Sharon Callix

Sharon Callix

Multi Award Winning Social Media Expert International Speaker, UK Chairperson ALL Social Media & Networking Chapter & Coordinator for WEF London 2019

United Kingdom

Sharon Callix, founder of Making Money Using Social Media, is an award-winning social media expert and international speaker.

Sharon helps companies and entrepreneurs position themselves online and get larger audiences on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter by becoming an authority in their niche.

Sharon started her journey when she did a live webinar with Mark Anastasi and Steve Essa at a Laptop World Tour seminar. Sharon generated over $14,000 in sales in less than 52 minutes, showing how to get targeted traffic to your business FREE, using a system that can repeat itself. Sharon was a delegate in the audience and was going through her own personal challenges at the time. Her only out let was social media and she had had enough of leading a life that was planned out for her. She has built her business largely by referrals ever since.

Sharon is fully accredited and endorsed by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC) and has been featured on Sky News as an expert commentator. Her clients include a UK newspaper, the Mayor of London, the NHS and ITV to name a few. Sharon is a Platinum blogger for, (one of only a few, out of thousands of EZine authors), where she writes about social media marketing issues and best practices.

Sharon is also a professional speaker and has worked alongside some of the most respected names in the coaching, training and consulting industry and has spoken on large platforms, both nationally and internationally, demonstrating her social media techniques and strategies. Sharon is a sought-after guest speaker, who is regularly invited to speak at prestigious business conferences and events.

She is also a generous donor and sponsor to charities dedicated to orphans with special needs.

Sharon shares the latest and most effective strategies on these platforms to create compelling content, make it go viral and demonstrates which tools to use to measure how to engage and get a larger reach, FREE!

She also speaks at many events sharing trade secrets and training others on how to be social proof and stay in line with the guidelines of social media.

“Connecting with people is what I do best and I enjoy it. I believe that this is what the Internet is all about and social media is just a means to an end. It is important that we slow down and spend some time to get to know one another.”

“Most of us have our lives laid out in front of us. We let other people make the decisions for us or we passively accept everything that is happening around us. I as well led, what seemed at the time, a predetermined life. Even though it had its benefits I never felt accomplished working as a credit controller, and having a BA (hons) in Marketing. I always felt I was meant to accomplish something greater. “