Dr. Jessica Sánchez

Jessica Sánchez

Dr. Jessica Sánchez

Founder at JSanchez Spiritual Wellness MD


Dr. Jessica Sánchez, a non licensed MD, is an International Spiritual Healer and Intuitive who took an unconventional path in her career. Having studied medicine abroad, she gained a new understanding for the correlation of Western Medicine with Complementary and Alternative Health Care. Caring for people through different spiritual healing modalities, she humbly embraces these beautiful gifts of healing from The Divine allowing them to work through her as she is the instrument.

Jessica provides Energy Therapy and Spiritual Intuitive sessions in person and long distance. Tailoring to individual needs, she guides each client working with them to empower self healing of body, mind, and spirit. Through her motivational talks, Jessica shares her knowledge and expertise on the Power of Allowance to reveal the potential of our True Self.