WEF-5WCW Mission Million 2022, India

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About Mission Million

Mission Million 2022, India: Sisters Beyond Borders

Mission Million is aimed at connecting women entrepreneurs and supportive leaders worldwide as an empowering sisterhood and inspired community, toward opening up exponential opportunities for connections and collaborations in a spirit of parity, peace and prosperity for All.

This would be a follow up on previous United Nations world conferences for women, held in Mexico in 1975, Copenhagen in 1980, Nairobi in 1985, and Beijing in 1995 where 12000 women representative from across the world came together.

25 years hence, the UN however has not yet moved toward a 5th World Conference for Women – which would serve as a modern milestone for the journey and growth of women empowerment in our times. Therefore, we have envisioned the 5WCW now as WEF- 5WCW Mission Million 2022 with the goal of having a million women worldwide gather for a 5th World Forum for Women originating in India in 2022.

Should you like to contribute to Mission Million, we would simply request you to refer inspiring women you know to this growing global network. We can create a special LOGIN on a personal dashboard for you from where you can start recommending and connecting more Soul Sisters.