What People Say

Menna BalujaMenna Baluja

Founder Director Academics
Hand in Hand Workshops, India

I feel deeply honored to be a speaker on this prestigious platform of WEF.
Hoping to absorb every single moment, unlearn and relearn so many things happening around me.
It is indeed going to be such an enriching and exciting moment for me. Looking forward to it in May

Sonia GolaniSonia Golani

Author, Mumbai

Dr Harbeen, thanks for all the positivity and super energising approach of ALL. Women have amazing potential that normally remains latent. What a wonderful platform you have created and infused it with ALL empowering simple and brilliant philosophy! May this become the single most powerful movement to bring about revolutionary transformation amongst women and through them in the whole society, nation and the world! You are doing a marvellous job of mobilising and channelising right the tremendous power of the nation that lies in its women force. Best wishes and greater success to ALL.


Media and Creative Workshops Advisor

Thanks Harbeen, your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. I never knew connecting with such loving, powerful ALL encompassing souls is just a click away.
It feels good to get such acceptance and positivity for your thoughts which till now looked like tough to execute but then I remember God’s words and promise ‘ Take the first step , I’ll take thousand steps’ . Your enthusiasm feels like God’s thousand steps.I am touched.

Dominique de BeckendorffDominique de Beckendorff

Baroness & Entrepreneur, Arizona, USA

Yes ! I have been able to create a connection with almost every Indian I meet because of ALL. I am connecting a digital company here with a couple of VC from the forum that I had dinner with…2 of the speakers. India apparently doesn’t have the in depth cyber security companies we have and I have good friends who are CEO and owners of a couple of the biggest in the country.

Mridula SharmaMridula Sharma

Author and Expert on Health,

You have shrunk the distance and brought so many women from across the world together. A great and unique initiative.

Priya VishwanathanPriya Vishwanathan

CSR & Employability Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces,

I have to tell you, the session in May was first of its kind for me. To be in an environment which was so positive and enthralling and meet so many amazing human beings in a few days was just fabulous. Am sure you got lots of thanks and blessings for the amazing forum.
Thank you again for creating this platform and my prayers to keep you strong and motivated to continue to do this great work.

Reeta PassiReeta Passi

Educationist and Parenting Expert

I am so overwhelmed and charged with emotion reading your such an inspirational and touching mail. I must thank you at the outset for making me a part of ALL and awakening my latent passion of working for women empowerment. I loved every moment of my presence at the Forum in Goa and what I brought back from there is huge motivation, hope, optimism and enthusiasm that we women,united, can make a massive difference in the world. I have always had a strong desire that, in my humble way, I could do something to transform the attitudes and mind-set of people and interchange it with love, care and compassion. I did have a lot to say but never had a medium or platform like ALL offers to voice and share your inner-most thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
Women Empowerment is my passion and dream. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to live it.
Love and Fond Regards.

Denise O’BrienDenise O’Brien

CEO, Dome Entertainment
California, USA.

Yes! We are family! Sisters are we, from around the world! An incredible group of LADIES, with a few good men intermingled. A treasure to expand our networks and have connections in multiple countries with women of like-mind and purpose. Thank you to each woman who shared her heart, mission and soul with me. Thank you to our hosts Vinay Rai and Dr. Harbeen Arora for your generosity!

Magdalena SieradzkaMagdalena Sieradzka

PR expert, Poland
ALL Chapter Chair, Warsaw, Poland

Got my own copy of Dr. Harbeen Arora book “Creative living???. Have been reading it for my entire journey back home to Warsaw and have to say got very inspired by it. Participating in Women Economic Forum ALL never have I thought that ALL, Dr. Arora and the trip to India will inspire me that much and change my perspective on many things. I am very grateful for being part of ALL and part of the Forum. The book and its author definitely empower creative, positive, colorful change that leads to happiness and love. Thank You Harbeen for being such an inspiration to me and all the women that met this year in Goa. Thank you for making ALL happen.

Ms. Neena ThakkerMs. Neena Thakker

Mumbai, India

Thank you harbeen
It was extra ordinary to see so many women from different walks of life connect and empower each other and spread so much possible energy I really must applaud you for the way you conducted the whole forum with so much grace and dignity, it was by chance that I came for this forum and I’m glad I came as I got a lot of clarity of what I want to do now.
I wish you all the very very best for your future endeavours and hope to see you again soon.
-Lots of love

Jesse WedemeyerJesse Wedemeyer

California, USA

Thank you! Dr. Harbeen and Vinay, Sai Ram! Thank you to the rest of you as well, who gave me your cards.
I can say as a man attending a Woman’s Economic Forum, that I am better off for the experience. The experience showed me what it would be like if soulful women ran the world. There would be a good chance that humanity would learn to love one another equally. I saw this from the women who created a “feminine dominated world???, in the session that I led, as well as the overall forum.
My teacher has told me to “love all, serve all??? and the women demonstrated this for all.
congratulations to all, Love Jesse

Ms. Carol’Ann Tappaz aka DivaliaMs. Carol’Ann Tappaz aka Divalia

CEO/ Founder – Imago Transmedia Production LLC

I arrived in France this morning and I am already organizing my upcoming trip to India in June! Thanks to you and the wonderful people I met at WEF in Goa, all because of you Vinay and Harbeen:-)
Since I have a multiple entries on my Visa for 6 months, I’d better use them!
I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for what you have created at WEF with ALL. All your hard work and amazing organization, everything, every detail was perfectly planned and made us feel great. The first few days in the Hymalayan became a joke that made us (especially Kaye and I) laugh a lot in the end and we will have great stories to tell for years!
The only issue I had was to choose between so many great topics and sessions, awesome speakers; the program was so rich.
The entire staff was amazing and I don’t have the email address for everyone but please, send my gratitude and respect to everyone at the University who helped and made us feel at home.
Also, I apologize about the cellphone… I still have it. It was in my suitcase and we couldn’t open it when I arrived yesterday from Goa. I can mail it to you or return it when I fly back to Delhi in June.
Just let me know.
I can’t wait to return from Cannes and take a few days to relax and read your books Vinay and Harbeen. I made a promise to myself to read them before going back to India. That will help me to better understand your magical country.
Magical is the right word as I felt the magic power in Goa more active than anywhere else. You haven’t chosen that location by chance:-) It is a powerful chakra of the Universe. Synchronicities and miracles happened everyday. What happened at the Marriott will make a very interesting and entertaining chapter in my second book!
The last five days have been very inspiring. You can feel proud of what you have accomplished. All of us were feeling blessed to have such a fantastic opportunity to connect with wonderful, like minded persons, not only women. I have never encountered so much kindness from the staff at the hotel, to the delegates, the drivers, and every Indian person I’ve been in contact with.There are still a lot of things that need to be developed economically as it was stated at the panels but I believe that you, Vinay and Harbeen, are powerful contributors to the expansion of India and the elevation of the consciousness.
Babita and Nikita, you have been nothing but wonderful, you were everywhere and always available. We all appreciated you very much.
I met new friends there, incredible women, who help to restore my faith in humanity.
The world only needs more people like you:-)

Ms. Kathleen S. Riguer (Kaye)Ms. Kathleen S. Riguer (Kaye)

Global Digital Marketing Associate Intel Continental Hotels Group
,Manila, US

My sincerest gratitude for everything! I don’t even know how or where to start. I am still so overwhelmed with the event, that I feel like I still have a WEF hangover. I did not just learn a lot, the friendships and connections made with the other ladies are priceless. It’s like I have broadened my horizon career-wise and made new friends along the way. And not just ordinary friends. We all already have those in our countries and our own circles. The ALL ladies empower each other and are achievers in their own rights. There was a good mix of personalities, backgrounds, cultures and professions, that itself made an impact on my outlook in life. I may have been one of those who have lesser experience age-wise and career-wise compared to most of the delegates, but talking to them, hearing them talk, knowing and spending time with them motivates me and makes me realize the choices that I have made. That even though some of my previous choices in life were made half-heartedly, they brought me to the choices that led me to where I am now. I couldn’t see and understand why things happened before, but everything now just make me realize that all the things in past were bound to happen exactly how they happened. Otherwise, the rest wouldn’t turn out this way. And right now, I am just really grateful. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
You and Pita inspire me because of your generous heart, your wise words and incessant will to do more and reach out to others. You may not realize it but I am sure it’s not just me, but other people get inspired by you as well. You both have shown me a level of kindness, generosity and hospitality that not too many people are willing to show others. I don’t even know how to repay you, but just to pay it forward. Let others be inspired and motivated in any way I can as well. Do something, little things, to make a difference around me. There’s a lot of ways, I know. Us, ourselves, we can make the kind of opportunities that we’ve been looking for all our lives. Being around you and those women made me realize how truly blessed we are to be given the opportunity to interact with people we didn’t know before but ended up leaving a mark in our lives that somehow changed us and broadened our mindset, our perception, our outlook, or our thinking; people whose deeds or words or lives have touched us that we’re sure our own lives will never be the same again; people who connected with our hearts and minds.
Being around that bunch of ladies is like a forceful push to do better, not just for myself, but for those I love and other people who may need me too. I don’t have all the answers and explanations to everything; I still ask how and how soon. But at least now I don’t have the ‘what ifs’ and if onlys’. I know things that I want and want to do. I am certain of what I want and want to do. All because I have met you ALL. I couldn’t be more grateful. I can’t explain it either.
I am catching up with everything that I missed back here, work and events, and I want to launch our chapter here officially. I know some women, probably the first batch I’m inviting to join, who are fitting to be with me as I try to do more for this country. I have tons of ideas, I could plan for more, but like most in life, I’m gonna take it step by step. ALL WEF insisted that my conviction was right. Once we set our heart and mind into something, eventually we’ll have it too. 🙂 And thank you for making ALL WEF happen. I know both of you will always be there to guide us as well.
Once again, I thank you, Dr. Harbeen, for simply being such a wonderful inspiration, for having not just a beautiful face and a beautiful mind, but also a beautiful personality and a beautiful heart that you so generously share with us. Looking forward to seeing you ALL on our next event.

Dipti ShahDipti Shah

Co-Founder, Neoteric Mumbai,India

Don’t know what is appropriate – whom do I address first – I heard about Harbeen first and I came with stars in my eyes to experience her, but I actually met Vinay who greeted me as I stepped into this WEF womb of ALL for the first time.
When Rohini shared about the same I didn’t give it much heed for my personal self except to check when she will be in Mumbai before goa or after goa !! so that I could reschedule some stuff on my calendar to make room to hug her, and know more about the Harbeen she gushed about over the phone !!! and then comes a mail from smita shah (IMC member but my cousin too) with a strong message – dipti you must go, this is for you !!!And I landed into this huge melting pot which is cooking a meal whose time has come to serve ….And to top that was meeting so many many women from ALL across the globe who think like me feel like me and cry like me … Especially for the care and trust that is so missing these days !!!I am speechless and still numb from the experience and aura created in every space of Marriot be it round table and plenary’s and interactions and over lunch and even washrooms and … In that we wholesomely drowned ourselves in.
Thank you – to you
(when I say you I can’t separate Vinay from Harbeen, so I mean you for both of you ) and to the source of your thoughts and the way you have transmitted the thoughts into action, The thinking that went behind bringing the mix, truly extraordinary !!! Right from selecting the delegates, the speakers the celebrities the approach the round table and the topics, yes as i always say that “we are, but a series of improvement …??? so we will evolve even better in the next one, but this in its purpose and attempt was not only divine but awesome!!But it’s not just about creating a great event but actioning and channelising the energy and spirit that was cooked and giving birth and shape to reach it out to touch the masses…I am a mix of all emotions inspired envious motivated exhilarated amazed delighted hopeful and in anticipation of the impact that ALL will created and I wish that ALL succeed in ALL its endeavours.

Ms. Jigna ShahMs. Jigna Shah

CEO. REVE’ fashions
Ahmedabad, India

I must say candidly, Harbeen..that your forum has got some change in me..One reputed designer was in a ‘cold war’ with me..& I was also treating her dry in return..But after coming from Goa,..I realized that I shouldn’t be a cribbing, complaining woman & should try to break ice..& I praised her for her work publicly, & that’s what she was waiting & now, she has become a support to me -:)..

Kiran SharmaKiran Sharma

CEO, ITE Exhibitions
Noida, India

The Forum was a Mega Success!!!!!.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!It was a very good gathering and very good speakers and very well planned programmes.Thank you for including me as part of this prestigious event .The photographs shows your efforts.Please convey my congratulations to Harbeen n Vinayji and of course the whole team,who had put such hard work to make it happen perfectly.

Carmel ClarkCarmel Clark

Life Artist

I attended a women’s networking luncheon on taking our work/businesses global and met Ann Webb who is the All Ladies League Chair for Utah. She offered the opportunity to go to India to the conference and participate. Easy choice! I chose to extend and travel for a month beyond that. This was the inaugural year for the WEF Women’s Economic Forum based out of India and promoting dialogues, collaboration and solutions for women’s concerns locally, nationally and globally. I learned more in 4 days of being there than I could in a year of working at it from the U.S. I will be there next year! 🙂

Mossarat QadeemMossarat Qadeem

Executive Director,PAIMAN Alumni Trust
Islamabad, Pakistan

Congratulations for organizing this historic forum in Goa. This was really a Herculean task of gathering distinguished professional, experts and leaders from across the Globe. It is most impressive that you were able to get together such an illustrious group of renowned people from the different continents. The discussions were rich, informative, thought-provoking and worth more than endless hours of reading. History was made in those short three days and I don’t know if it would be possible to wait for another one that can come close to the breadth and depth of this forum and the excitement generated from it. I was so elated with all the discussions, heart to heart talks with some new found Indian friends that I felt I could sit through more days of such impressive discussions and deliberations. The beauty of the forum was that everyone wanted to work with each other and was eager to work for building trust and understanding.
Thank you so much for organizing the most exciting, stimulating and memorable historic event. I must thank both of you for making the impossible possible. You not only connected people but hearts and minds and you truly deserve our appreciation and applaud for trying to make this world a better place to live by bringing women together. We shared, we learned and we coalesce and this makes the basis of building bridges and overcoming prejudices. I have no words to describe the great service you did for women’s emancipation and projection. Thank you for taking pain of organizing such a memorable event.