WEF -New Mexico Program Details


Moderator Lead   Co-Lead  Panelist  Keynotes & Others

Time Allocation
For Lead: 15 Min, Co-Lead :15 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

WEF New Mexico 2017 Agenda

Sunday, 21st May, 2017

07:00pm – 10:00pmInaugural Cocktail PartyWEF-New Mexico welcomes you to the Cocktail Party to be held at The Canyon Club at Four Hills, USA

Monday, 22nd May, 2017

07:30am – 08:30am* Registration and Tea
08:30am – 10:00amOpening Plenary* Inauguration & Theme Address:
New Mexico: Making The Impossible Possible
10:00am – 10:30amNetworking Break
10:30am – 11:30am1- Plenary Human Interaction – The Impact of the Lack of Authentic Communication that Leads to Depression & SuicideCedar McCrary, Inka Jumisko, Dorothy Kuhn, Jennifer Kuwa Henshaw
1A- ParallelNever Underestimate The Power of an Idea: Transforming an Idea into a Fundable Business PlanTiffany Rashel
1B- ParallelHow to Adopt a Holistic Mindset Catherine Carnell, Shawn Latula, Julia Mande
1C- ParallelGrow Your Business Through Self Knowledge & DevelopmentConnie Whitman, Asaera Cote, Lydia Yoko
1D- Parallel At Peace Not in Pieces: Surviving TraumaLicia Berry, Cherissa Jackson, Joshua Jackson
1E- ParallelNative American People – Discrimination Interior & Exterior Merle Garcia
11:30am – 12:30pm2- PlenaryCreating an Environment for Sustainable & Inclusive GrowthSara Money, Dr. Kathryn Sandilands, Kim Covill, Quinn Fontaine, Lori Fierro, Vanessa Roanhorse
2A- Parallel How to Find Purpose, Power & Passion to Reinvent YourselfNatalie Forest, Chanel Wiese, Stacy Sacco
2B- Parallel Veterans in TransitionCherissa Jackson, Patricia Watts, Lila Holley
2C- ParallelMeditation & Alternative HealingDorothy Pincus, Dr. Jessica Sánchez, Rachael Matoska, Elaine Lopez-Bogard
2D- Parallel Art & Culture- Creating & Developing Emotional Intelligence & ThinkingAshley Kruempel, Carole Eugenia Ray, Sherri Brueggemann
2E- ParallelDomestic Violence Ruth Mutanda, Lara Wyles, Pamelya Herndon
12:30pm–1:30pmNetworking Lunch
1:30pm –2:30pm3- PlenaryDigital Marketing – How to be Found in a Digital World through Effective Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing Jukka Jumisko, Dj Heckes, Micaela Brown
3A- Parallel Opportunities for All in New Emerging Markets: How Can You BenefitLinda Aines
3B- Parallel The Future for YouthKim Covill
3C- ParallelSocial Media & Its Impact on Our Lives Tahmina Mohammad Zai
3D- ParallelThe Power of Personal Example & Self-BeliefMary Ann Pellegrino, Cedar McCrary, Sandra Hoskins
3E- ParallelAlcoholism & Drugs
2:30pm – 3:30pm4- PlenaryImpact of Thought Leadership from the Southern State of America on the Global SceneLinda Aines, Rachel O Donoghue, Michael C Johnson, Yuriria Morales, Linda Rasch, Carey Avery
4A- ParallelFinding Your Purpose in LifeAda Kiehne, Roshunda Atchison, Liz Soto, Sandunie Liyanagamage
4B- Parallel Converting Ideas into Successful Businesses Cynthia De Lorenzi, Kahindo Lukwangi Regine , Micaela Brown
4C- Parallel Crossroads – How to Change Your Life & Work Through Marriage, Divorce, Career Change & Death
4D- Parallel Art, Media & Education as a Way of Shifting Consciousness Regarding WomenMelinda Fox, Marla Allison
4E- Parallel Traditional Medicine & Women’s Health
3:30pm – 4:30pm5- PlenaryFostering Innovation, Creativity, Communication & CollaborationShay Brown, Cathryn McGill, Lara Wyles, Crista F Benavidez MA OLIT, Stacie Ivey, Ebony Booth
5A- Parallel The Power of Education to Make a Positive Change to Our WorldGetrude Matshe, Mia Rue
5B- Parallel Health & Wellness a Priority for AllMary Jayne Rogers, Cathy Selene Kay, Stacy Dobbs
5C- ParallelWomen in Media & Entertainment can Impact ChangeSonya Fatah, Barbara C Lemaire, Megan Kamerick
5D- Parallel Food Security – The Impact of Modern Agriculture on Tomorrows WorldMichael Martin Meléndrez, James Holmes
5E- Parallel Urban Survival – Self Defense & Safety Tactics for WomenMichael C Johnson
4:30pm – 5:00pmNetworking Break
5:00pm – 6:00pm6- PlenaryCreating an Inspired Ecosystem to Personal GrowthDr. Jessica Sánchez, Cynthia De Lorenzi, Shawn Latula, Lydia Yoko, Liz Soto, Stacy Sacco, Matthew Reer
6A- ParallelSuccessful Transitions- How to Flourish Leanne Lusko
6B- Parallel How to Manage Ones Time & Others ExpectationsMiriam Ortiz Y Pino
6C- Parallel How to Deal With Emotional Grief & Domestic Violence Ginger Jackson, Taku Catherine
6D- Parallel Finding Your Purpose & Re-Inventing YourselfJordan Candelaria, Adelle Lees, Meta Hirschl
6E- Parallel Creating the Space for Positive Native Women Mentorship Vanessa Roanhorse
6:00pm – 7:00pm7- PlenaryPromoting Women’s Leadership in All Aspects of Society & Business Natalie Forest, Sandra Hoskins, Christine Glidden, Kaylee Summyt Spinhirn , Leona Stucky-Abbott
7A- Parallel Women Leading in IT & STEAM-Road Ahead
7B- Parallel Promoting Diverse Female Role Models
7C- Parallel How to Turn Your Love of Art into a Successful Career or Business
7D- ParallelEmpowering Women by Empowering Men
7E- Parallel Poverty Issues on the Pueblos Crossing over – Our Refugee Stories – Part 1
7:30pm – 9:30pmReception & Leaders of the Decade Awards

Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017

08:00am – 09:00amNetworking Break
09:00am – 10:00am8- PlenaryMeeting The Challenge of Holistic Lifestyle & Healthy living – Issues of Health, Pollution, Climate Change, Water, WasteElisheva Herrera, Catherine Carnell, Michael Martin Meléndrez, Tuesdy Horner, Steve Etkind, Darlene Lopez, Asaera Cote
8A- ParallelWomen in Agritech, Genetics & STEM
8B- Parallel Parenting & Its ChallengesJayashree Srivastava, Emma Van Riper
8C- Parallel Women in leadership Roles- The Harbingers of ChangeLicia Berry
8D- Parallel A Changing World – Current Day Issues for The LBGT+ CommunityQuinn Fontaine
8E- Parallel Native Americans Land Issues Crossing over – Our Refugee Stories – Part 2
10:00am – 11:00am9- PlenaryFinancial Literacy for Women Jim Byrd, Doug Lindsey, Erika Anderson, Carole Eugenia Ray, Karen Jones Meadows
9A- Parallel Giving & Philanthropy: Women Exerting a Greater Cultural Influence Getrude Matshe, Christine Glidden
9B- Parallel The Science of Happiness Andrea Monfredi , Elisheva Herrera
9C- Parallel Creating Social Businesses for Good of Society Mia Rue
9D- Parallel Values & Influential Factors that Determine Success of Female LeadersLinda Rasch, Natalie Forest
9E- Parallel Native Americans Arts & Crafts
11:00am – 11:30amNetworking Break
11:30am – 12:30pm10- PlenaryThe Importance of Purpose, Potential & PassionEva Charlotte Larsson Ruiz, Tiffany Rashel, Jayashree Srivastava, Roshunda Atchison, Bridget Washington, Lila Holley, Leanne Lusko, Joshua Popky
10A- Parallel Native Americans Matrilineal Culture
10B- Parallel Women’s Economic Empowerment & LeadershipGiovanna Rossi
10C- Parallel It’s Time to Thrive Being Who You AreKelly M. Olson, Kaylee Summyt Spinhirn
10D- Parallel Turning Contacts into Relationships Steve Etkind
10E- Parallel Art, Health & Happiness / Art in High School Education vs SportDaniel Kronberg, Merle Garcia
12:30pm – 1:30pmNetworking Lunch
01:30pm – 02:30pm11- PlenaryHow Women can Save the Planet: Equality = Sustainability Kahindo Lukwangi Regine , Ruth Mutanda, Meta Hirschl, Chanel Wiese, Pamelya Herndon
11A- ParallelEmpowering Workplace Well BeingSara Money, Crista F Benavidez MA OLIT
11B- Parallel Your Career: The Story, The BrandBobbi Black
11C- Parallel Fighting Female Physical & Emotional AbuseBarbara Jean WIlson
11D- ParallelHow to Break the GlassCarolyn Parrs
11E- ParallelPeace & Justice in the USASamia Assed, Matthew Reer, Carey Avery
02:30pm – 03:30pm12- PlenaryAgriculture & Organic Food- The New Horizon for Growth Julia Mande, Cathy Selene Kay
12A- ParallelLove What You Do & Do What You LoveJordan Candelaria, Caroline Makaka
12B- Parallel The Power of Authenticity & Living Life in CrescendoDr. Kathryn Sandilands, Yuriria Morales
12C- Parallel Beauty Redefined: The Impact of Body Image on Women’s Confidence & Influence WellbeingDarlene Lopez Inka Jumisko
12D- ParallelWinners Who Win Hearts with Generosity of SpiritKaren Jones Meadows
12E- Parallel Benefits of Mobile Apps VS Traditional WebsitesJukka Jumisko
03:30pm – 04:00pmBreak
04:00pm – 06:00pmClosing Plenary Group Collective Closing Ensemble is Called “Tribal Rhythms” Becoming the Ultimate Superwomen & Creating a Better World for All
06:00pm – 07:00pm AwardsAward Presentation & Performance by Artists