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Ruqya Khan

Wordsmith, UAE

Greetings once again…the rush and the high of being at WEF 2016 is still fresh in my mind…the energy was so pure and selfless. Kudos to the team on a remarkable memory that you made for us all. Thank you seems so small of a word to express my gratitude.


Brenda Saunders/Todd

The Executive Director of Dress for Success Halifax ,Canada

The most incredibly, amazing, generous, open-hearted, learning, sharing, collaborative, rewarding and fulfilling conference I have EVER attended !!!


Marguerite Orane

Founder of Free & Laughing Inc., Canada

Thank you once again for the amazing experience that was WEF2016. I returned from India ready to “live bold” and to make a greater impact in the world. I feel I have found a new community and I am extremely blessed.


Anita Heidema

Founder of Anita Heidema International, Canada

Thank you again for all at the conference that I was open to. Your hospitality and generosity was so gracious. I was so impressed by all you and your team did and sad I didn’t get more time with you. That is a wonderful idea to spread your inspiration and innovation around the world further.
I would like to do on a larger scale then just my city.


Brenda Saunders/Todd

The Executive Director of Dress for Success Halifax, Canada

I also want to take this opportunity to THANK you for all your time and contributions to the WEF. It clearly was a LOT of work and your efforts were greatly appreciated by all.


Kalina Parvanova Kaleva

Co-Chairperson of Hug me’ Association, Bulgaria

Thank you for your hospitality and the great job you do. We spent a marvellous week with you and all the ladies from all over the world! I hope beautiful friendships and collaboration will become of this big meeting, filled with love and positive energy!


Bokwey Burnley

Fashion Designer, USA

Greetings !! Thankful to Justina Mutale for connecting me with Dr. Harbeen Arora.
Frankly even though I was interested, I was not sure that I would be able make it, until 3 days before the conference. It was such an uphill battle for me, for many reasons. I also had mixed feelings on what to expect. I wasn’t disappointed at all… It was very beautiful and fruitful, to say the least.


Kumud Sengupta

Co-founder & Director, Market Vision Research & Consulting, UAE

Really enjoyed the conference: tremendous energy and positivity all around!


Angela Mortimer

Owner, Angela Mortimer Plc, United Kingdom

All expectations were exceeded. The table of events pulsated with variety and interest exceeded only by the rainbow of saris assembled at the Pullman Hotel in Aerocity New Delhi. The subject matter expanded effortlessly to include entrepreneurship, start ups, spirituality, psychological health, yoga, music in the workplace, parenting, dressing for success, flexi time and my own subject, the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace…‘Feel the energy, feel the love’, was the take away for all of the 1500 female delegates. The common language was one of encouragement and support for other women, inspiring them to go forward in the world and recognise their potential


Madhu Chebolu

CEO of FreshChops, India

I want to express my gratitude and applaud you for such a wonderful enriching forum. I wanted to mail immediately and extend my thanks but knew you must be tired after the jaw dropping conference for a week. It was by far one of the best I have attended and feel privileged to be a part of it. Your hospitality and the attention to every little detail is commendable. You and your team totally rock! Never imagined that it was pulled off with so much laughter, joy and grace. I am short of words to express the experience and the learning I have encountered during these three days and I am sure next year I will attend all the days.It was beautiful amalgamation of women, charm and knowledge. I am humbled and motivated by all the women I have met and specially by you. I am sending across much love, happiness and light to you and all your team. I am extremely sorry that I personally cannot convey the same but believe me the feeling is there.


Esther Nagle

Founder of Balance & Breathe, Wales

It was so lovely to meet you All last week at Women Economic Forum, what a fantastic meeting of hearts, souls and minds it really way. I have been so inspired by everyone I met, and everything I learned. I am getting an amazing and eye opening experience here in Delhi for my post conference stay. It is a fascinating city of so many contradictions, I think my world view has been permanently altered by what I have experienced and witnessed. I am back home now, delighted to be reunited with my children and friends and family, but will carry WEF with me for a long time yet! So many ideas buzzing around in my mind now – the dilemma is where to start! I figured this was the best place to start!


Bharati Sagar

Artist, India

It was a wonderful platform we ALL had in Delhi To share our thoughts and experiences with each other. Truly amazing ! Lots of networking ! Lots of fun! Feel so proud of you being from Punjab. A truly Global Daughter !With the most Charming Smile ! And open Heart and Arms.


Kim Conrad

M.A., Award Winning Author, USA

THANK YOU to such an amazing team – all of you and everyone else that I am aware of and all those working behind the scenes to bring such an amazing and transformative gathering of so many. An experience of a life time that is just beginning. Thank you ALL so much for being who you are, believing and working so successfully together. To the magnificence of collaboration and to this actual living experience of our new world in action. MANY BLESSINGS! And to all the outstanding collaborations yet to come. To the music of life when we sing together….


Yukiko Kato

President & CEO, Lynx Business Development Inc., Japan

It was personal honor to attend the WEF in New Delhi and met so many wonderful people from all over the world. Especially, I felt really privileged to have been given an award “Iconic leaders impacting society and development. I thank you so much for you and your team’s brilliant and tremendous achievements in WEF 2016. Organisation in every single detail was perfect and comfortable. I just would like to give you my sincere compliments.


Johanna Maimela

Harry Mnisi Community Development Centre, UK

It was a pleasure to meet you in the U.K. and also at the WEF last week. WEF was such a good experience. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all the hard work that you and others put in making it a success. I am still enjoying my stay at Discover India. I am really enjoying the food and the hospitality of the staff.


Sukai Ceesay

Global Village Children, Netherlands

Thank you so much for the encouragement, kind words, and trust. I am so excited for my journey with the fabulous WEF and ALL team with your leadership… You have inspired me beyond words, and I look forward to being a part of the platform that empowers women to be their better self… Together, we will ALL shine 🙂


Dolly Dhamodiwala

CEO, Business Beacon Management Consultants, India

Thank you very much for inviting me to attend WEF, 2016 and giving me the opportunity to make two presentations. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for a wonderful event, conducted so meticulously and efficiently by you. It is indeed a great achievement to organize and execute such a mega conference. My congratulations to you and your team members for an eventful, informative and exciting week.


Krishna Pujara

CEO of Saheli, England

On behalf of Saheli, “We would like to thank all of the people who were involved in putting together the WEF2016. We know what a huge effort it took to make this Forum so great. I would like to thank you for letting us spread the word on WEF2016.
It was such a pleasure to finally meet everyone in person and put a pretty smile and face with your names. I met the majority of you for the first time, but I felt like I already knew you. You all made me feel so welcome, and I am so excited to have more sisters and new friends. “What a pleasure to be in the company of such beautiful ladies both inside and out”
It was such a wonderful, successful Women Economic Forum, thank you for including me into your program. Everyone was having a blast…it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a long conference that was that much fun! I can’t say enough about the location, the atmosphere, the food, and of course the topics for the plenary with parallel sessions! The buzz is already out there about people being excited about the next one because of the hard work and fantastic job you did this year. I can’t wait to watch us grow!! What a group! Can’t wait to see you again in 2017. You really have created an amazing legacy for the ALL and contributed to the history in making! I had an incredible time and inspiring experience! What a wonderful experience!!..


Tiffany Jane Crosara

Author at FinerMinds, UK

With deepest heartfelt gratitude for a wonderfully inspiring and deeply life changing experience, for my wonderful treatment and for my award – I truly hope I can be of service in some way. I have returned to the UK and to be honest just feel like shedding all my material possessions and living a life of service – like I said, thank you for a truly life changing experience..


Ayelet Oblass

Owner, derechakol.co.il, Israel

14 days in India 109 Countries. Devine light of human beings .soul sisters and soul brothers. I want to give a special huge blessing to Harbeen Arora, a woman of vision full of love wisdom and compaction, special ability to hold energy for thousands of people so inspiring. Thank you so much. It felt like you were home for all of us. Thank you ALL for your endless support love listening and humble wisdom flowing all day long you gave us blessings, love and powerful presents for our journey.
I am a wounded healer I came to this world to teach what I have to learn. “Dare to voice” is a moment of healing this is my mission.
We are all beautiful musical instruments. We are all equal, 2016 most people in the world are voiceless. This special WEF conference opened a window to beautiful voices. Thank you God “when you heal yourself you are not alone (course in miracles). I had the privilege to Lecture, to sing, to give special workshops and collaborate with my soul sisters from the Israeli delegation and women from the whole world
Thank you so much all of you..


Gina Otto

Award Winning Author of Cassandra’s Angel , USA

Every once in a great while you get to meet an Angel on Earth. Harbeen Arora is one of those Angels. She is the love and vision that brought together 1600 delegates from 91 countries to unite us all in a global conversation on what is possible in the world. I have rarely witnessed such love and compassion pour forth from one individual. From session to session from conversation to conversation, Harbeen was a light encouraging, supporting and empowering each of us to find our light and shine for the world. Thank you, dear sister, for making my lifelong dream come true. From the conference in New Delhi to Baba’s sitting place, it was truly a magical and life changing experience.


Jess Johnson

Singer , USA

The divine soul, She was a luminous presence through and though. She founded, hosted, curated, facilitated, and nurtured this weeklong summit Women Economic Forum that was the reason I went to India in the first place. I was completely blown away by her embodiment of refined grace, intelligence, presence and beauty. Thank you Harbeen. You are truly an expansive and luminous light in this world..

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Asel Aldasheva

Textile Designer, Kyrgyzstan

From my behalf, I can promise that I’ll have my fair share of contribution to the growth and expansion of ALL worldwide. Amazing event that we’ve been able to become part of. Great organization. Thank you again for amazing hospitality.

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Marty Mauzy
Executive Director at Ash Center for Democratic governance & Innovation, USA

Sonali Bendre Bahl
Film Actress, India

H.E. Shaida Mohammad Abdali
Ambassador of Afghanistan

H.E. Thorir Ibsen
Ambassador of Iceland

H.E. Hamza Yahia – Cherif
Ambassador of Algeria

Edwidge K. M. Mutale
The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender, Zambia

Kuilijet Uppal
KREA, India

Gulrukh Khan
ALL Ladies League London, UK

Jennifer Lu
Tianjiu Happiness Holding Group, China

Margaret Ali
Universal Peace Federation, UK

Mickey Ferrance
Working Women’s Network of Grenoble (WWNG), France

Angela Mortimer
Owner at Angela Mortimer Plc. UK

Dr. Sarah Langley
LeadHer International LLC., USA

Ketan Makwana
Enterprise Lab, UK

Kate Anolue
Former Mayor of London Borough of Enfield, UK

Yogesh Chabria
The Happionaire Way, India

Prof. Dr. Adel El – Beltagy
International Dryland Development Commission, Egypt

Kari Egge
Half the World, Women, Knowledge, Leadership, Norway

Chyna Whyne
Walk in Stilettos, UK

Batul Dadabhai
Arabian Neon WLL,Bahrain

Elim Chew
77th, Street.com, Singapore

Prof. Suman Khanna Aggarwal
Founder of Shanti Sahyog – a Gandhian NGO, India

Benedicta N. Nanyonga
Kinawataka Women Initiatives, Uganda

Tia Walker
Business Consultant & Author, USA

Annu Sharma
I am Woman, New Zealand New Zealand

Carmell Clark
International Speaker & Coach, USA

Tatyana Zrelova
Tatyana Zrelova, The Committee of 20, Russia

Marina Naomi Smolyanov
YOUR STAGE- Public Speaking Training, Israel

Mr. Bharat Lal Meena
IAS India

Marilyn Heib
CEO of bettervest GmbH, Germany

Faiza Farid Ahmed
Frienergy, Egypt

Sukai Ceesay
Global Village Children, Netherlands

Shireen Passi Chopra
Author, Kuwait

Kim Conrad
Award Winning Author, USA

Nadia Sanchez Gomez
Network of Iberoamerican Women, Colombia

Delegation of Fiji women

Antonieta Beguerisse
Beguerisse Consultores, Mexico

Muna Onuzo-Iyanam

Carla Horta, CarlaH Hairstudio, Netherlands

Ashvani Yardi
Bollywood Film and TV Producer, India

Fadia Mubarak
GARMCO, Bahrain

Hannilee Fish
Learning Consultant Entrepreneurs Organization, Canada

Henriett Tunyogi
Artist, Actress, Hungary

Jose L. Reyna
Spectrum Health, USA

Alma Cota
Sonora Foundation, Mexico

Shannon Skinner
TV Talk Show Host ExtraordinaryWomenTV.com, Canada

Mellany Msengezi Mariri
Women Entrepreneurs, Zimbabwe

Netta Ness
Chance Management LTD, Israel

Mira Sai
Author, The Sai Foundation, a Non-Profit Corp. USA

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Stress Management Academy Course in Mindfulness, India