Community DevelopmentGieta Budjhawan
11:00AM – 12:00Noon8B- PlenaryCare for Caretakers: Reducing Stress & Improving Wellbeing of Women 
811- ParallelReinvention: 3 Ways to Navigate Uncertainty Successfully
812- ParallelFeeding the Future: The Changing Landscapes of Food & Agriculture
12:00Noon – 01:00PM8C- PlenaryEmpowering the Social Good: Vibrant Civil Societies
821- ParallelEconomic Empowerment of Rural Entrepreneurs through Online Training & Mentoring
822- ParallelUrban Agriculture’s Technology & Methods to Reduce Ecological Footprint
01:00PM-02:00PMNetworking Lunch
02:00PM – 03:00PM8D- PlenaryPlay Performance on Wellness for Women
831- ParallelNurturing an Ecosystem & Culture of Innovation
832- ParallelHow to Thrive in a World of Continuous Disruption
03:00PM – 04:00PM8E- PlenaryEngineering Change for an Equitable & Sustainable WorldInese Podgaiska
841- ParallelWonder Woman – Enshrining Powerful Role Models
842- ParallelHow Technology has Changed the Landscape of Banking & Financial Services
04:00PM – 05:00PM8F- PlenaryEnvironmental, Food & Health Sustainability on : Informational Technology
851- ParallelCross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender Inequality
852- ParallelImpact of Talent Transformation, Learning & Development as Part of a Growth Strategy
05:00PM – 06:00PM8G- PlenaryImproving Social Safety for Women: Role of Government & Holistic Infrastructure 
861- ParallelEducation of Women leads to Community Development & Innovations
862- ParallelDrive Innovation by Driving Purpose
06:00PM – 07:00PM8H- PlenaryRevolutionize: The Importance of Purpose, Potential, Brand for SuccessCathy Delhanty
871- ParallelWorkshop on Social Safety for Women: Addressing the Gap
872- ParallelUnlock Your Inner Confidence & Show Up As The Authentic YouAnja Ossenblok
Tiziana Palazzo
07:00PM – 08:00PMAwards followed by Gala Dinner

Day-2, 9th March 2019, Saturday

TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
09:00AM-10:00AM9A- PlenaryInnovating for Sustainability & Inclusiveness
10:00AM – 11:00AM9B- PlenaryValuing Human Development & Empowerment in Teaching & Training
901- ParallelConnecting with Self & Discovering the Power Within
902- ParallelHow Women can Create Value for Themselves & SucceedSharon Callix
Corazon Aquino Awolugutu
11:00AM – 12:00Noon9C- PlenaryRunning Successful Businesses: All it Takes Maritza van Russel
Sharon Callix
911- ParallelFinding the Soul of Healing: How Spiritual Narratives Impact Health
912- ParallelThe Potential Impact of the Microbiome in Future Agriculture
12:00Noon – 01:00PM9D- PlenaryToward Wellness & Health for Sustainable WealthCorazon Aquino Awolugutu
921- ParallelNatures Wisdom, Our Ability to Create Health & Wellness without Big Pharma
922- ParallelAyurveda for Wellness
01:00PM – 02:00PMNetworking Lunch
02:00PM – 03:00PM9E- PlenaryIn Conversation with ‘Women & Leaders of the Decade’ in Public LifeTiziana Palazzo
931- ParallelMindfulness Leading to Wellness
932- ParallelLearnings from Nature
03:00PM – 04:00PM9F- PlenaryInnovating in Agriculture, Ayurveda Green Sustainability, Wellness & Health
941- ParallelLeadership & Love: How to have the Best of Both 
942- ParallelThe Power of Story Telling in Leadership
04:00PM – 05:00PM9G- PlenaryWomen Power Worldwide: Interactive Session 
951- ParallelHonoring Personal Leadership Styles
952- ParallelSocial Entrepreneur : Defining the New Age LeadershipCathy Delhanty
05:00PM – 06:00PM9H- PlenaryDance Performance on “Shakti: The Power of Every Woman”Anjani Biere 
961- ParallelNutrition for Women Entrepreneur
962- ParallelSocial Entrepreneur : Defining the New Age Leadership Reverse Mentoring, Learning from our ChildrenSharon Callix
06:00PM – 07:00PM Valedictory Session