WEF-Mexico, 2019 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session has around 7-8 speakers who individually deliver their acceptance remarks and inspiring life message for about 4-5 minutes in the order of speaking as mentioned in the program.
* Parallel Sessions: Each session of 45 Minutes will have maximum of 4 co-lead speakers on a panel, who will speak for 10-12 minutes each.
* Moderators: For parallel sessions, it is recommended that speakers select from amongst themselves a moderator in advance who will strictly enforce the time allotted. All speakers in a session will be connected via email beforehand to coordinate their discussions.
* Vibe and Flow: We encourage speaking and sharing from the heart in storytelling format (instead of powerpoints). Overall, the vibe of the conference is interactive with open hearted sharing favouring connection and community spirit.
* Timings: Timings of the sessions are subject to change. Sessions may be merged or de-merged depending on schedule flow. While we do our best to adjust and accommodate, the decision of the organisers is final.
* Language: The conference is in English. If any support is required with translation in your talk, do let us know in advance so we can connect you to another participant with a request for volunteer help.
* Social Media: You can publicise your participation and request a social media banner template from our team.
* Press Release: A general press release is also available closer to the dates.
* Dress Code: We love to celebrate all cultures in creativity, diversity, and sisterhood. So we welcome you to dress up for comfort and confidence. Do also apprise yourself of local culture and customs.
* All the Videos and Pictures of the conference will be uploaded on the website after the event.

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist  Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: Centro Citibanamex

Programe in Spanish : View here

Women Economic Forum – Mexico 2019 “#DreamsInAction: Connecting Human Strengths”

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Day-1, Tuesday 15th October 2019
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
07:30AM-08:45AMLiving Room MarteRegistration
08:45AM-09:45AMPlenary 1Inauguration of WEF- Mexico 2019 “#DreamsInAction: Connecting Human Strengths”
09:45AM-10:15AMPlenary 2Programming Our Mind To Make The Most Of The ForumAndrés Portillo
10:15AM – 11:00AMPlenary 3The Secrets Of Disruptive Businessthe Economy And WomenFarhat Jamal
11:00AM-11:15AMNetworking Break
11:15AM-12:00PMPlenary 4The Economy And WomenSevim Arbana
Sandra Aguilar
Gabriel Quadri
Katia D’Artigues
Parallel 1501Private Investment And Socio-Economic Growth In Developing
Parallel 1502Quality Education: A Key Factor For EquitySilvia Elena Giorguli
Carlos Herrero
Parallel 1503Culture: Musse Of ProgressMaricarmen Bernal
Vanessa Ciangherotti
Parallel 1504 Branding Oneself To Lead From The Front Alicia Garro Herrera
Marianela Salas Soto
Odile Cortes
Marietta Rodriguez Canossa
Juan Carlos Martinez Chuecas
12:00PM-12:45PMPlenary 5 Certainty: A Key Growth FactorAlberto Jones Tamayo
Alfredo Calvo
Sanjeev Mehra
Teresa Cabrera
Parallel 1511Enviroment: Less Talk, More ActionMeghna Tare
Parallel 1512Water: Life GuaranteeGuadalupe Quintana
Parallel 1513Human Sexuality In The 21St CenturyRosario Laris
Julio Madrazo
Parallel 1514ITESM
Parallel 1515Harnessing Martial Art Forms For Women’S Safety
12:45PM-01:30PMPlenary 6Educating In Sustainability Through Film: Cinepolis Foundation And Tecnologico De Monterrey UniversityLorena Guillé
Cristian Granados
Parallel 1521The Power Of Women In The Construction Of Lasting PeaceAna Pecova
Parallel 1522Entrepreneurs Are Not AloneAlberto Bucardo Castro
Vicente Fenoll
Camila Lecaros
Gerardo Obregón
Laura Iturbide
Parallel 1523Global Economy PerspectivesIrene Espinosa
Parallel 1524 Creating A Powerful Self IdentitySoniya Netalkar
Susana Reina
01:30PM-02:15PMPlenary 7Women As A Factor Of ProgressNadine Gasman
Parallel 1531 Mexican Women Who ReadsMaría del Pilar Montes de Oca
Rosa Barocio
Julieta Lujambio
Parallel 1532How To Get Back On Track?Denisse Dresser
Parallel 1533México, Your Best Investment: (Tec)Marimar Torreblanca
Vanessa Quiroga
María Ariza
Andrea Valenzuela
Parallel 1534Making Small Changes In One’S Lifestyle For Wellbeing

Ana Eloisa Zuñiga Bonfante
Ada Carmina Morales Lebrija
Palmira Camargo
Marianela Salas Soto

04:00PM-04:45PMPlenary 8“Why Development Aid For Lowincome Countries Has Not Worked”Belén Sanz
Parallel 1541Women With A CauseLydia Cacho
Denise Meade
Patricia Olamendi
Joanna Cristo
Parallel 1542“Friendly School: A Space Where Everyone Can Flourish”Gabriela Porcayo
Celina Izquierdo
Parallel 1543Mexican Scientist And The Progress Of Medical ScienceErika Quevedo
Eva Ramón
Ana Lia García
Ethel Soriano
Parallel 1544ITESM
04:45PM-05:30PMPlenary 9 The Wow EffectBelén Sanz
Parallel 1551SynergyAmanda Jacobson
Praveen P Kadle
Maricarmen Cortés
Parallel 1552Leading With Your Heart
Parallel 1553Being An Entrepreneur Adriana Villamizar
Maria Bernardita Rodriguez
Parallel 1544Family Communication in The Digital EraStacy Estrada
05:30PM-06:15PMPlenary 10Anger and Pain in Relationships Maria Bernardita Rodriguez

Parallel 1561Mexico: Values, Color & Flavors
Parallel 1562Health : The Most Important Asset Of The Human BeingJosé Manuel Mier

Parallel 1563Critical Thinking Against ManipulationCarlos Herrero
José Jesús Gómez
Jaime Romano
Parallel 1564Impact of Fake News on Young Minds
06:15PM-07:00PMFashion Show
Day-2, Wednesday 16th October 2019
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
07:30AM – 08:45AMRegistration
08:45AM -09:45AMWEF Awards
09:45AM – 10:15AMPlenary 11Learn To Live For YourselfMayte Prida
10:15AM – 11:00AMPlenary 12Senior Management Panel (CEO’S)
11:00AM – 11:15AMNetworking Break
11:15AM-12:00PMPlenary 13Influencers: Why Do We Follow Them?Artús Chavez
Parallel 1601Inclusive Labor SpacesAlejandra Diener
Adriana Gaitán
Carmelita Sánchez
Nicole Reich
Mauricio Reynoso
Parallel 1602A Young Politician VisionFernanda Bayardo
Jorge Triana
Parallel 1603ReinsertaSaskia Niño de Rivera
Parallel 1604Sharing Personal Stories Of Success & Making A DifferencePat Obuchowski
12:00PM-12:45PMPlenary 14You Are Your Own LimitPatricia Guerra
Parallel 1611Empowering Ourselves Thru Writing/ Women who Write: TEC de MTYInés Sáenz
Luz María Velázques
Lorena García
Parallel 1612Developing Attitude & Behaviors Of Success Jeannette Ceja
Stacy Estrada

Alicia Garro Herrera

Joanna Prieto
Gurpal Singh

Parallel 1613Sponsor Paola Longoria
Parallel 1614ITESM ( Reserved for Sponsors)
Parallel 1615A Guide To Living Life Unlimited Ana Eloisa Zuñiga Bonfante

12:45PM-01:30PMPlenary 15Social Movility: Diagnostics & Proposals For The Fight Against PovertyCarlos Coelho
Carole Tongue
Sevim Arbana
Milagros del Pilar Herrero
Carlos Herrero
Parallel 1621SponsorImanol Belausteguigoitia
Parallel 1622Joining Human StrengthsToni Torres
Parallel 1623Women In Politics Is Not A Political IssueBeatrÍz Santamaría
BeatrÍz Pagés
Gabriela Rodríguez
Elisa Alanís
Parallel 1624Women in the World of Science: Development & Deployment of Innovation Initiatives Marietta Rodriguez Canossa

01:30PM-02:15PMPlenary 16Main Risk Factors For Women’S HealthAlejandra Palafox
Rosy Ortiz
Parallel 1631Between Fiction And Reality, Love In Social Network Times And Its Impact On Women’S Health (ITESM )Carlos Mendiola
Yuriria Rodríguez
Katia Villafuerte
Parallel 1632When The Air Kill UsGustavo Alanís
Javier Alatorre
Parallel 1633Bronze SpiritsMariana Wenzel
Denise Meade
Itzel Bazúa
Jimena Vilchis
Parallel 1634ITESM (Reserved for Sponsors)
02:15PM-04:00PMSandwich PARTY
04:00PM-04:45PMPlenary 17Carlos Herrero
04:45PM-05:30PMPlenary 18Michelle Ferrari
05:30PM 06:15PMPlenary 19México: From The Navel Of The Moon
06:15PM-07:00PMPlenary 20Stand Up ComedySofía Niño de
Day-3, Thursday 17th October 2019
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
08:45AM-09:45AMPlenary 21Triumphing Without PretextsBenjamín Salinas
Carlos Herrero
09:45AM-10:15AMPlenary 22The WEF Awards
10:15AM-11:00AMPlenary 23Certainty: A Key Growth Factor ( Reserved For Sponsors)
11:15AM-12:00PMPlenary 24How To Add Value To Organizations Through Technology?Sibylle Rupprecht
Shar Moore
Siya Ma
Srinivas Koppolu
Vanessa Garza
Parallel 1701Why Yes To Mexico
Parallel 1702Social Inclusion, A Commitment For AllSandeep Singh
Antonio Domínguez
Fernando Landeros
Wendy Figueroa
Ma. Carmen Bernal
Parallel 1703Founder Comittee
Parallel 1704Future Women Talents: Pushing the Boundaries of Creative Expression
12:00PM-12:45PMPlenary 25Gender Equality & Women’S Empowerment In CultureJeannette Ceja
Lina Suescún Espinal
Ada Carmina Morales Lebrija
Carolina Duran

Juan Carlos Martinez Chuecas

Parallel 1711Equity For Equality Or Equality For Equity?Gloria Álvarez
Alma Álvarez
Parallel 1712Carlo Ledezma Usana
Parallel 1713Debate RRHH ( Reserved for Sponsors)
Parallel 1714ITESM (Reserved for Sponsors)
12:45PM-01:30PMPlenary 26Opening Borders: Does The World Migratory Pact Leads To Order Or ChaosMarty B Handlon
Lisa M Gillmor
Daniel Dalton
Alberto Uribe
Margarita Guillé
Parallel 1721Conference 53 (SPONSOR)
Parallel 1722Sponsor
Parallel 1723Inclusion Committee
Parallel 1724Women’s Leadership in the Workplace: Expanding Influence & Leading ChangeCarolina Duran
1:30PM-2:15PMPlenary 27The Empowerment of The Citizen Through Digital MediaLuis Antonio García
Julio Patán
Parallel 1731Overcoming StereotypesAnne Wakefield
Parallel 1732Female Leadership: The Ability Of Women To Move WillsCarlos Herrero
Parallel 1733She + HeCarlos Herrero
Parallel 1734ITESM ( Reserved for Sponsors)
04:00PM-04:45PMPlenary 28WEF Awards
04:45PM-05:30PMPlenary 29Keynote: A Leader Between Two WorldsRosario Marín
Michelle Ferrari
Carlos Herrero
05:30PM-06:15PMPlenary 30Closing Remarks & Announcement of WEF 2020Michelle Ferrari
Carlos Herrero