Kelly M. Olson


Kelly M. Olson

Founder & CEO of Bridgeline INSIGHTS, LLC.


Professional Speaker. Certified Strengths Consultant. Certified Life Mastery Consultant and Dreambuilder Coach. Business Instructor.

Kelly M. Olson, Founder of Bridgeline Insights, LLC and Program Director for Dress for Success Twin Cities has devoted her life to the pursuit of success consciousness and immersed herself in the talent and human resource industry for over 20 years. With experience teaching and coaching executives, entrepreneurs, high potential employees and students she’s embodied the essence of multiple leadership roles and personality styles.
It is Kelly’s in-depth wisdom that makes her the ideal consultant and coach for entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, and high potential performers.

She recognizes that entrepreneurs and high potential performers are more than just innovators; her insight detects the inner spark in such creators who are simultaneously driven and hesitant to fail. This fear seed can be enough to stall an entrepreneur’s or individual’s progress and Kelly offers accurate know-how for navigating the internal uneasiness that comes with barrier mindset issues.
Kelly’s diverse knowledgebase can help you learn more about what motivates you on your entrepreneurial and professional career and even personal life paths. She takes a dedicated, heart centered, client-focused approach to support harnessing your inner genius that can dramatically influence your work and magnify your success outcomes.
Well-versed on Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich, you can enjoy your newfound journey with assurance that Kelly’s understanding is based in sound, effective universal principles applied consistently by major influential figures in history.

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