WEF-Perth 2019 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session of one hour will have 7 – 8 speakers/awardees who will speak for 5 minutes each. Awards will be conferred at the close of the plenary session.
* Parallel Sessions:
Each session of one hour will have 4 co-speakers on a panel. Who will speak 10 minutes each. Balance time will be for interaction remarks and Q&A.
* Role of Moderator: The speakers in each parallel session are advised to select from amongst
themselves a moderator who will strictly enforce the time allotted for each speaker.
All speakers in a session will also be connected to each other via email in advance so they can coordinate their discussions, ahead of the forum. If a moderator
is not selected by the speakers, then a member of the WEF 19 organising committee allotted to that session will handle that part. (The session topics & timing are subject to change)
* (*) accepted tentatively

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist 
 Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: Curtin University

Women Economic Forum – Perth 2019 “Empowering Women Making a Difference”

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Day-1, 5th July, Friday, 2019
TimeHall NameSession NoTopicSpeakers
06:00PM-08:00PMWA Government House, Adelaide Terrace, PerthWelcome Reception

Day-2, 6th July, Saturday, 2019
TimeHall NameSession NoTopicSpeakers
09:00AM – 09:10AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatreWelcomeWelcome to Country
09:10AM – 09:30AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatreOpening PlenaryKeynote AddressDeborah Terry AO
09:30AM – 09:50AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -1The Facts – Gender Equality – Its Time! Dr.Terry Fitzsimmons
09:50AM-10:00AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -1.1Gender Equality – India
9.50AM-10:00AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -1.2Gender Equality – UgandaBenedicta N. Nanyonga
10:00AM – 10:20AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -2Women in Politics – Taking Up the Challenge Hannah Ashade
Cr Chontelle Sands
Yasotha Ponnuthurai
10:20AM–10:30AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -2.1The Global Goals – Women Driving the Sustainable Development GoalsSandy Y L Chong
10:30AM – 11:00AMLobby TheatreMorning Tea & Networking
10.30AM – 11:00AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -2.2Womens Empowerment Principles – (WEP’s) Driving Change Sarah Watson
Merylese Mercieca
Nadine O Vogel
11:00AM – 11:20AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -3Equality Means Business-Australia  Libby Lyons
Jacqueline Graham
11:20AM-11:30AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -3.1Equality Means Business-USA
11:30AM – 12:00NoonElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -4UN HeForShe – Male Champions of ChangeVinay Rai
Paul Faix
Dr.Terry Fitzsimmons
Onder Şenol
12:00Noon – 01:00PMLobby Theatre & Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS) Lunch Box, Refreshments & Networking
01:00PM – 02:00PMNorman Duffy Lecture TheatrePlenary -5Females at Risk -Trafficking, FGM, Slavery, Human Rights / Females at Risk -Child Marriage, Migrants & Refugees Suzie Craddock
Sarah Morse
Surendra Kumar Pachauri
Nicolla Cole
CAS Room 1Parallel 5.1SDG 1,2 & 3 – No Poverty, No Hunger, Good HealthHannah Ashade
Fatemeh Soheila Saljughian
Shakira Donovan
CAS Room 2Parallel 5.2Entrepreneurs – Sharing Your Journey Grace Mugabe
Megan Del Borrello
Maitri Patel
Benedicta N. Nanyonga
CAS Room 3Parallel 5.3Spirituality- Looking Within to Shine Linda Chatwin
Jeya Ramanathan

Jenny Ottaway

CAS Room 4Parallel 5.4Sharing Stories – Because of Her…We Can (I)Diane Gatto
Annette Densham
Bronwen Sciortino
Sarah Morse
CAS Room 5Parallel 5.5Artisan & Designer Showcase – Social Enterprises & Sales (I)Chaynika Sethi
02:00PM – 03:00PMNorman Duffy Lecture TheatrePlenary -6Womens Health & WellBeing – Share the Story (I)Marie Johnson
Linda Chatwin
Maitri Patel
Tania Castilho
Norita Omar
Yogita Ridgley
Jenny Ottaway
Bella Broadway

CAS Room 1Parallel 6.1SDG 4 & 5 – Quality Education, Gender EqualityJenine Beekhuyzen
Jeanne Boles
Aisha Suhail
Augustina Birago Dwomoh
Dr. Sanyogita Chadha
CAS Room 2Parallel 6.2Getting Motivated to Action Your Goals Elena Lennox
CAS Room 3Parallel 6.3Finding your Purpose & Direction Nadine O Vogel
Ilse Strauss
Jacqueline Graham
CAS Room 4Parallel 6.4Being Creative in Business – Thinking Outside the Square Pauline Tarrant
Anthea Lowe
CAS Room 4Parallel 6.5DeFacto, Turkey – CSR collaboration with NGO Dreams Made of Fabric ProjectÖnder Şenol
Fatemeh Soheila Saljughian
CAS Room 4CAS LobbyCAS LobbyMeetup & Connect
02:30PM – 03:00PMLobby Theatre & Centre for Aboriginal StudiesAfternoon Tea & NetworkingMeetup & Connect
03:00PM – 04:00PMNorman Duffy Lecture TheatrePlenary -7Women Leading in Education & STEAMMegan Gilmour
Enkhbayar Choijil
Angela Guzman
Aisha Suhail
Dr. Sanyogita Chadha
CAS Room 1Parallel 7.1SDG 6 & 7 – Clean Water & Sanitation, Renewable EnergyMary Connelly-Gale
CAS Room 2Parallel 7.2Social Media & Branding your Business Burmaa Sampil
Hana Byambadash
CAS Room 3Parallel 7.3Womens Health & Wellbeing – Share the Story (II)

Rebecca Hannan
Katie McDonald
Lynda Dyer
Usha Raman

CAS Room 4Parallel 7.4Building your Business Success Globally Love Akosua Kpedekpo
CAS Room 5Parallel 7.5Business opportunities to link with Australian Aboriginal Textiles
CAS LobbyCAS LobbyMeetup & Connect 
04:00PM – 05:00PMNorman Duffy Lecture TheatrePlenary -8Women Leading in Resources & Global Trade Jeanne Boles
Allison Selman
Mireille Toulekima
Tanuja Sanders
Rebecca Hannan
CAS Room 1Parallel 8.1SDG 8, 9 & 10 – Good Jobs; Economic Growth & Innovation Infrastructure; Reduced Inequalities Paul Faix
CAS Room 2Parallel 8.2Micro Financing for Women Enterpreneurs Enkhbayar Choijil
Sarangoo Ganbat
Bob Greer
CAS Room 3Parallel 8.3Writing & Publishing your Story Lynda Dyer
Dr. Srilatha Malladi
CAS Room 4Parallel 8.4Women in the Arts, Communication & TechnologiesRachel Hanlon
Angela Guzman
CAS Room 4Parallel 8.5Inspiring Women in Small Business (I)
CAS LobbyCAS LobbyMeetup & Connect 
7:00PM – 10:00PMCaptain Cook Cruises, Barrack Street Jettty, PerthSwan River Cruise Buffet Dinner & Entertainment

Day-3rd, 7th July, Sunday, 2019
TimeHall NameSession NoTopicSpeakers
09:00AM – 09:10AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -9Cherie Blair
09:10AM – 09:30AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -9.1Keynote AddressMasami Sato
09:30AM – 10:30AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -10Women Leaders in Social Enterprises Empowering Women through Global Foundations Dr. Harbeen Arora
Seema Aziz
Leena Joseph
Louise Percy
10:30AM – 11:00AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -11Women in the Media – Speaking out for Change Sue Papadoulis
Annette Densham
10:30AM – 10.45AMLobby TheatreMorning Tea & Networking
11:00-11:10AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -12Women Driving the Sustainable Development Goals- GhanaMawuena Esi Adjei
11:10AM – 11:20AMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -12.1UN Women – stepping it up for 2030
11:30AM – 12:00NoonElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -13UN CSW63 – Insights Commission Status of Women, New YorkCarol Hanlon
Elizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -13.1UN CSW64, Beijing +25
12:00Noon–01:00PMLobby Theatre & Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS) (I)Lunch Box, Refreshments & Networking
01:00PM – 02:00PMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -14Females at Risk – Domestic Violence, Sexual Harrassment, Bullying

Anthea Lowe
Deb Rae
Randa Habelrih
Yogita Ridgley

CAS Room 1Parallel 14.1SDG 11, 12, 13 – Sustainable Cities & Communities; Responsible; Protect the Planet;Merylese Mercieca
CAS Room 2Parallel 14.2Entrepreneurs – Improve your Creativity & InnovationAndrea Turner-Boys

Joan Dellavalle

CAS Room 3Parallel 14.3Women with Disabilities – Overcoming ChallengesChanveasna Nhean
CAS Room 4Parallel 14.4Sharing Stories – Because of Her…We Can (II) Daniel Warringah Kiag

CAS Room 3Parallel 14.5Womens Health & Wellbeing – Share the Story (III) Bella Broadway
Tanuja Sanders
Ilss Strauss
CAS LobbyCAS LobbyMeetup & Connect
02:00PM – 03:00PMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -15Financial Security for Women – Retirement & Homelessness Jeya Ramanathan
Grace Mugabe
Augustina Birago Dwomoh
Katie McDonald
Sandra Cook
CAS Room 1Parallel 15.1SDG 14 & 15 – Life below Water & Life on LandSarah Watson
Allison Selman
CAS Room 2Parallel -15.2Business & Fashion Incubators, Accelerators & Hot Desks
CAS Room 3Parallel 15.3Starting Over – Rebuilding yourLife Catherine Pazvakavambwa
Megan Gilmour
Tania Castilho

Norita Omar

CAS Room 4Parallel 15.4Women in Leadership – Stepping Up Sandy Y L Chong
Henriett Podgorska
Glenyce Ewing
CAS Room 5Parallel 15.5Artisan Showcase – Inspiring Social Enterprises & SalesEzereve
CAS LobbyCAS LobbyMeetup & Connect 
02:30PM – 03:00PMLobby Theatre & Centre for Aboriginal StudiesAfternoon Tea & Networking 
03:00PM – 04:00PMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -16Inspiring Women in Small Business Sandy Yl Chong

Megan Del Borrello
Catherine Pazvakavambwa
Burmaa Sampil
Lesley Bennett
Andrea Turner-Boys
Pauline Tarrant
Hana Byambadash

CAS Room 1Parallel 16.1SDG 16 – Peace & JusticeNicolla Cole
CAS Room 2Parallel 16.24th Industrial Revolution – IoT, Ai, Big Data Marie Johnson
Mireille Toulekima
CAS Room 3Parallel 16.3Sustainable Circular Economy – CSR & Triple Bottom LineLesley Bennett
Deb Rae
Susana Cravo
CAS Room 4Parallel 16.4Women on Boards – Governance & AccreditationMawuena Esi Adjei
CAS Room 5Parallel 16.5Artisan & Designer Showcase – Inspiring Social Enterprises & Sales (II)
03:00PM – 04:00PMCAS LobbyCAS LobbyMeetup & Connect 
04:00PM – 05:00PMElizabeth Jolly Lecture TheatrePlenary -17SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals Carol Hanlon
Love Akosua Kpedekpo
WEF Perth Award Presentations
WEF Perth Group Photo
Announcement: WEF Australia 2020
06:00PM – 08:00PMFerrara Karoke Bar, Wellington Street, PerthFarewell Networking & Savouries