Asaera Cote

asaera cote

Asaera Cote

Owner & Artisan-in-Chief at The Organic Living Room


The most important thing for each of us is to do whatever we can to maintain a healthy quality of life. Without health, without a sense of wellness – there’s not much of a life. This SELF-HEALTH advocacy is at the heart of the work of Asaera Patricia Coté.

Asaera is the owner and Artisan-in-Chief of The Organic Living Room a collaboration of complementary businesses focused on self-health and personal wellness here in Albuquerque. Through personal story and interesting data, she’ll share the benefits of what she has learned on her wellness journey.

Join an engaging conversation that includes the confluence of near-death, intentional awareness, meta-cognition, organic food, essential oils, BEMER and somatic movements. And if you are not sure what the heck that all means you should definitely come and have a listen.