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Tahmina Mohammad Zai


Tahmina Mohammad Zai

Financial Officer at Oxfam Novib


Tahmina Mohammad Zai was born and raised in a traditional household in Kunduz Afghanistan. She always been very family oriented because she know her family member are the people who will always be there to support her as she reaches for the stars.
On 2009 graduated from professional business high school from the Balkh University of Afghanistan have Bachelor where she tried to make the most time and participate in many extracurricular activities as possible? she is also a member of civil society. She received much different Training like Management, Marketing, Accounting, Gender Integration, Conflict Management & Time Management, Concept of Management, law on the elimination of violence against women.
And she has worked with many National & International Organizations they are as follow: Education Center for poor women, KCC Company, Independent Election Commission, GIZ, and Oxfam.
She always been very dedicated and hard working when trying to achieve her goals. She do not let any obstacles get in her way and do not give up easily.