Testimonial Annual wef 2017


Robbi Firestone

Creator of TheEmptyWomb.com , USA

“I cannot thank you enough
for extending such a profound generosity of spirit and mind at your WEF event.
I have rarely in a large event, if ever, felt such a sense of Love and Intelligence
extended into a Coming-Together-Gathering as that which you created.
Dr. Harbeen, your kindness, compassion, intelligence, spiritual brilliance, graciousness,
beauty, sincerity, and humility are unparalleled.
You are, indeed, an Exceptional Woman.

I watched in joy as attendees revered your grace, Harbeen, and generosity,
and I feel honored to have been included in your event.
I wish to thank you from my heart, for not only a professionally life changing event,
but most importantly a beginning-learning of India’s beauty and depths, and the gifts of friendship. My return to India is inevitable, as I have fallen in love with India.



Advisor: Law-Human Rights-Corporate Affairs

“This is just to convey my heartiest congratulations on your meticulous planning and perfect organising ability in making the WEF 2017 a spectacular success! Everything was perfect. You looked after everyone.
Thank you for inviting me. I could attend many sessions. I participated and spoke in five sessions.


Misha Kohli

Co-Founder | Learnosophy, India

“I wanted to send you way the biggest thank you! The last week at WEF has been one of the most fulfilling, encouraging and exciting week in a while! I’ve been going through big tough changes in life, and WEF came at the right time to remind me of my potential and opportunities that lie ahead…..The event was organised so efficiently and with so much love – I could feel the joy all around.”


Faz Zia

Founder, Faz PR & Events, UK

It was an honour for me to be a part of such a great event. No words to say thank you for having me there. It was such a wonderful event very well organised, beautiful people to connect. I really enjoyed my days there and already start missing all the buzz.


Dr. Priya Virmani

Founder, Paint Our World, UK

Whispers of soul
EmPOWERing such that
Faces come alive with rainbows
…in a few lines I have shared what the acronym WEF has come to mean to me and to so many across the globe.


Sarah Ross

CEO, Empowering Compliance, Switzerland

A year ago, I was stood at the Taj Mahal, and a year later, I’ve just returned from my second visit to WEF in Delhi with a full heart and wonderful memories of a very special week. Reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends and soul sisters, and speaking on topics that mean everything to me – life doesn’t get better than this.


Sue Curr

Founder & CEO, Fear Less & Live More, UK

…I’ve loved every single second & met some AMAZING people, many of whom I’m sure will remain part of my life for years to come BUT more than anything else I’ve LEARNED!

I’ve truly learned that the power which resides within us all is ours alone to use to create greater good both for ourselves & others, but moreover we ARE all of us the same & together we are as one. We are different for sure: skin colour, culture, the clothes we wear, the challenges we face but we are ALL the same deep down and with a united sense of passion & purpose we can between us change the world around us….one small step at a time!

…thank you for the opportunity & experiences here in Mother India. Thank you for the love, kindness & compassion so willingly shared.


Lalit Khaitan

Founder & Chairman Radico Group, India

Your program was outstanding and equally important is that you were
outstanding. It was extremely well organised and lot of very important and high profile people came.


Revd. Julianne Robertson

Director, Robertson Center, USA

Thank you for convening a group of healers, thought leaders, survivors, movers and shakers from all over the world. I had an amazing experience at WEF.


Kemi Sogunle

Certified Professional Coach, USA

I was humbled by this experience and I have connected to amazing soul sisters including yourself. I pray that God continues to bless you in all you do. Thank you for creating an avenue for the sisterhood and for many of us to share our voices with the world. I look forward to many more opportunities to serve at WEF.


Dr. Hemangi Sane

Deputy Director & Head of the Research and Development, India

I would like to show my gratitude for acknowledgement and appreciation of my contribution to the empowerment of women in the field of research. I would like to thank you for the wonderful arrangement and management of the conference. Your staff was very cooperative. They have taken good care of us all throughout our stay. And special thanks to Travel Desk.


Marija Pavilioniene

Former MP and Social Activist, Lithuania

With all my heart I thank you for the opportunity to be with you and among
beautiful and talented women. Kindness and spiritual, intellectual help,
which radiated from the participants of the conference, is unforgettable
….. I thank you most of all for your gentle attitude towards people, for
your sensitivity and spiritual elegance. In the world I live such inner
beauty is rare.


Riitta Palmen

Founding Partner, Media For Equity, Finland

….to find the words loving and profound enough to thank you for making the last week to come true… I made countless soul mates, friends and business contacts. I have never experienced anything similar.


Anu Krishna

Founder, Word Weave, India

It was indeed an amazing experience to meet so many lovely women from across the globe! Each session was well planned and executed! It has been a pleasure to be a part of this mega event that eased itself into the spirit of connections beyond just business!


Yasmina Azhari

MD, Al Yam International, UAE

Forbes listed as the 50 most powerful businesswomen in the Arab world

Cannot find the words to express my gratitude and my happiness for the huge success of WEF 2017 New Delhi. It was one of the best events I ever attended in my whole business life aging 35 years..


Kintla Striker

Founder and CEO, Kintla Yoga, USA

So much is happening here–it feels like the world is healing in each moment as women from all over the globe (and some awesome men) so compassionately connect and support each other. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life!


Smithaa M Chaturvedi

Cosmic Adventurer, Spirituality Advocate, Light worker, Holistic Healer, India

Subject: Kudos and congrats!!

Dearest soul sister Harbeen,

First of all a big applause to you for creating ALL and WEF and bringing so many sisters under one roof.

Secondly for creating such a wonderful platform for all of us to interact, learn, showcase our talents and bond in friendship and love.

It was the most amazing 6 days I have had in a long time. Everything was so well taken care of and perfect.

The ambience, food, the rooms, the sessions all so well managed and coordinated by the wonderful, loving and hardworking team. I can just imagine the prolonged effort that went into making it a success.

And what can I say about you, you are so beautiful and every time you stepped on stage I was awed by your knowledge and memory of each speaker. You were the epitome of grace, elegance and poise.

I am still suffering from withdrawal symptoms of the WEF2017. ?
My mind, body and soul are craving for the dose of the wonderful love, bonding and sharing that we all shared. ☺?❤

Congratulations once again to a grand success.

I would be more than glad to contribute in a better way to the organisation in any way possible.

Love and Light,


Rumana Sinha Sehgal

Managing Director & Founder at Serendipity, India

I am deeply humbled and thank you for the most enlightened experience that you have given me and extend my heartiest congratulations to you and your team for such a successful WEF’17.

I speak not just for me , but for I’m sure for all those who have connected with you sometime or the other and would definitely agree with me , you are indeed woman with phenomenal spirit and soulfulness filled , with the abundance of giving and spreading love and womanhood across the world together working towards great purposes.

I take back with me so much from WEF17 and words fall short to capture what you have submitted to our souls in the six days with all the wonderful women brought together in oneness of sisterhood and driving the future .


Dr. Ashwani Chopra

Gastroenterologist, India

Want to thankyou again for inviting me- was very happy to be there- but more importantly to really appreciate the amazing work you are doing- I honestly feel like sending you salutations about what you have achieved -all this fantastic work. Cheers.


Talitha Batts

The Success Coach, USA

The Women’s Economic Forum is a conference that provides a platform for empowering conversations and amazing connections among women dedicated to creating positive change all over the world. Women come from all walks of life teaching wellness, success, motivation, leadership and philanthropy while maintaining common vision, values, purpose and passion which is to normalize the act of thinking outside the box to create a better world for everyone.
Along with the positive energy, great food, recognition and network, the powerful impact of the Sisterhood is incomparable! The knowledge, camaraderie and authentic desire for others to succeed is the common thread throughout the event among the women who attend. I am blessed beyond belief to have these women as a part of my network and now imbeded in my life.
Thank you Dr. Harbeen Arora! You are a true Change Maker!


Edith Nordmann

Attorney at Law & Partner, Netherlands

The WEF 2017 in Delhi has been one of the most impressive experiences in my life.

You did tell me in advance how inspiring it would be to meet all these wonderful ladies from all over the world and hear their stories but the reality was mindblowing.

I heard so many personal stories, inspiring ones as well as extremely sad and horrific stories but then again in combination with the strength and the power of the women who got up and didn’t let fate take over their lives and certainly not letting them break over it.

It deeply humbled me and also encouraged me to engage even more in not only helping others but me more active in communicating the good work so others would be encouraged and empowered to do more themselves.

Thank you so much for making this wonderful forum possible and giving me the opportunity to be part of the WEF way of life.

To me, WEF is a positive way of life and paying forward the encouraging message to empower so many more women around the world who need this encouragement to believe in themselves and make a difference not only for themselves but also for others.

A moving butterfly in the Sahara can be the origin of a big storm – in our case the butterfly effect brings a storm of positive and empowering energy to women (and men) around the globe.

I would love to contribute to this wonderful way of life and broadcast it more actively in order to reach more women and make a change in their lives.


Regina Robinson

CEO, International Speaker, Author, Coach, USA

Greetings Dr. Harbeen
Wow is all I can say to sum up my experience in India. I want to thank you for your vision and your husband for his support of your work. The WEF conference was one like no other that I have experienced. It allowed women the opportunity to come together in sisterhood and love from all around the world. The conference opened doors that otherwise women might see as closed or not have the courage to confidently walk through. I am honored that you allowed me to be a part of such a pivotal experience at this point in my life. This experience truly was the highlight of my life at this stage in my speaking career. It not only allowed me to reach women but to also touch the lives of young girls which is one of my greatest wishes. Having the young ladies from different high schools sit in on my session and to speak alongside two of them was nothing shy of amazing. I left India with young and millennial mentees that I will continue to stay connected with in helping to make an impact in their lives. I had the opportunity to connect with two young ladies who I am going to assist in pursing college opportunities here in the US which is truly me just operating in my purpose. My success of running a college bound service for the past eight years officially fifteen years all together behind the scenes was truly solidify last week as I witnessed the glow and confidence in the eyes of the young ladies as I included them in on my workshop. I hope you will have the opportunity to watch the workshop where these young ladies participated and really found a part of themselves that they will hold on to and build upon from that day. Thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity one I will never forget. I look forward to a continued relationship and would love to help out in anyway I can going forward. You truly are a beautiful woman inside and out – continue walking in your greatness their is so much more ahead for you! I leave you with a quote that Oprah Winfrey blessed my life with when I heard her say it “God can dream a bigger dream then you can ever dream for yourself” I believe we both witnessed that at WEF 2017!

Blessings My Sister

Your Inner Confidence Strategist
CEO, International Speaker, Author, Coach
“Unlock Your Inner Confidence, Show Up In Power, & Be The Authentic You”


Sinjini Sengupta

Actuary, Writer & Columnist, India

I have no words to express the joy and innermost connect that I experienced over the conference week. What were mere formal handshakes on day one quickly turned into warm embraces over the next few days. We were all speaking the same language, feeling the same thing almost. As much as the preparations might be of impeccable international standards, the soul connection was so tangible and raw that it went much beyond the shine and polish of the arrangements. I feel truly honored and deeply grateful to have been in your association. And I have to mention, the picture you posted on Facebook with the your two right hands EmCees speaks volumes about your innate human values. Words fail me to express how deeply I felt about all of it.

It is with deep gratitude that I recollect my memories with Annual WEF 17.
Much, much love!


Dr. Amit Kaur Puri

President AKP Healing Garden (Scientist and Social activist), India

I want to express my deep gratitude for the soul connection I experienced at Women Economic Forum 2017.

It was a heartful learning from others and sharing of knowledge and mission, which continues to make our people awesome so that all live together on our beautiful planet. Together we will and we can make a difference to make our abode liveable.

You are an angel synonymous of Mother Teressa – connecting humanity. I really feel honoured to be associated with you and WEF.


Zine Nkukwana

Chief Executive Officer, SebenGro, South Africa

It was an honour for me to share the stage with other extraordinary women from all over the world.
Above all meeting you and seeing you has changed my life & encouraged me so much to continue being the light and carry the touch when it comes to developing other women & becoming a beacon of hope. You are a true inspiration and I look up to you so much.


Dr. Pauline Crawford Omps

President – World Association of Visioneers & Entreprenologists (WAVE), UK

Where to start? Wow, so much excitement and gratitude for last week’s amazing conference. Thank you.
Harbeen, you are an amazing intelligent, mindful, beautiful, female force in today’s world and I am so proud to have been at WEF in New Delhi last week. Thank you from deep in my heart. Your inspiration is so profound for women around the world and i honour women like you who push the boundaries out and shift mindsets, and improved life through entrepreneurship.

Memories of the week are so sweet – I had so many magical conversations with so many wonderful women, I so enjoyed all my sessions and I loved the format.


Dr. Chiara Hensley

Asst. Vice President – Academic & Student Affairs Eastern Michigan University, USA

Thank for a tremendeous and life-changing experience at WEF 2017 in India. I am profoundly moved by the women, men and world work I encountered and was able to learn so much from at the WEF.


Lisya Saylag Malki

Investment Manager, Yedioth Achronot, Israel

It was a wonderful experience, I am so glad that I attended to this beautiful conference and met so many wonderful people. It is a great self growth experience. So may ideas and messages were shared and it was such a great achievement for all of us to be there and feel the high energy of this gathering. I thank you from the deepest levels of my heart for giving to everyone such an opportunity to gather together and meet each other.


Kamila Rubaninska

Director – EMEA AT & T, Czech Republic

Let me thank you for the amazing event, huge amount of inspiration and connecting to women all over the world.


Kumud Adlakha

Facilitator, India

First of all I would like to congratulate you on successfully conducting the amazing WEF2017. This was my first time at such an event and the scale and class at which it was organised was simply astounding. Kudos to you for being the captain of the ship and to complete this voyage with so much grace and aplomb. I am really inspired by your poise and energy to take on such a huge responsibility. You truly did a fabulous job.

I attended a lot of other fantastic sessions and enjoyed connecting with women of diverse backgrounds and interests. It was really joyous, refreshing and inspiring.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to experience this wonderful event. Wishing you and your organisation many more successes in the future. I hope to be part of many such wonderful journeys.


Dr. Efrat Feniger

Owner, Organizational Consultancies, Israel

Thank you Dr. Harbeen Arora for creating another amazing unforgettable WEF 17. It was a most uplifting inspiring gathering of women from across the globe. With your kindness, grace and elegance you allow every woman to express herself and her uniqueness and be in the limelight for a moment that will be cherished for our lifetimes. Your undivided attention to each one of us in the midst of such a grandeur event is admirable and remarkable. I personally want to express on behalf of ALL women across countries and cultures our deepest gratitude for empowering us and giving us the opportunity to connect, unite and influence our lives and the world we live in.


Gloria J. Burgess, PhD

CEO & President, Jazz International, USA

I’m still shimmering from the WEF in Delhi. Thank you—again—for hosting such a fine conference! It was a pleasure to meet you & so many other wonderful people, women & men who are committed to making a positive difference in our world.


Marie Lukasik Wallace

Writing Coach, USA

I am still beaming from all that I learned and all the people I got to connect with at WEF2017. I am honored to be in your presence always, and know the value you bring to women around the world. Thanks for sharing your heart, soul and passion and giving the rest of us permission to do the same.


Saira Khan

CEO, Stop Hunger Now, Southern Africa

Congratulations on a hugely successful Annual WEF Conference in New Delhi, India!!! It was absolutely fantastic to attend a well-managed, thought-out conference that was relevant to women and to the world in general. Was also great to see the participation of so many esteemed Ministers/CEOs/Dignitaries/etc. etc. etc. Well done!!!


Tiana Patrice

Global Speaker, Trainer, Coach, USA

I extend my sincerest gratitude for giving me the experience of a lifetime.
It’s been a few weeks and I am still glowing and sharing about India, and I
know that will never change. The experience was much deeper than coming to
be a speaker, it was life changing and spiritual as well. I’m so grateful
for you and the many doors this opportunity has opened and will continue to
open. In fact, I am gearing up to launch my next book “Fearless In India”
and I would LOVE for you to write the forward on it. This book will talk
about living life to the fullest, and how my life changed and how my life
changed from the unlikely circumstance of experiencing India….


Samira L. Jones

CEO, Samira L. Jones, LLC., USA

First I would like to thank you for the beautiful time I had at WEF in New Delhi this month. The experience exposed me to new cultures, people, energy, and even new relationships. I quite honestly did not know what to expect, it being my first time participating. Everything from the venue to the staff was 5 star and I thank you for being the visionary of the All Ladies League and WEF. Together we go farther and I feel that I have an extended family within the WEF community.


Senela Jayasuriya-Abeynaike

Founder & CEO, Women Empowered, Sri Lanka

It was a privilege and joy to finally meet the lovely Dr.Harbeen Arora at the WEF2017, and to witness the vibrant energy of sisterhood and the unanimous drive for women empowerment, leadership and global sustainability brought together to the WEF stage under your committed leadership. I felt truly honored to be a part of WEF2017 and pledge my support and contribution in anyway possible for the future growth and initiatives of WEF. I already miss the energy and mutual connection we shared during our interactions. Such harmony and compatibility!


Bilay Want

Founder, Sumpura Foods, UK

It was my utmost pleasure and my wish to be with you at the Conference. I feel speechless and don’t have words to pay my gratitude, it is like going to gurdwara all I do is just stand in prayer.
Buzz I have and feel in me is filtering out to some other amazing people, my friends who are excited and want to become a part so now I have a job…Let us soar and roar together for a brighter future.
Respect Worship WEF

 Rina Barbut

Yasmin Autwal

Consciousness Life Coach, Speaker and Creator of Stand for Humanity, United Kingdom (UK)

“I love WEF and the way you operate from soul. It has a heartfelt and genuine feel rather than the same old corporate tension and I really value that.”