WEFx-Tomar Portugal, 2018 Hotel Details

Hotel Details

Hostel 2300 Thomar 

4 double rooms (2 people each + a 3rd person on extra bed if necessary)
1 family room (up to 4 people)
2 dorms for 8 people each
2 dorms for 6 people each

Listed prices per night:

25.00€ private room for one person (+ 10€ ou 15€ for extra bed – depending on type of bed)
35.00€ private room for 2 people
15.00€ in dorm per person
family room: 2 people 35.00€
3 people 50.00€
4 people 65.00€
We offer a 10% discount for the participants in the Women Dream Weavers Event, upon presentation of identification as such and that, mandatorily, make their reservation directly with us.

All prices include bedding, breakfast, free wifi access, access to common areas (kitchen, living room, dining room, reading room, patio, etc)

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