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Navjot Sanghera

Navjot Sanghera

Research Analyst at Global Public Affairs Vancouver, Canada

Navjot Sanghera is a researcher, community organizer and passionate advocate for the active participation and empowerment of women, youth and other marginalized communities in politics.
Navjot currently works as a Research Analyst with Global Public Affairs where she undertakes policy research for clients on a wide range of subjects from transportation, infrastructure and communities to energy and environmental policy, providing strategic analysis of government developments.
Prior to this, Navjot was a political staffer for a Member of Parliament where she managed community outreach initiatives, communications, casework and the roll out of federal programs for the Member. During this time, she led the first M.P. Youth Council in the riding aimed to foster greater political participation of local youth, and organized policy discussions with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Health Minister Jane Philpott, the Youth Ambassador to the United Nations and others. Through her work in the constituency office Navjot has worked with hundreds of newcomers and refugees to help them navigate the laws and regulations of Citizenship, Immigration and Refugees Canada.
Navjot has spent several years volunteering for both local and international human rights and women’s non-profit organizations, and continues to facilitate workshops on education about gender based violence. She currently serves as the policy chair for the Surrey Center Liberal Electoral District Association and has been involved in numerous political campaigns.
Navjot holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from the University of British Columbia, and a Master’s Degree in Research in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick.

Shelly Ryan

Shelly Ryan

CEO , Your Next Chapter LLC, Usa

It was such a pleasure meeting you and I thank you so much for including me in your event. I was only able to stay for a short time, and during that time, I was so inspired! I met amazing women and fostered several, what I hope to be, ongoing relationships.

Your hospitality, generosity, and grace were so evident from the moment I walked into the conference room. I love your mission and plan to work on getting to New Delhi (if not in 2018, then for sure in 2019.) I will also forward this opportunity to other women, because it is needed.

I hope you get to rest for a few days. Thank you again for putting this all together!

Drífa Þrastardóttir

Drífa Þrastardóttir

Museum curator, The City of Reykjavik, Iceland

Thank you so much for the last time we met in the WEF conference in Reykjavík. I really enjoyed it. I think it was very informative and productive and at the moment I have a new business idea and I am going to connect with one of the speakers from the conference. So I really want to thank you again for your wonderful contribution to empower and connect women from all over the world.


Luisa Sousa

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Portugal

I have no words to thank you enough for your vision based on radiating love throughout the World… I am so blessed and grateful for this amazing opportunity to have met you and share some interesting conversation. I could resonate with your energy and love and humbly I would like to let you know how much this event and all the vibration of love emanated from everybody I met, meant to me…Words will never be enough to thank and bless you, WEF and ALL as well.


Hrafnhildur Hafsteinsdottir

MD, FKA Iceland

Our sincerest thanks to you on behalf of everyone – to bring such a joy and hosting this event of WEF here in Iceland. FKA and myself personally went away richer in every way.
Send you all my best,


Julia McAndrew

CEO, Kangen Irish Water, Ireland

I enjoyed a wonderful 3 days in Iceland. It was a real pleasure to be surrounded by so many great ladies at your conference. Harbeen you are an inspiration to all.


Ana Lucia Loera Lafont Serrano

Student, Mexico

In 2016, I was part of a delegation from my country, Mexico, that attended the Women Economic Forum, in New Delhi, India, where I gave a presentation regarding women’s empowerment. The topic of my presentation was on the discrimination and precarious social situation of indigenous Mexican women and their unique role in Mexican society….As an adolescent (17) on the cusp of womanhood, attending the Women Economic Forum was a pivotal experience in my life. At the conference, I began to understand what it means to be a woman with strength and how a supportive community of women can inspire me to grow, achieve my goals and to never let my voice go silent. Being part of this sisterhood had a deep and meaningful impact on me.


Adriana Potomati

Businesswoman and Coordinator of Council of Woman Entrepreneur of the São Paulo Commercial Association, Brazil

I’ve just come back to Brazil. It was a great pleasure to meet you. I went to Portugal inspired by your actions and by the synergy between our purposes.


Koral Dasgupta

Author | Columnist | Academic | Painter Founder, TellMeYourStory Mumbai, India

Thanks a ton, Harbeen. No words can express the appreciation we have for the massive work you are putting in year after year, to get women heard and to unite women across geographies. You are a force by yourself.


Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz

Professor, Blogger & Cartoonist in Political Risk & Prediction, USA

Thank you for organizing such an enlightening conference!


Nikki Zanchi

Director, Women Love To Talk Inc, New Zealand

What you do for women and equality is simply beyond words.
I loved being part of WEF Iceland


Radha Venuprasad

Author, Tamil Nadu India

Your energy, your supreme intellect & your capacity for organising such a great event is exemplary.

Jasmine Gohil

(Architect) Jasmine Gohil

I/C Principal, Professor, School of Architecture, Anant National University, Ahmedabad, India

I am grateful to you for providing me the opportunity to attend your event. Thank you for your warm hospitality and enabling the chance to meet like minded dynamic women from different walks of life.


Monica Suri

General Manager Jaipur Marriott, India

The work you do is so important for ALL women as it gives us all a place to feel empowered, boost confidence and comfort in our roles, and to utilise other women as resources to grow.

Aparna Seebaluck

Aparna Seebaluck

Principal Cambridge School Srinivaspuri Delhi, India

I am truly humbled and privileged to be a part of such an illustrious gathering, cause and movement that you have been spearheading.

Anush Gasparyan

Anush Gasparyan

Diplomat, Armenia

I would like to congratulate you on the impressive success of your recent event “WEF Dwarka 12-13th September 2017. Intellectual, Inspirational contributions by our Soul Sisters was truly outstanding and life-changing for many young women present during the event or for those who follow ALL Ladies League (ALL). I strongly believe that we should involve women from those countries which are not yet part of this graceful platform. I, with the support of Embassy of Armenia to India, looking forward to the discussion regarding the formation of ALL Chapter in Armenia.


Cheryl Templeton

Founder, The Chocolate Log (cafe) and Wine Oaks (winery) Himachal Pradesh, India

My dearest Harbeen, you are a pure and true soul, and an angel from other realms sent to touch and empower women. Meeting you and your kind and sensitive husband was an opening of the heart and mind to know and experience how both of you really care for the growth and well being of others, especially women. I feel blessed and humbled to have received not just an award but the opportunity to stand in your space and feel and absorb the positive vibes and energy that flows in abundance from both if you. The humble way in which Dr Rai and you give to life blows me away. A ‘thank you’ is but an understatement to what I truly feel. It is a deep gratitude and a humble acceptance of your caring and love. I will hold forever in my heart the deep and magical experiences received and taken at the ceremony and conferences that followed. The way everything was planned and arranged with not just meticulous detail , but with such intrinsic sensitivity and caring for the well being and comfort if all who were present and involved in this powerful and far reaching gathering. I send both of you my very sincere thanks, heartfelt gratitude and love. And will always hold both of you dearly in my heart.

Srabanee Chakraborty

Srabanee Chakraborty

Artist Kolkata, India

You are a great leader ! You are an innovative leader who has brought the world together through sisterhood! An excellent contribution indeed! Not only you possess amazing leadership skills, you are also a woman with a golden heart! God bless you !

Harjinder Kaur

Harjinder Kaur

MD & CEO, Comvision New Delhi, India

It was wonderful to attend WEF in Taj Vivanta. You do a fabulous job as always. Very poised and very presentable on Dias. Despite being so busy, the way you pay attention to each speaker on Dias, its commendable. I look forward to attending many more conferences.

Viola Edward

Viola Edward

Founder, Feminine Capital Forum, Cyprus

It is a beautiful and solid platform. I was in the WEF Hague in January 2017. I had an accident in the premises, the sisterhood care and the love I received touch my heart for ever. People who walk through their talk. I am engaged with ALL & WEF from my Heart, Mind & Soul.

Anju Matta

Anju Matta

Director, American Express New Delhi, India

Had great session and learnings. Met dignitaries, learnt things, spoke viewpoints.. overall a great event. Look forward for future events.

Gouri Shankar

Gouri Shankar

Vice Chairperson – Women’s Organisation of India New Delhi, India

Many congratulations for the super successful WEF. I am overwhelmed and humbled for bestowing upon me such a prestigious award. It has been a very meaningful learning all thru theplenary sessions, brilliant topics giving us greater insights. I am in awe of your tireless hard work efforts and high enthusiastic energies, a beautiful soul you are.

Seema Anand

Seema Anand

Associate VP – HR Northern Region Taj Hotels, India

It was great meeting both of you. Both of you are so dedicated to the cause of bringing all women together under one roof and creating a platform for sharing among all. I really enjoyed myself and also met some wonderful women in Dwarka during the event. Thank you once again !!

 Rina Barbut

Rina Barbut

Professional Services Manager for MEA and Russia in Check Point Software Technologies , Israel

I am so honored to be a part of WEF-Women Economic Forum. Meeting Powerful Women from All over the World, Exchanging Similarities, Challenges,
Knowledge that we face with in our daily lives from different Backgrounds, Cultures, means a lot. Looking forward to meeting all and Sharing, Uniting Powers and Inspiring Each other.
Thank you so much to Dr. Harbeen Arora and all the fantastic Team who put great efforts and hours to make it happen. See you next week.

Menna Baluja

Menna Baluja

Founder Director Academics, Hand in Hand Workshops, India

I feel deeply honored to be a speaker on this prestigious platform of WEF. Hoping to absorb every single moment, unlearn and relearn so many things happening around me. It is indeed going to be such an enriching and exciting moment for me. Looking forward to it in May.

Michelle Araujo

Michelle Araujo

Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Founder of DejaVu Tarot, England

I feel deeply honoured for the opportunity to join this global gathering of incredibly inspiring women. The WEF is truly an oasis of female empowerment providing a safe platform for us to come together, redefine our perspectives and expand our horizons so that we can move forward in our individual paths with renewed strength, purpose and enthusiasm. This will be my first time in India and there’s no better way to be introduced to this extraordinary country. I can’t wait!


Dr. Daphne Grace

Author and Professor University of Brighton,UK

I must thank you for the most incredible experience of being at the WEF conference in London. It was truly one of the most inspiring experiences of my life! Many congratulations to you and all your team of organisers and helpers for putting on such a vitally important forum for women and men to come together and share life-stories, thoughts and philosophies, which we can only hope will continue to shape and raise the consciousness of our planet.


Anila Hussain

Co-Founder & CEO ShenAnnz: Step up, Look up and Be Counted, Switzerland

I was delighted and honored to be Part of WEF Hague and UK, feel connected and looking forward to be working with mindful people doing meaningful work around the globe 🙂 Also, I am looking forward to part of future events and contribute to this community.


Carmen Deans

Master Practitioner at Super Able Mind,UK

I found all the ladies speaking at the plenaries and discussion groups to be so inspiring, articulate, uplifting. For me it was a transformative event on many levels; to be able to contribute to that outpouring of inspiration to others would be amazing.


Dr. Karen Johnson

Honorary Deputy Minister for the UK World Humanity Commission , UK

I just want to say congratulations WEF London I was so proud and honoured to speak at this amazing , inspirational, wonderful Forum.
The venue was warm and welcoming filled with so many incredible women from all over the world
I had a day that filled my heart with love for my fellow women and their passions and success…
Thank you so much for giving us all this opportunity to connect. Your team was welcoming and helpful with smiles.


Priv Mudada

Founder of Identity , Zimbabwe

It was such an honour to speak to this group of women at the Women Economic Forum UK Conference. I spoke on the impact of social media on economic empowerment. Many thanks to everyone that came out to support me. I came, I saw, I conquered!


Poonam Joshi

Founder, ILUK , UK

After 3 days of complete Bliss, Women Economic Forum has come to an end. Although I am exhausted, I feel empowered, I feel inspired hearing so many incredible stories that came straight from the heart. It restored my faith in sisterhood and humanity!


Dr. Desiree Saddik

Child Psychologist, UK

Thank you so much!! Delighted to be invited to WEF. I am still on a high from the amazing conference here in London….I must tell you that I have come up with a new business idea as a result in sitting in just a couple of panels of the London WEF, it was so empowering!


Chetna Bhatt

Founder and CEO of High-Flyers Coaching, UK

It was truly wonderful and I loved it. The atmosphere, people you attract and energy you create and emanate is so beautiful and I felt honoured and privileged to be a part of it.


Praveen Pandey

Consultant – Singhania & Co., UK

It is my immense pleasure to join such a vibrant and incredible gathering of WEF. I will be delighted to join and interact for future WEF events.


Tulia Lopes

Entrepreneur & International Speaker, Switzerland

It was such a pleasure being part of the last WEK-UK! I found the energy of the environment very enlightening and empowering. I met wonderful people, from inside-out, made great contacts, and I’m looking forward to build a stronger connection with them.


Marina Tognetti

CEO & Founder at Myngle, Netherlands

I love your vision of creating a place where all women come together to share and build a better world. If there is any way that I can help in your mission, I would be glad to do so.


Anton Philips

Founder & President, Stichting Emergo, Netherlands

I was very much impressed by the WEF in The Hague and by the quality of people who attended.


Maura Sweeney

Ambassador of Happiness, HuffPost contributor Florida, USA

I wish to remind you again of the truly uplifting and world-changing time I experienced at WEF in The Hague (Den Haag). I made wonderful connections with women that have continued to blossom and I know that they will grow in beautiful ways over time — and across continents!


Mary Adams

Vice President, Fundraising, The FAWCO Foundation , Netherlands

The energy in the sessions, the enthusiasm of women sharing information and growing stronger and more united by the minute was wonderful to see. It was very different from most business events that I have attended or organised because the scope of content was so vast, yet so personal. People came to learn, to teach, to listen, to reveal, to act.


Agnes Tarnai

ERC Member at Toastmasters International,Belgium

I am still riding on the waves of inspiration, friendship and much more I experienced during the WEF event. You have created a wonderful platform for women all over the world and I am still in awe because of the women I met and the stories I heard. Congratulations and my best wishes for your future endeavours.


Rachel Smets

Speaker & Author,Netherlands

Thank you for this GREAT day. Thank you for all your effort, your smile all day long. You are amazing! I am so honored to have been speaking, and I loved it! I loved it so much, I can’t wait till next time.


H.E. Dr. Momar Diop

Ambassador of Senegal to Netherlands

I was truly honored to be invited at that great event gathering so many talented women leaders. That was history in the making and I genuinely enjoyed it.


Marina Diboma

Co-Founder at Business Safari TV Africa, Netherlands

I had the chance to meet so many strong and amazing women from different parts of the world…Big up to the men who were there to support women…


Heleniq Argyrou

International Peak Performance Trainer ,Cyprus

A heart rises full of inspiration after meeting this woman : Dr. Harbeen Arora, entrepreneur, philanthropist, spiritualist and an author. Founder & Global Chairperson of ALL Ladies League …a platform for the Women’s Economic Forum. She is also One of the most amazing woman I have ever met and one of our times demonstrating with such love how we raise by lifting other higher ! A true bringer of change. Finally I found you and now I am confirmed know we elevate even higher. You resonate the rhythm of my life and the primordial sound of my soul. Shakti Bandhan thank you so much!


Genna Elvin

Co-Founder, TadaWeb, Luxembourg

You are truly pioneering the women’s movement in today’s time, your tireless work to bringing women from all around the world together it’s remarkable. You are creating the most amazing bonds between women, something very very rare and hard to achieve.
You have a new supporter. I am already very excited to attend the London event and eager to attend more world wide.


Dr. Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva

Social Psychologist & Creator at Hashimoto Help ,Netherlands

After the two great days at WEF, I arrived yesterday at home with a heart full of love and hope. It was precious to acknowledge that there is so much goodness all around the world.


Lucia Lucka Klansek

Celebrity & Founder of LLXLLQ, New York ,US

Thank you! It was a privilege to be part of the WEF in Den Haag. You are doing something special for the society around the world. I will do my best to support this movement.


Marie-Claude Machon Honore

BPW International permanent Representative to UNESCO NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee member Paris, France

I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for the organization of the Hague WEF and for your commitment to empower women. I enjoyed the nice feeling of solidarity and sisterhood prevailing throughout the forum as much as last year. This event like the Delhi WEF has created a lot of synergies and offered the opportunity to connect with like minded people and open up to new friends and reflect again on how to work together to advance women’s empowerment.


Ruqya Khan


Greetings once again…the rush and the high of being at WEF 2016 is still fresh in my mind…the energy was so pure and selfless. Kudos to the team on a remarkable memory that you made for us all. Thank you seems so small of a word to express my gratitude.


Rumana Sinha Sehgal

Managing Director & Founder at Serendipity,India

The two days were so fulfilling and I’m sure the takeaway from such a great gathering is something so dear to each one of us who were present there. Meeting such amazing , accomplished people and sharing and understanding each other’s perspective on varied subjects was enlightening. Thank you for you tireless efforts and binding us in the beautiful Shakti Bandhan.


Mukti Gupta

MD at Mukti Group,India

I want to thank you from the core of my heart for the opportunity you gave to those 4 under privileged women of Help Us Help Them.Not only did it give them a platform to share their story, but also inflicted great confidence to face so many people from different walks of life and speak in front of them. In fact Meena Bibi(one amongst the four of them) by the end of the day was so blissful that she said that she seemed to have lived her entire life in that one day. The awards that were given to them were not just trophies for them, but it has empowered them to do more and fight their hardships with more endurance and faith.I am extremely grateful to you and your team for accepting my request, as a women nothing can surpass the feeling of liberation and freedom. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.


Brenda Saunders/Todd

The Executive Director of Dress for Success Halifax ,Canada

The most incredibly, amazing, generous, open-hearted, learning, sharing, collaborative, rewarding and fulfilling conference I have EVER attended !!!


Marguerite Orane

Founder of Free & Laughing Inc., Canada

Thank you once again for the amazing experience that was WEF2016. I returned from India ready to “live bold” and to make a greater impact in the world. I feel I have found a new community and I am extremely blessed.


Dr. Jonaki Mukherjee

Educator and Literacy Chair at Rotary Club of Calcutta Millennium,India

Dr. Jonaki Mukherjee is an educator and counselor who has spent over two decades teaching children of diverse age groups across different Indian cities. Dr. Mukherjee is a regular columnist whose articles have appeared in Ei Samay (The Times group) and The Millennium Post. She has also been featured as an education expert by leading TV channels including Tara TV, 24 Ghanta and Doordarshan. A trained Hindustani classical and Rabindrasangeet singer, her music album “Ekla Cholo Re” was aimed at popularizing Tagore’s music among children. As Literacy Chair of Rotary Club of Calcutta Millennium, she is currently working to increase access to education across Kolkata through initiatives that promote skills based education and leadership among students. She has earned double Masters degrees, M.Phil, PhD and a diploma in Counselling from London. In her free time, she enjoys penning lyrics for films and tending to her garden.


Anita Heidema

Founder of Anita Heidema International, Canada

Thank you again for all at the conference that I was open to. Your hospitality and generosity was so gracious. I was so impressed by all you and your team did and sad I didn’t get more time with you. That is a wonderful idea to spread your inspiration and innovation around the world further.
I would like to do on a larger scale then just my city.


Dr. Dolly Gupta

Director & Owner at D’CosMedics,India

Wouldn’t have expected a better and more positive start of this New Year than being part of this 2 days amazing event. We will all surely work as a team and take Kolkata ALL to a Newer Heights!


Brenda Saunders/Todd

The Executive Director of Dress for Success Halifax, Canada

I also want to take this opportunity to THANK you for all your time and contributions to the WEF. It clearly was a LOT of work and your efforts were greatly appreciated by all.


Kalina Parvanova Kaleva

Co-Chairperson of Hug me’ Association, Bulgaria

Thank you for your hospitality and the great job you do. We spent a marvellous week with you and all the ladies from all over the world! I hope beautiful friendships and collaboration will become of this big meeting, filled with love and positive energy!


Bokwey Burnley

Fashion Designer, USA

Greetings !! Thankful to Justina Mutale for connecting me with Dr. Harbeen Arora.
Frankly even though I was interested, I was not sure that I would be able make it, until 3 days before the conference. It was such an uphill battle for me, for many reasons. I also had mixed feelings on what to expect. I wasn’t disappointed at all… It was very beautiful and fruitful, to say the least.


Kumud Sengupta

Co-founder & Director, Market Vision Research & Consulting, UAE

Really enjoyed the conference: tremendous energy and positivity all around!


Angela Mortimer

Owner, Angela Mortimer Plc, United Kingdom

All expectations were exceeded. The table of events pulsated with variety and interest exceeded only by the rainbow of saris assembled at the Pullman Hotel in Aerocity New Delhi. The subject matter expanded effortlessly to include entrepreneurship, start ups, spirituality, psychological health, yoga, music in the workplace, parenting, dressing for success, flexi time and my own subject, the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace…‘Feel the energy, feel the love’, was the take away for all of the 1500 female delegates. The common language was one of encouragement and support for other women, inspiring them to go forward in the world and recognise their potential


Gautam Mahajan

President at Inter-Link Services Pvt. Ltd.,India

Thanks for a great experience and for adding value to me. Keep up the good work Best.


Shruti Sugwekar

Mind Management Consultant, India

Highly honored to be present and part of the conferences which are a platform for Women to show their shadow – which is that part of their strength which even they have not been aware of! I loved each and every moment I spent in Hague and London. Looking forward to meeting all the soul sisters across the world in May in New Delhi. See you soon and God bless you for the good and humble way you are contributing to mankind.


Madhu Chebolu

CEO of FreshChops, India

I want to express my gratitude and applaud you for such a wonderful enriching forum. I wanted to mail immediately and extend my thanks but knew you must be tired after the jaw dropping conference for a week. It was by far one of the best I have attended and feel privileged to be a part of it. Your hospitality and the attention to every little detail is commendable. You and your team totally rock! Never imagined that it was pulled off with so much laughter, joy and grace. I am short of words to express the experience and the learning I have encountered during these three days and I am sure next year I will attend all the days.It was beautiful amalgamation of women, charm and knowledge. I am humbled and motivated by all the women I have met and specially by you. I am sending across much love, happiness and light to you and all your team. I am extremely sorry that I personally cannot convey the same but believe me the feeling is there.


Esther Nagle

Founder of Balance & Breathe, Wales

It was so lovely to meet you All last week at Women Economic Forum, what a fantastic meeting of hearts, souls and minds it really way. I have been so inspired by everyone I met, and everything I learned. I am getting an amazing and eye opening experience here in Delhi for my post conference stay. It is a fascinating city of so many contradictions, I think my world view has been permanently altered by what I have experienced and witnessed. I am back home now, delighted to be reunited with my children and friends and family, but will carry WEF with me for a long time yet! So many ideas buzzing around in my mind now – the dilemma is where to start! I figured this was the best place to start!


Bharati Sagar

Artist, India

It was a wonderful platform we ALL had in Delhi To share our thoughts and experiences with each other. Truly amazing ! Lots of networking ! Lots of fun! Feel so proud of you being from Punjab. A truly Global Daughter !With the most Charming Smile ! And open Heart and Arms.


Kim Conrad

M.A., Award Winning Author, USA

THANK YOU to such an amazing team – all of you and everyone else that I am aware of and all those working behind the scenes to bring such an amazing and transformative gathering of so many. An experience of a life time that is just beginning. Thank you ALL so much for being who you are, believing and working so successfully together. To the magnificence of collaboration and to this actual living experience of our new world in action. MANY BLESSINGS! And to all the outstanding collaborations yet to come. To the music of life when we sing together….


Yukiko Kato

President & CEO, Lynx Business Development Inc., Japan

It was personal honor to attend the WEF in New Delhi and met so many wonderful people from all over the world. Especially, I felt really privileged to have been given an award “Iconic leaders impacting society and development. I thank you so much for you and your team’s brilliant and tremendous achievements in WEF 2016. Organisation in every single detail was perfect and comfortable. I just would like to give you my sincere compliments.


Johanna Maimela

Harry Mnisi Community Development Centre, UK

It was a pleasure to meet you in the U.K. and also at the WEF last week. WEF was such a good experience. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all the hard work that you and others put in making it a success. I am still enjoying my stay at Discover India. I am really enjoying the food and the hospitality of the staff.


Sukai Ceesay

Global Village Children, Netherlands

Thank you so much for the encouragement, kind words, and trust. I am so excited for my journey with the fabulous WEF and ALL team with your leadership… You have inspired me beyond words, and I look forward to being a part of the platform that empowers women to be their better self… Together, we will ALL shine 🙂


Dolly Dhamodiwala

CEO, Business Beacon Management Consultants, India

Thank you very much for inviting me to attend WEF, 2016 and giving me the opportunity to make two presentations. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for a wonderful event, conducted so meticulously and efficiently by you. It is indeed a great achievement to organize and execute such a mega conference. My congratulations to you and your team members for an eventful, informative and exciting week.


Krishna Pujara

CEO of Saheli, England

On behalf of Saheli, “We would like to thank all of the people who were involved in putting together the WEF2016. We know what a huge effort it took to make this Forum so great. I would like to thank you for letting us spread the word on WEF2016.
It was such a pleasure to finally meet everyone in person and put a pretty smile and face with your names. I met the majority of you for the first time, but I felt like I already knew you. You all made me feel so welcome, and I am so excited to have more sisters and new friends. “What a pleasure to be in the company of such beautiful ladies both inside and out”
It was such a wonderful, successful Women Economic Forum, thank you for including me into your program. Everyone was having a blast…it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a long conference that was that much fun! I can’t say enough about the location, the atmosphere, the food, and of course the topics for the plenary with parallel sessions! The buzz is already out there about people being excited about the next one because of the hard work and fantastic job you did this year. I can’t wait to watch us grow!! What a group! Can’t wait to see you again in 2017. You really have created an amazing legacy for the ALL and contributed to the history in making! I had an incredible time and inspiring experience! What a wonderful experience!!..


Tiffany Jane Crosara

Author at FinerMinds, UK

With deepest heartfelt gratitude for a wonderfully inspiring and deeply life changing experience, for my wonderful treatment and for my award – I truly hope I can be of service in some way. I have returned to the UK and to be honest just feel like shedding all my material possessions and living a life of service – like I said, thank you for a truly life changing experience..


Adele Brimâge

Transformational Life Coach, UK

The Hague and London where both wonderful events and it was so good to meet so many women that share the same passion as you and I have.


Ayelet Oblass

Owner, derechakol.co.il, Israel

14 days in India 109 Countries. Devine light of human beings .soul sisters and soul brothers. I want to give a special huge blessing to Harbeen Arora, a woman of vision full of love wisdom and compaction, special ability to hold energy for thousands of people so inspiring. Thank you so much. It felt like you were home for all of us. Thank you ALL for your endless support love listening and humble wisdom flowing all day long you gave us blessings, love and powerful presents for our journey.
I am a wounded healer I came to this world to teach what I have to learn. “Dare to voice” is a moment of healing this is my mission.
We are all beautiful musical instruments. We are all equal, 2016 most people in the world are voiceless. This special WEF conference opened a window to beautiful voices. Thank you God “when you heal yourself you are not alone (course in miracles). I had the privilege to Lecture, to sing, to give special workshops and collaborate with my soul sisters from the Israeli delegation and women from the whole world
Thank you so much all of you..


Gina Otto

Award Winning Author of Cassandra’s Angel , USA

Every once in a great while you get to meet an Angel on Earth. Harbeen Arora is one of those Angels. She is the love and vision that brought together 1600 delegates from 91 countries to unite us all in a global conversation on what is possible in the world. I have rarely witnessed such love and compassion pour forth from one individual. From session to session from conversation to conversation, Harbeen was a light encouraging, supporting and empowering each of us to find our light and shine for the world. Thank you, dear sister, for making my lifelong dream come true. From the conference in New Delhi to Baba’s sitting place, it was truly a magical and life changing experience.


Jess Johnson

Singer , USA

The divine soul, She was a luminous presence through and though. She founded, hosted, curated, facilitated, and nurtured this weeklong summit Women Economic Forum that was the reason I went to India in the first place. I was completely blown away by her embodiment of refined grace, intelligence, presence and beauty. Thank you Harbeen. You are truly an expansive and luminous light in this world..


Charlene Doak Gebauer

Founder, Child Pornography Hurts ,Canada

I was a speaker at the WEF conference in Santa Barbara California in November. The positive energy and fellowship within the group of attendees was unbelievable. I made many new contacts and friends. It was so interesting to meet so many good, accomplished women. Thank you ALL and WEF. The conference exceeded all of my expectations.


Chayanika Bhiwaniwala

Spiritual Healer ,India

It was a great grand gala event, beautifully organized and executed with a seemingly effortless flow of its own. It was my pleasure and honour to be a part of it. Thank you so very much..


Sonia Golani

Author, Mumbai ,India

Dr Harbeen, thanks for all the positivity and super energising approach of ALL. Women have amazing potential that normally remains latent. What a wonderful platform you have created and infused it with ALL empowering simple and brilliant philosophy! May this become the single most powerful movement to bring about revolutionary transformation amongst women and through them in the whole society, nation and the world! You are doing a marvellous job of mobilising and channelising right the tremendous power of the nation that lies in its women force. Best wishes and greater success to ALL.


Dominique de Beckendorff

Baroness & Entrepreneur, Arizona, USA

Yes ! I have been able to create a connection with almost every Indian I meet because of ALL. I am connecting a digital company here with a couple of VC from the forum that I had dinner with…2 of the speakers. India apparently doesn’t have the in depth cyber security companies we have and I have good friends who are CEO and owners of a couple of the biggest in the country.



Media and Creative Workshops Advisor,India

Thanks Harbeen, your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. I never knew connecting with such loving, powerful ALL encompassing souls is just a click away.
It feels good to get such acceptance and positivity for your thoughts which till now looked like tough to execute but then I remember God’s words and promise ‘ Take the first step , I’ll take thousand steps’ . Your enthusiasm feels like God’s thousand steps.I am touched.

Mridula Sharma

Author and Expert on Health,Bangalore

You have shrunk the distance and brought so many women from across the world together. A great and unique initiative.

Priya Vishwanathan

CSR & Employability Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces,Bangalore

I have to tell you, the session in May was first of its kind for me. To be in an environment which was so positive and enthralling and meet so many amazing human beings in a few days was just fabulous. Am sure you got lots of thanks and blessings for the amazing forum.
Thank you again for creating this platform and my prayers to keep you strong and motivated to continue to do this great work.

Reeta Passi

Educationist and Parenting Expert,Kuwait

I am so overwhelmed and charged with emotion reading your such an inspirational and touching mail. I must thank you at the outset for making me a part of ALL and awakening my latent passion of working for women empowerment. I loved every moment of my presence at the Forum in Goa and what I brought back from there is huge motivation, hope, optimism and enthusiasm that we women,united, can make a massive difference in the world. I have always had a strong desire that, in my humble way, I could do something to transform the attitudes and mind-set of people and interchange it with love, care and compassion. I did have a lot to say but never had a medium or platform like ALL offers to voice and share your inner-most thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
Women Empowerment is my passion and dream. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to live it.
Love and Fond Regards.

Denise O’Brien

CEO, Dome Entertainment California, USA.

Yes! We are family! Sisters are we, from around the world! An incredible group of LADIES, with a few good men intermingled. A treasure to expand our networks and have connections in multiple countries with women of like-mind and purpose. Thank you to each woman who shared her heart, mission and soul with me. Thank you to our hosts Vinay Rai and Dr. Harbeen Arora for your generosity!

Magdalena Sieradzka

PR expert, Poland ALL Chapter Chair, Warsaw, Poland

Got my own copy of Dr. Harbeen Arora book “Creative living”. Have been reading it for my entire journey back home to Warsaw and have to say got very inspired by it. Participating in Women Economic Forum ALL never have I thought that ALL, Dr. Arora and the trip to India will inspire me that much and change my perspective on many things. I am very grateful for being part of ALL and part of the Forum. The book and its author definitely empower creative, positive, colorful change that leads to happiness and love. Thank You Harbeen for being such an inspiration to me and all the women that met this year in Goa. Thank you for making ALL happen.

Ms. Neena Thakker

Mumbai, India

It was extra ordinary to see so many women from different walks of life connect and empower each other and spread so much possible energy I really must applaud you for the way you conducted the whole forum with so much grace and dignity, it was by chance that I came for this forum and I’m glad I came as I got a lot of clarity of what I want to do now.
I wish you all the very very best for your future endeavours and hope to see you again soon.
-Lots of love

Ms. Kathleen S. Riguer (Kaye)

Global Digital Marketing Associate Intel Continental Hotels Group,Manila, US

My sincerest gratitude for everything! I don’t even know how or where to start. I am still so overwhelmed with the event, that I feel like I still have a WEF hangover. I did not just learn a lot, the friendships and connections made with the other ladies are priceless. It’s like I have broadened my horizon career-wise and made new friends along the way. And not just ordinary friends. We all already have those in our countries and our own circles. The ALL ladies empower each other and are achievers in their own rights. There was a good mix of personalities, backgrounds, cultures and professions, that itself made an impact on my outlook in life. I may have been one of those who have lesser experience age-wise and career-wise compared to most of the delegates, but talking to them, hearing them talk, knowing and spending time with them motivates me and makes me realize the choices that I have made. That even though some of my previous choices in life were made half-heartedly, they brought me to the choices that led me to where I am now. I couldn’t see and understand why things happened before, but everything now just make me realize that all the things in past were bound to happen exactly how they happened. Otherwise, the rest wouldn’t turn out this way. And right now, I am just really grateful. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
You and Pita inspire me because of your generous heart, your wise words and incessant will to do more and reach out to others. You may not realize it but I am sure it’s not just me, but other people get inspired by you as well. You both have shown me a level of kindness, generosity and hospitality that not too many people are willing to show others. I don’t even know how to repay you, but just to pay it forward. Let others be inspired and motivated in any way I can as well. Do something, little things, to make a difference around me. There’s a lot of ways, I know. Us, ourselves, we can make the kind of opportunities that we’ve been looking for all our lives. Being around you and those women made me realize how truly blessed we are to be given the opportunity to interact with people we didn’t know before but ended up leaving a mark in our lives that somehow changed us and broadened our mindset, our perception, our outlook, or our thinking; people whose deeds or words or lives have touched us that we’re sure our own lives will never be the same again; people who connected with our hearts and minds.
Being around that bunch of ladies is like a forceful push to do better, not just for myself, but for those I love and other people who may need me too. I don’t have all the answers and explanations to everything; I still ask how and how soon. But at least now I don’t have the ‘what ifs’ and if onlys’. I know things that I want and want to do. I am certain of what I want and want to do. All because I have met you ALL. I couldn’t be more grateful. I can’t explain it either.
I am catching up with everything that I missed back here, work and events, and I want to launch our chapter here officially. I know some women, probably the first batch I’m inviting to join, who are fitting to be with me as I try to do more for this country. I have tons of ideas, I could plan for more, but like most in life, I’m gonna take it step by step. ALL WEF insisted that my conviction was right. Once we set our heart and mind into something, eventually we’ll have it too. And thank you for making ALL WEF happen. I know both of you will always be there to guide us as well.
Once again, I thank you, Dr. Harbeen, for simply being such a wonderful inspiration, for having not just a beautiful face and a beautiful mind, but also a beautiful personality and a beautiful heart that you so generously share with us. Looking forward to seeing you ALL on our next event.

Dipti Shah

Co-Founder, Neoteric Mumbai,India

Don’t know what is appropriate – whom do I address first – I heard about Harbeen first and I came with stars in my eyes to experience her, but I actually met Vinay who greeted me as I stepped into this WEF womb of ALL for the first time.
When Rohini shared about the same I didn’t give it much heed for my personal self except to check when she will be in Mumbai before goa or after goa !! so that I could reschedule some stuff on my calendar to make room to hug her, and know more about the Harbeen she gushed about over the phone !!! and then comes a mail from smita shah (IMC member but my cousin too) with a strong message – dipti you must go, this is for you !!!And I landed into this huge melting pot which is cooking a meal whose time has come to serve ….And to top that was meeting so many many women from ALL across the globe who think like me feel like me and cry like me … Especially for the care and trust that is so missing these days !!!I am speechless and still numb from the experience and aura created in every space of Marriot be it round table and plenary’s and interactions and over lunch and even washrooms and … In that we wholesomely drowned ourselves in.
Thank you – to you
(when I say you I can’t separate Vinay from Harbeen, so I mean you for both of you ) and to the source of your thoughts and the way you have transmitted the thoughts into action, The thinking that went behind bringing the mix, truly extraordinary !!! Right from selecting the delegates, the speakers the celebrities the approach the round table and the topics, yes as i always say that “we are, but a series of improvement …” so we will evolve even better in the next one, but this in its purpose and attempt was not only divine but awesome!!But it’s not just about creating a great event but actioning and channelising the energy and spirit that was cooked and giving birth and shape to reach it out to touch the masses…I am a mix of all emotions inspired envious motivated exhilarated amazed delighted hopeful and in anticipation of the impact that ALL will created and I wish that ALL succeed in ALL its endeavours.

Ms. Jigna Shah

CEO. REVE’ fashions,Ahmedabad, India

I must say candidly, Harbeen..that your forum has got some change in me..One reputed designer was in a ‘cold war’ with me..& I was also treating her dry in return..But after coming from Goa,..I realized that I shouldn’t be a cribbing, complaining woman & should try to break ice..& I praised her for her work publicly, & that’s what she was waiting & now, she has become a support to me -:).

Kiran Sharma

CEO, ITE Exhibitions Noida, India

The Forum was a Mega Success!!!!!.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!It was a very good gathering and very good speakers and very well planned programmes.Thank you for including me as part of this prestigious event .The photographs shows your efforts.Please convey my congratulations to Harbeen n Vinayji and of course the whole team,who had put such hard work to make it happen perfectly.

Carmel Clark

Life Artist Utah,USA

I attended a women’s networking luncheon on taking our work/businesses global and met Ann Webb who is the All Ladies League Chair for Utah. She offered the opportunity to go to India to the conference and participate. Easy choice! I chose to extend and travel for a month beyond that. This was the inaugural year for the WEF Women’s Economic Forum based out of India and promoting dialogues, collaboration and solutions for women’s concerns locally, nationally and globally. I learned more in 4 days of being there than I could in a year of working at it from the U.S. I will be there next year!

Mossarat Qadeem

Executive Director,PAIMAN Alumni Trust Islamabad, Pakistan

Congratulations for organizing this historic forum in Goa. This was really a Herculean task of gathering distinguished professional, experts and leaders from across the Globe. It is most impressive that you were able to get together such an illustrious group of renowned people from the different continents. The discussions were rich, informative, thought-provoking and worth more than endless hours of reading. History was made in those short three days and I don’t know if it would be possible to wait for another one that can come close to the breadth and depth of this forum and the excitement generated from it. I was so elated with all the discussions, heart to heart talks with some new found Indian friends that I felt I could sit through more days of such impressive discussions and deliberations. The beauty of the forum was that everyone wanted to work with each other and was eager to work for building trust and understanding.
Thank you so much for organizing the most exciting, stimulating and memorable historic event. I must thank both of you for making the impossible possible. You not only connected people but hearts and minds and you truly deserve our appreciation and applaud for trying to make this world a better place to live by bringing women together. We shared, we learned and we coalesce and this makes the basis of building bridges and overcoming prejudices. I have no words to describe the great service you did for women’s emancipation and projection. Thank you for taking pain of organizing such a memorable event.


Srabanee Chakraborty

Musician ,India

I would like to thank you from the bottom of the heart for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of such a great event.


Sharda Kasera

Jewellery Designer ,India

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to be a part of WEF. I am really honoured to be a part of such a great event. It was a great learning experience for me. Thanks again.


Ritusmita Biswas

Journalist ,India

Loved to be a part of this event and hope to carry forward the good work.


Aditi Anand

Management Consultant ,India

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for being part of WEF Kolkata. It was a life changing experience.


Meghna Bhutoria

Founder, Makers Loft ,India

I have been to several conferences, but the spirit and energy of this one was something else.


Aban Desai

Partner, Range Gallery ,India

This is to sincerely thank you and all the organizers for the warmth and hospitality extended to us these past two days. It was truly an enlightening and very empowering experience.


Utsav Kapoor

Associate Researcher, Boston Consultant Group ,India

Thanks for having me at the Women Economic Forum. It was indeed a great experience to be a part of this, and I hope you have many more such successful events in the future.

No Image

Asel Aldasheva

Textile Designer, Kyrgyzstan

From my behalf, I can promise that I’ll have my fair share of contribution to the growth and expansion of ALL worldwide. Amazing event that we’ve been able to become part of. Great organization. Thank you again for amazing hospitality.

No Image

Manjula Jain

Past Chairperson, FLO Kolkata

Truly speaking we thank you for giving this grand opportunity to be a part of this event


Anu Vittal

CEO AVC Inc ,Canada

WEF is an integral empowerment platform for women around the world to connect, create and celebrate innovative new ways of doing business. Proud to be a contributor and supporter of a great social change tool and community building organization like ALL.


Vibha Mitra

Founder, Qissa Textiles ,India

I must commend you on the excellent organisation and implementation of a wonderful event. May you empower more women and also may stree shakti rule the world. The talks were enlightening and added value to my life certainly.


Zubia Mansoor

Student ,India

I was a speaker on Day 2 and spoke on “The Power of Education to have a Positive Impact on Society”. I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the best two days of my life that has surely left me enriched with experience. It’d never have been possible without you. I met all kinds of people, made new friends and above all, everyone treated me like a adult. I’d like to applaud your effort for encouraging the youth to participate. I hope that in future, I’m a part of many more WEFs to come and meet you again.


Dr. Meghna Dikshit

Founder , De Mantraa ,India

It was such a pleasure to meet you and interact with you at WEF. I deeply appreciate all your humble and genuinely helpful staff. The two days spent at the WEF in Kolkata were amazing and I met some really beautiful people and connected too.


Tamal Mukherjee

CEO & Director ,India

We are running 100 preschools presently in Bengal and Tripura. 95% of our workforce are female and the total roll is more than 1200 females.Though my wife is running a business in more than decade but it was her first time to attend this kind of meeting. She has got lot of inputs and I though have attended so many seminars but I am extremely happy to see how beautifully and professionally the whole event was handled.


Tehnaz Dastoor

Senior Consultant and Head CSR, UNICEF ,India

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on a wonderfully organized, deeply moving and extremely constructive 2 days for like-minded women in the city to exchange not only contact information but also ideas, philosophies and desires! Kudos to you and your team!! Do keep up the good work.


Vijaya Agarwal

consultant nutritionist at AMRI Hospitals ,India

My heartfelt thanks & congratulations for the excellent WEF global con/meet at Kolkata, JW Marriott. It was conducted beautifully and was unique & flawless in all aspects with people from ALL walks of life. It was a very good platform where positive minded people came together to share their thoughts, with cheerful minds for the betterment of society & families.


Jayashree Srivastava

Founder & MD at Ishan Vidya Prep P L ,India

I have come away from the conference at Kolkata completely mesmerized and rejuvenated. Thank you so much for inviting me to speak at this conference. It gave me an opportunity to connect with so many passionate people and has further reinforced my desire to prepare young people for life and empower women in all spheres. The conference was so tightly organized with hospitality par excellence. Congratulations to you and your team! It would be my pleasure to be closely associated with this organization and do let me know if I can be of any assistance. Of course, it goes without saying that I would like to participate in as many conferences as I possibly can both in India and abroad.


Shreya Agrawal

Student Kolkata, India

The WEF 2017 was undoubtedly a fruitful and enlightening experience for me. I wouId like to thank you for this rare and wonderful opportunity to interact with inspirational women leaders and enterpreneurs, and would love to be a part of many more such conferences in the future. Kudos to the entire WEF team!


Hemant Kanoria

Chairman and MD, SREI Group ,India

I truly believe ‎that women provide leadership with love, which men need to learn. Your spearheading such an initiative and organisation is indeed praiseworthy. I pray God to lead you ‎towards achieving your objectives.


Suzie Craddock

Founder, Rhythm Center Australia

I feel so privileged that you came into my life .The Women Economic forum was such a blessing with so many extraordinary woman that graced the floors of the Hotel Marriott. I have never felt so welcome and I want to praise you for being so inclusive and warm in your approach . Your organization has such a gift to so many woman and the connections I made are now lifelong Thank you from the deepest part of my heart.


Elsa Wattimurij

Professional Organizer, Expats & Co Netherlands

I have stepped out of my comfort zone at the WEF in The Hague last january. The positve energy we sisters created that weekend opened doors for me. And now I know that ideas I myself have, are waiting to be shared with the world instead of keeping them to myself. There are people out there who are interested in my ideas or can be inspired to develop their own personal growth.


Iman Kamel

Founder & CEO, Nomad’s Home Productions Germany

“Dear Harbeen Arora, when I got your message calling me your soul sister, I instantly felt your magnetic field of relationship. You wrote me that you took the time to listen deeply to my available talks online. Deep listening and Co-Creation are the core capacities for a field of force, an eco-system for the new to emerge today and heal this world. Dear ALL of Women Economic Forum: To inspire and be inspired, to empower and be empowered, to nurture and be nurtured by ALL of you. Join us on this powerhouse event: Women Economic Forum, India/New Delhi, May 8-13, 2017.”


Muriel de Saint Sauveur

President Women Masterclass, France

“I am happy to attend the Women Economic Forum in India, as I am sure that adding our skills and competencies, all together, we will change the world.”


Jasmin Kumar

Promotor & Vice Chairperson at Rayz International Preschool, India

“It was an absolutely wonderful experience to speak at WEF 2016 wherein, I had the chance to meet so many strong and amazing women across
continents & made wonderful connections that continued to blossom. Look forward to yet another enriching experience in May.”

 Rina Barbut

Yasmin Autwal

Consciousness Life Coach, Speaker and Creator of Stand for Humanity, United Kingdom (UK)

“I love WEF and the way you operate from soul. It has a heartfelt and genuine feel rather than the same old corporate tension and I really value that.”

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Award Winning Author, USA


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Author, The Sai Foundation, a Non-Profit Corp. USA


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Stress Management Academy Course in Mindfulness, India