WEFx- Tomar Portugal, 2018 Registration Details


Speakers: please send your registration by email with the following information until the 28th February, 2018 (if possible sooner than this final deadline):
.Name, Address and Job
.Telephone and Email
.Brief Biography (100 words max.)
.Dream you wish to share (150 words max.)
.Photo with good resolution
You will receive confirmation of your registration and the theme you have been placed in.
Delegates: please send all of the above except the Dream you wish to share. We will post your bio and photo on the Speakers Details tab under the title Delegates.


Our aim is for this event to be free of charge. We therefore are arranging Sponsors.
In case we are not capable of making the event totally free of charge, the only cost we will ask contribution for is Saturday’s lunch for the maximum amount of 12€. Sunday’s lunch will be shared so all of those staying on for Sunday are required to bring something to share. Since Sunday is an open day, only those who choose to come are required to do so. Confirmation for the Networking meetings on Sunday is required by 19h30 on Saturday.
Travel and accommodation expenses will be supported by each participant. We are, however, working to get a good discount for accommodation.
Distribution of Leadership and Inspiration Certificates for all participants.

  CONTACTS: / Registration

.Tânia Castilho – +351 926393876
.Joana Ferreira – +351 919423860
.Carla Ferreira – +351 919982837
.Teresa Silveira – +351 917102375