Lara Wyles

Lara Wyles1

Lara Wyles

CEO at Be A Legend


Lara Wyles, Owner and CEO of Be a Legend, has an exceptional business background, with over 13 years of corporate new business sales experience and is an advanced business strategist earning her title of “the legend” given to her by the owner of a $80M turnover business. During this time, she facilitated and helped grow the company from $5M to $50M over the duration of seven years, creating and managing the new business key account department, selling to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Never afraid to challenge, Lara has an impeccable understanding of business strategy and what it takes to get companies to the next level and ensure a R.O.I is achieved, ultimately increasing revenue faster. Her resilience, determination, ambitious mindset, energetic character, and warrior attitude sets her apart from the competition through applying her passion in helping individuals and organizations to become the best version of themselves. Lara helps unlock the tools in others that already exist at a certain level, implementing strategies, motivation, and belief they need to push themselves to the next level.

Earning her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling, Lara applies her educated knowledge and innate ability to be in tune with others’ needs, being extremely perceptive to human behavior. Understanding the psychology of high achievers, she has studied the mind, body language, tone of speech, and language in depth, thus is able to assess and identify the ‘winner quality’ within her clients. Using techniques and strategies to bring these to the surface, Lara is able to change mindset, ultimately creating a ‘power to endure’ and ‘never give up’ attitude, elevating the success of everyone around her!