Mia Rue

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Mia Rue

Partner at Rythmia Life Advancement Center


As an international educator, entrepreneur, and mother of five, I have garnered the experience I share through the challenges and victories of personal development and motherhood. I have launched and directed multiple businesses, and have worked directly in the education and wellness of families internationally for over twenty years. Through my diligent practice, I have translated this experience into knowledge, and I believe that with anything of great value comes a duty to share these precious gifts with others.
Having worked in a multitude of settings in various capacities from volunteer to director, affords me the ability to relate to a broad spectrum of clients and families. Some of my experience includes:
• Heart-Centered Communication Educator
• Holistic Wellness Consultant and group educator for families and women
• Clinical Primary Care Midwife to low-income Spanish-speaking clientele
• Case Manager/Client Liaison: Naturopathy/Chiropractic clinical practice
• Practitioner of Conductive Education (an educational system developed for children with cerebral palsy)
• Director of Children and Family Programming at international festivals, healing centers and retreats
• Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
• Kriya Yoga Initiate
• Transcendental Meditation Initiate
• Disaster Relief Volunteer with focus on orphanages in Brazil and Mexico
• International Essential Oils Researcher, Consultant and Educator
• Health Product Developer
• Producer/Director/Author of educational media
• Organizer/Presenter of educational conferences, workshops and classes in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
• Director of Public Relations and Resource Development PRO-NATURA non-governmental organization: New York, Washington D.C., and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Advisory Board (Founding Member) – A Greater Good Foundation

While no stranger to tragedy and loss, I maintain a daily practice of gratitude, soulfulness, positivity, and treating others the way I want to be treated. I parent by example and work to lead with Love.
Personally, I love to spend time with my family in Nature (especially at the beach and in the mountains), practicing yoga, meditating, dancing and being silly, preparing and eating vegan food and especially vegan desserts, watching uplifting movies and cuddling whenever possible.