WEF-5WCW Mission Million 2022, India

About WEF - 5WCW Mission Million 2022

Mission Million is a clarion call by ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF) to connect a million women entrepreneurs worldwide in solidarity toward gender parity and empowerment as ‘sisters beyond borders,’ for growing our voice, influence and businesses beyond borders.

Mission Million aims to connect a million women entrepreneurs and supportive leaders worldwide as an empowering sisterhood and inspired community: opening up exponential opportunities for connections and collaborations in a spirit of parity, peace and prosperity for All.

This would be a follow up on previous United Nations world conferences for women, held in Mexico in 1975, Copenhagen in 1980, Nairobi in 1985, and Beijing in 1995. Since these previous United Nations world conferences for women, 25 years hence the UN has not yet led a 5th World Conference for Women to serve as a modern milestone for women empowerment in our recent times.

We have therefore envisioned ourselves a 5th World Conference of Women (5WCW) as WEF - 5WCW Mission Million 2022.

We envision that 10,000 Goodwill Ambassadors will organise events like walks and talks in their respective cities, towns and villages during October to December 2022.

Silver, Gold and Platinum members will organise larger conferences in many cities across the world. The final culminating mega event will be in December 2022 in New Delhi, India.

Regards funding, each organiser will arrange their own local funding through Soul Sister, Supporters and Sponsors. There is no one model of funding, nor does the head office provide any funds as we are an NGO ourselves.

We are deeply committed toward uniting the women of the world in sisterhood and solidarity; and have full conviction and faith that the divine forces of the Universe will guide us ALL along and take us to where this movement belongs - in the hearts and souls of every woman in the world to give her the confidence for inspired self-belief and leadership.

Partner with Mission Million !
As Goodwill Ambassadors or Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum Partners

You can individually Partner with Mission Million as a Goodwill Ambassador by connecting us to 1000 women. You can connect on our facebook group, or send us an excel sheet with details, or use the Mission Million dashboard.

Once you’ve connected, your name will appear on the Mission Million website page under ‘Goodwill Ambassadors’. And a certificate will be issued for your support.

In addition, yours or any organisation can Partner with the Mission Million as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Partner. Organisation logos will then be uploaded under the relevant partner category on the official Mission Million page on our website and acknowledgements made on other channels likewise.

Commitments required are as follows:

Bronze Partner: connect to at least 10,000 women;

Silver Partner: connect to at least 50,000 women;

Gold Partner: connect to at least 100,000 women;

Platinum Partner: connect to at least 200,000 women.

Looking forward toward uniting the women of the world in sisterhood !

Contact: dg@wef.org.in

Become a Goodwill Ambassador by connecting us to 1000 women in your network.

Dr. Rupal Tyagi

Board Member
Loratis SetMyCareer.Net Pvt. Ltd.

Dragana Vujovic Djermanovic

Chief Executive Officer
Pepper Consulting Group

Nadia Sanchez Gomez

Founder & CEO
She-Is Foundation

Vaishali Vaishnav

Admin & HR
in the Corporate Sector

Margarita Ortiz Benitez

Vice Presidente Mutapy


Maria Mercedes Introini

Political Analyst/Blogger/Facilitator

Saira Khan

Chief Executive Officer at Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa
South Africa

Sue Curr

Inspirational Speaker & Empowerment Coach, Fear LESS & LIVE More

Didi Wong

Motivational Speaker & Queen of Events
Hong Kong

Pia Singh

TPS World Learning, Director -Startup Projects

Bhawna Arora

Co Founder & Founder, KAB Welfare Foundation ( Kamla Arora Blessings )

Catalina Cajias

CEO, Atributos

Dr. Srilatha Malladi

Creative Painting Artist, Freelancer

Shaheen Hussain Nongbri

Founder President, Char & Rural Development Society

Teresa Thomas

Made the World’s Largest Blanket & Presented

Haidi Badawi

Australian Global Goodwill Ambassador & Board Director, Women with Disabilities Victoria, Australia

Somaya Elshafei

Director of Business Development, Expand, Egypt

Become a Bronze Partner by connecting us to 10,000 women in your network.

Become a Silver Partner by connecting us to 50,000 women in your network.

Become a Gold Partner by connecting us to 100,000 women in your network.

Become a Platinum Partner by connecting us to 200,000 women in your network.