Zankhna Parekh – Umited States Of America (USA)


Zankhna Parekh

Co-Founder at Parekh Family Foundation

Umited States Of America (USA)

Zankhna is a mother of three and environmentally conscious fashion designer. She is a designer of apparel for moms who don’t want to lose their style. A former physical therapist, she also has a foundation that takes trips to India each year with a team of surgeons to perform orthopedic surgeries to the underprivileged.
After attaining a master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Northern Florida in Jacksonville, FL and a successful healthcare career for over ten years, she decided to return to her first love of fashion design. Zankhna was born in India but spent her first 17 years in Kenya and has been designing and sewing her own clothes since she was 14. Although she has begun to pursue her first passion, she still scrubs in for the surgeries for the poor in India and is an active member of the recruitment team.
Zankhna Designs is a clothing line with an international flair and is influenced by her three different geographical backgrounds and upbringing. Deeply rooted in her culture, she has an eye for pure and raw fabrics that are elegant and sophisticated with eye-catching designs and embroidery. She appreciates clean lines and minimalistic silhouettes. Her sense of style was recognized when she served as a Glambassador and a Style Council member for Glamour magazine from 2008 to 2010. . Zankhna caters to on-the-go mothers who want to be effortlessly stylish and on trend. She is socially conscious and does not use animal products and ensures all employees receive a fair wage. With her designer’s eye, she can help accentuate and flatter curves and hide problem areas that as moms, we all seem to have. She also designs custom couture pieces, and hopes to grow her custom business as well.