Zina Arinze

Zina Arinze

Reinvention Strategist, Author, Founder: Believe & Live Again


Zina Arinze, fondly known as the Divorce Reinvention Queen is a bubbly Woman of Faith, a Lawyer, an Author, Radio Broadcaster and Talk Show host, International Transformational Speaker, Coach, Multi-award winning Community Leader, successful Serial Entrepreneur and the founder of Believe and Live Again, the Post-Divorce Lifestyle Coaching, Abuse Recovery and Reinvention Mentoring service for female professionals, women of faith, business women and female entrepreneurs from around the globe.
Zina also hosts her weekly Believe and Live Again Radio show on Kent Christian Radio to thousands of listeners across different time zones, she is interviewed regularly and invited to speak at numerous conferences, provide expert comment in the media and has written several reports, articles and guides covering a wide spectrum of issues on the subject of domestic violence, bouncing back from adversity, safeguarding children, effective and loving co- parenting, creating sustainable and authentic wealth and multiple streams of income during and after divorce, the importance of self care, single parenting, divorce, separation, relationship breakdowns, career transition and business start-up for women as well as how to keep your business on track during and after divorce.
An active member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, Zina sits on several boards and panels providing expert comment and advice to Business Schools, and Business Mentorship to SMEs and Charities.
Zina is also an active Gender Equality campaigner and Woman Empowerment strategist having firm ties with UN Women Training Centre.
Having under gone a traumatic divorce herself, after a very abusive marriage, Zina understands only too well the deep challenges the professional woman faces in wearing masks in order to hide her vulnerability and balance her financial, personal, spiritual and corporate life in order to stay ahead and maintain her cutting edge.
As a certified post-divorce recovery and lifestyle reinvention coach, Zina devotes her life in helping women to regain their positive sense of self and reinvent themselves after divorce by teaching how to get from ‘we’ to ‘me’, so that they rediscover their hidden talents, create sustainable wealth, and relearn how to find and build lasting positive relationships with themselves and others.
Her specialist area is helping unfulfilled and disillusioned professionals undergo inevitable life and career transitions as smoothly as possible. Having experienced various career and life transitions herself with great success, Zina is passionate about:
• Helping women reinvent themselves and make wise financial decisions to ensure a better future for themselves and families after divorce as they transition from “we to me”.

• Enabling alternative career path options helping those affected by traumatic life events to find the work they LOVE to do.

• Guiding and motivating people effortlessly from redundancy into business success

• Reigniting the passion – helping people to discover their hidden talents, natural abilities and passions, then unleashing and transforming these into successful inspired business ventures.
Zina is extremely compassionate and has a non-judgemental measured way with people, so much so that she is able to get them to warm up to her easily and break down boundaries. Her personable and high octane energetic approach provides her clients with confidence as well as limitless and inspired self-belief, successfully propelling them up into the next level. Zina’s compelling motivation is to inspire because she cares about people and is passionate about improving lives.
Benefitting from a Law degree, an MBA and several other post graduate qualifications, she is also a certified Prince 2™ Practitioner with over 17 years’ experience providing IT Project Management Consultancy and Corporate Life Skills Training for Multinational Organisations, Charities and the Public sector organisations such as Shell UK, WorldCom, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Atos Origin, Ecotec, Serco, Treasury Solicitors, The Civil Service, London Borough of Islington, The Financial Services Compensation Scheme, London Borough of Hackney, London Borough of Redbridge, London School of Economics, The Diana Award and New Wine International.
Some of Zina’s most requested speaking engagements, workshops and keynotes:
1. 8 Quick Fire Ways For Professional Women to Transform their Mindset from “We” to “Me” after Divorce or Relationship Breakdown (Keynote Presentation)

2. How to Protect your income, maximise your profit margins and reinvent sustainable legacy wealth for you and your family during and after divorce.

3. Ssh! That Secret Weapon Called Resiliency

4. Criminology In the Millennium Conference – The Professional African Woman Speaks out against Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse

5. How to Create A Personal Reinvention Roadmap: New Beginnings with Passion and Purpose

6. How to Ring Fence your Income and Protect your Business during and after Divorce

7. Top 3 tips on how to address obstacles that get in your way, especially self-sabotage.

8. 3 Keys to Create New Relationships that Nurture Your Heart and Soul

9. Believe and Live Again – How to Melt the Obstacles and Turbo-charge Your Results! – Self-Coaching Techniques for the Ambitious Businesswoman

10. Inner Courage: Taking the Big Leap of Faith to a Brighter Future with Boundless Opportunities

11. How to Overcome Fear with Resilience and Create the Next Chapter of Your Life after a Big Transition

12. Are you a Single Parent? There is Power in Collaborative Co-parenting

13. Safeguarding Children in the Community

14. Finding your Voice, Owning Your Greatness – I Dare YOU

She is also on the Amazon bestselling author list for her book: Reinvent YOU! How to Move from “We to Me” after Divorce and the proud recipient of numerous awards including the Wise Woman Award 2017 for unselfishly carrying out work that positively impacts the community and the Woman4Africa Inspirational Woman of the Year 2017
However in her own words “My biggest accolade to date is – being the world’s number 1 Mum, (an incubator for our better tomorrows) to my two amazing daughters – Princess Number 1 and Princess Number 2.

Zina lives in London, UK with her gifts from God – her teenaged daughters and her aged Mother