Yaina Maria Samuels – United kingdom (UK)

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Yaina Maria Samuels

Founder & Director of NuHi Training Ltd

United kingdom (UK)

Yaina is a global recovery activist, founder and CEO of NuHi Ltd. a social enterprise not-for-profit training organisation set up in 2010 by people with personal experience of addiction, treatment and recovery. NuHi designs and delivers bespoke substance misuse awareness workshops for schools, workforces and the wider community, using the skills of ex-user volunteers and those in stable recovery. Revenue generated from training sales is used to build the skills capacity of team members and to grow the business. Yaina believes that people with a drug or alcohol problem can be part of the solution not the problem.
Her driving force is the memory of her own fifteen year struggle with heroin addiction and the sad life that came with it. Now as a qualified trainer, coach and mentor, underpinned with a twenty-five year career in housing, health, education and social care, Yaina works to empower people with complex needs including drug, alcohol and mental ill health issues.
Yaina has won several awards for her work with people in recovery and has designed and delivered a diverse range of bespoke training workshops in Wales, Sierra Leone and Somaliland. She also has on-going negotiations with Kenya for future alcohol awareness workshops.
Yaina’s favourite quote: “…it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” Charles Darwin
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