WEF-Latin America, 2019 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session of one hour will have 8 – 10 speakers/awardees who will speak for 5-6 minutes each. Awards will be conferred at the close of the plenary session.
* Parallel Sessions: Each session of one hour will have 4 co-speakers on a panel. Who will speak 10-12 minutes each. Balance time will be for interaction remarks and Q&A.
* Role of Moderator: The speakers in each parallel session are advised to select from amongst themselves a moderator who will strictly enforce the time allotted for each speaker.
All speakers in a session will also be connected to each other via email in advance so they can coordinate their discussions, ahead of the forum. If a moderator is not selected by the speakers, then a member of the WEF 19 organising committee allotted to that session will handle that part. (The session topics & timing are subject to change)
* (*) accepted tentatively

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist  Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Women Economic Forum – Latin America 2019 “Gender Equality:Towards Achieving Sustainable Economy”

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DAY 1, Thursday 1st August, 2019
TimeHall NameTopicSpeakers
08:45AMRegistrationWelcome to ColombiaH.E Dr. Martha Lucia Ramirez
Auto Inaugural ! Opening ActOpening Remarks WEF Latam Dr. Harbeen Arora
Nadia Sanchez Gomez
09:30PM-11:10PMHorizon 2030 for Women in Latin America
Grand Salon BolivarHorizon 2030: Leading Voices in Development

Gabriela Ramos
Refael de la Cruz

Grand Salon BolivarVisible Women & Girls: Data For Development Philipp Schönrock
Andrea Pradilla
Grand Salon BolivarTheir Voices in the Equality Journey Hugo Ñopo
Ivan Rodriguez
Rafael Carbonell
11:10AM – 12:30PMReimagining a more Inclusive Society
Grand Salon BolivarBuilding an Inclusive World since Childhood Margarita Barraquer
Velia Vidal
Ana Veneroso
Andres Gutierrez
Grand Salon BolivarLife stories: She is Foundation Alba Orozco
Nancy Ponce
Grand Salon BolivarTechnology: An Accelerator for Financial inclusionModera: Philipp Schonrock
Kiki del Valle
02:00PM-04:10PMAppreciating our Diversity and Telent
Grand Salon BolivarThe Search for EqualityGabriela Ramos
Grand Salon PlenaryAre we Facing a New Fashion Paradigm? Cecilia Murillo
Leonora Jiménez
Belky Arizala

Grand Salon BolivarFor me, for you, both of us Paola Rueda lopez
Pilar Cardona
Valeria Ponce de Leon
Natalia Ponce de Leon
Ricardo Hinojosa
Grand Salon BolivarApprenticeship: a Highway to Equality Hernán Porras Díaz
Modera: Karen Carvajalino
Maria Clara Rangel
Natalie Puentes Montoya

Hernando Jose Salazar

Grand Salon BolivarWomen in Calture Promotion: Creative Leadership Modera: Laura Escobar
Marie Teresa Calderon
Marianna Piotrowsky
Grand Salon BolivarBreaking Paradigms & Stereotypes in SportsVanessa Cordoba
Grand Salon BolivarEmpowerment for EntrepreneurshipLigia Gil
Grand Salon BolivarLearning of Migration for a Transgender WomenOphelia Pastrana Ardila
Welcome Cocktail
08:00PMGrand Salon BolivarInclusive Fashion Show Raymundo Angulo
Maria Guerrero
11:00AM-12:30PMReimagining a Society Without Stereotypes
Salon GuacamayoBreaking Stereotypes: Personal Brand BuildingCatalina Cajias
Salon GuacamayoThe Power of Happiness & Self -CareSatie Narain-Simon
Salon GuacamayoOn The Road to Success.. Embrace Failure!Johanna Alejandra Mora
Salon GuacamayoThe Power to love YouSamir Namen
Salon Guacamayo# Equal Pay Challenges & Solutions Towards Equal Pay Cintia Gonzalez Oviedo
Lorena Slebi Asela
02:15PM–04:30PMReimagining a More Innovative Society
Salon GuacamayoStroies of the Future: New Challenges for Entrepreneurs Jorge Lawson
Salon GuacamayoSustainable Women SEE Women
Salon GuacamayoWomen and Energy Marta Alonso Pelegrin
Astrid Alvares Hernandez
Salon GuacamayoWomen in STEMYas Garcia
Adriana Cortes
Salon GuacamayoCoaching & leadership Juan Carlos Chuecas
Claudia Gneco
Yvonne Naranjo
04:50PM–06:30PMSocial Network for Sustainability
Salon GuacamayoEconomic Inclusion for Persons with DisabilitiesLorena Julio
Salon GuacamayoWorkshop: Gender & Climate Change Maria Alejandra Tellez
Johanna Cifuents Gomez
Salon GuacamayoWater: the Environmental Challenge Towards Sustainability Isis Duran
Andrea Yanez
Mariana Pabon
Salon GuacamayoSustainable Entrepreneurship Towards Climate ChangeCarolina Maruri
Salon GuacamayoBig Data- Data ScienceSonia Alexandra Torres
02:30PM-04:30PMPeace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Salon Bolivar 2Good Political Practices Towards the Reduction of Violence Against Women Ana Carolina Quijano
Maria Isabel Covaleda
Valeria Molina Gomez
Salon Bolivar 2The Political Participation of Women a Sustainable Challenge Priscila Solano
Maria Sol Corral Zambrano
Ahlem Arfaoui
Salon Bolivar 2Political Communication Challenges and Challenges Fanny Ramirez Esquivel
Maricela Gastelu
Salon Bolivar 2Compliance Form Equity Lina Anllo
Tatiana Rojas Hernandez
Tatiana Garces
Salon Bolivar 2Business EthicsItzel Orozco
Salon Bolivar 2Women influencing without Prejudice: An Inspiring LeadershipClaudia Varela
04:50PM–06:30PMA Digital Economy Free of Gender Gaps & Biases
Salon Bolivar 2A Digital Economy Free of Gender Gaps & BiasesLaura Sacristan
Salon Bolivar 2Analysis of Data in the Agro: Challenges and Opportunidades with Gender ApproachAlejandro Rodriguez Cuellar
Salon Bolivar 2Ethical Principles for the Development of the Artificial IntelligenceCindy Polin
Salon Bolivar 2Blockchain for Social ImpactMary Reina

Day-2, Friday 2nd August, 2019
TimeHall NameTopicSpeakers
08:00AM-10:20AMWorkplace: A key Setting For Gender Equality
Grand Salon BolivarCEOs’ Perspectives About Gender Equality Marcela Carrasco
Ricardo Hinojose
Cynthia Catlett
Gerente General
Grand Salon BolivarWomen on Corporate Boards Claudia Varela
Maria Eugenia Rey
Maria Zulema Velez

Grand Salon BolivarA Journey Towards Equality: Experiences from the Private Sector Andrea Pradilla
Mia Perdomo
Monica Contreras
Fernando Jaramillo
Cecilia Garau
Grand Salon BolivarClosing Gender Gaps in Traditionally Masculine Roles Carolina Herrera
Maria Victoria Riano
Sylvia Escovar
Lina Echeverri
Maria Eugenia Cueva

10:20AM-12:30PMFree Gender Gap Digital Growth
Grand Salon BolivarDigital Economy: A Source of Growth and Development For Everyone Ana Veneroso
Angel Melguizo
Pedro Fernandez
Paula Vargas
Grand Salon BolivarCreative & Cultural IndustriesIgnacio Gaitan
Grand Salon BolivarWomen Leading Digital Transformation Carolina Angarita’
Paola Restrepo
Viviana Zocco
Monica Gomez
Grand Salon BolivarEthins in Artificial IntelligenceLucija Millonig
Grand Salon BolivarClosing the Gender Gap in Digital Talent Development Johanna Harker
Jaonna Prieto
Vanessa Barbery
Mauricio Toro
02:00PM-03:30PMEducation for Innovation & Equality
Grand Salon BolivarIndia: Innovative Education Model For Indigenous Territory DevelopmentEdilma Prada
Rodrigo Paris
Florentina Choco
Grand Salon BolivarWomen in Science & EngineeringLucia Gomez
Margarita Garcia
Victor Hugo Malagon
William T. Harris
Grand Salon BolivarAfrolatinx Leadership PromotersGem McCreary
Maycon Clinton
Grand Salon BolivarLife Stroies: Family, Lardership and businessClaudia Mirza
03:30PM-06:30PMLeadership for Sustainability
Grand Salon BolivarLeading By Example: Ethics & Transparencia Maria Cristina Arrastia Al
Paredon con Jorge Hernan Pelaez
Grand Salon BolivarWomen Entrepreneurship & It’s Impact on the Latin American Economy Camealia Ilie
Grand Salon BolivarEnhancing Women Enterpreneurship Ignacio Gaitan
Margarita Correa
Catalina Ortiz
Delia Raquel Flores
Nathalie Cely
Grand Salon BolivarInclusive & Sustainable Banking Jaime A. Bonet-Moron
Margarita Correa
Aimee Sentmat de Grimaldo
Carolina Espana
Darys Estrella
Grand Salon BolivarSocial Entrepreneurship Andres Santamaria
Johana Bahamon
Norma Perez
Mujer Emprendedora
Grand Salon BolivarUnleashing The Power of Cultural Intelligence Through AlLiliana Gil Valletta
6:30PMWomen Economic Forum Awards Ceremony
09:00AM–11:00AM2030 for Women in Latin America
Salon GuacamayoVision of the SDGs in Latin America: Current and Future Panorama Monica Rodriguez
Maria Paula Ardila
Salon GuacamayoSports Development As personal GrowthMonica Trujillo
Salon GuacamayoProject That Bet on The Elimination of Poverty for Women Andrea Henao
Daniela Konietzko Calero
Alexander Duran
Salon GuacamayoWorkshop: Self-Knowledge As An Empowerment ToolSandra Dionisio
Salon GuacamayoWomen Enterpreneurs in the 21st centuryAngelia Le
Faye Coleman
Natalie C.MacDonald
Silvia Susana Chus
11:20PM-12:35PMBreaking Stereotypes
Salon GuacamayoMyths of Menstruation: Enterpreneurship That Transforms LivesLaura Restrepo
Salon GuacamayoSexual & Reproductive RightsNatalia Espitia
Ninas Sin Miedo
Salon GuacamayoHuman Right And Gender Catalina Martinez Coral
Salon GuacamayoProtagonism of the Enterprising Women in Latin AmericaAlexandro Barvo
02:00PM–04:30PMRecognition Our Diversity
Salon GuacamayoWorkshop: Impulse with FacebookZhaira Franco
Diana Rodriguez
Salon GuacamayoWomen in Conservation & Women in nature Claudia Vazquez Marazzani
Salon GuacamayoWorkshop: “Designing Life” with Purpose and DiversityVerónica Alvarado
Salon GuacamayoFeminism on the 21st Century Maria Gonzalez Malabet
Pamela Pita
Salon GuacamayoFashion, Dance & CultureMaria Priscila Marazzo
Salon GuacamayoEmpowering Girls A Chanllenge in Universal Education: Bilingualism

Katalina Beltran
Julie Piraquive

04:30PM-04:50PMTarnsformations With Social Impact
Salon GuacamayoPolitical Transformation: Being Mayor in Latin AmaricaFederacion Colombiana de Municipios
Salon GuacamayoDigital Media Content with Social Impact
Salon GuacamayoLeading The financial System with Social ImpactAlejadra Galarza
Paola Bulgarelli
Salon Guacamayoovernance And polictical Participation with a gender ApproachViviana Arias Jimenez
09:00AM–11:00AMVision 2030 for Women in Latin America
Salon Bolivar 2Innovation And Sustainable Enterpreneurship Francisco Matiz
Tito Fabioan Ortega
Maria Rios
Lina Maria Arbelaez
Salon Bolivar 2Digtal Economy Towards Female EnterpreneurshipMaria Rios
Lina Maria Arbelaez
Alejadra Villota
Salon Bolivar 2Vision of Business Foundation in Inclusive DevelopmentNatalia Guerra
Veronica Portugal Chaves
Salon Bolivar 2Trust4Americas: Combining Skills Development, Technology, Innovaton, And Finance to close Gender Gaps At The Base of the Pyramid in LACMicrosoft Martha Herrera
Melissa Pino
Linda Eddleman
11:20PM–12:30PMInclusive And Diverse Rural Economic Development
Salon Bolivar 2Re-Imagining the Role of Women in Agriculture For the Worldjuana Botero
Claudia De Pilar Rodriguez
Salon Bolivar 2Indigenous and Afro women and their Understanding of the UniverseNorimar de la Boquilla
jenny de la Torre Cordoba
Salon Bolivar 2Economic Empowerment of Rural Women: Productive EnterpreneurshipSilvia Susana Chus
Luz maría González
Salon Bolivar 2Case Study: Sustainable Entrepreneurship For the RESVAL developmentDaniana Casallas Bernal
02:00PM–03:30PMDiverse Women
Salon Bolivar 2Diversity and Inclusion With a Gender PrespectiveMaria Isabel Botero
Salon Bolivar 2Women’s Empowerment PrinciplesLiz Quispe Santos
Cielo Adriana Lopez
Angela Maria Panqueva
Salon Bolivar 2Empowering MotherhoodLiliana Gutierrez
Patricia Castaneda
Salon Bolivar 2Cultural DiversityBeatriz Calvo Garro
03:30PM-04:30PMImproving Lives With Digital Opening
Salon Bolivar 2Visibilization of Women in the Media Towards Digital OpeningMaria Claudia Landono
Gala Mallol
Salon Bolivar 2Openness and Digital Transformation Towards Corporate Social ImpactIvan Orduz
Salon Bolivar 2Innovation and Communication Towards a Digital Opening With ImpactNorelie Garcia Yesika Padilla Yanez
04:50PM–07:00PMEmpowerment and Personal Growth
Salon Bolivar 2Conscious Nutrition: Empowering WomenMarcela Barajas
Tata Gneco
Salon Bolivar 2Empowerment & MindfulnessMarietta Rodriguez
Viviana Chacon
Salon Bolivar 2Access to Education in Valnerable CommunitiesHermanas Carvajalino
Salon Bolivar 2Leadership in International DiplomacyGabriela Quezada
Salon Bolivar 2“Thinking Outside The Box”Carla Olivieri
DAY 3, Saturday 3rd August, 2019
TimeHall NameTopicSpeakers
8:00AM – 10:20AMWomen, Citizenship And Public Services
Grand Salon BolivarWomen in Politics and Public AdministartionRosalía Arteaga
Yokasta Guzman
María Sol Corral Zambrano
Grand Salon BolivarYouth Leading Social & Political ChangeModera: Juan David Aristizable
Valerie Lorena
Maria Alejandra Menaldo
Sankalp Mohan Sharma
Grand Salon BolivarHuman Rights, Activism & Leading for PeaceNadia Sanchez Gomez
Leonardo Reales
Andres Felipe Stapper
Grand Salon BolivarA look to the Military Life From the eyes of the womenVictor Hugo Malagon
Pamela Vilela
Grand Salon BolivarA Voice Within the high level Panel for Migration Danisa E. Baloyi
Grand Salon BolivarGender & Migration across Borders Valerie Dourdin
10:00AM-12:30PMCollective Action For Transformation
Grand Salon BolivarInternational Cooperation and Commerce for DevelopmentOlinda Salguero
Sandra Morales de Duja
Marisa Bircher
Laura Valdivieso
Grand Salon Bolivar The Trust Factor in women: Social Tags Angela Zuluaga
Fabian Jalife
Grand Salon PlenaryConnected for Climate Christina Jaeger
Dib Hadra
Jamie Margolin

02:30PM-04:40PMNew Referents Of Success
Grand Salon BolivarLife RebornNatalia Ponce de Leon
Grand Salon BolivarStories on Women EmpowermentClaudia Palacios
Grand Salon BolivarA More inclusive Society though Journalism and Communication Claudia Palacios
Marie Lopez
Edilma Prada
Tatiana Cardoba
Grand Salon BolivarSuccessful Women
Grand Salon BolivarLife Stories: She is FoundationMelina Chacon
Grand Salon BolivarGender Focused Investment Learning Juan Andres Cano
Carmen Correa
Monica Duran
Gema Sacristan
Mabel Gonzalez
Grand Salon BolivarCommitment to Gender Equality Nadia Sanchez
Mauricio Lopez
Patricia Fernandez Pacheco
Nadia Sanchez
Closing Act WEF Latam
04:40PM-05:30PMGrand Salon BolivarWomen: Peace builders Rigoberta Menchu
Harbeen Arora

05:30PM- 7:00PMGrand Salon BolivarConcert Toto La Momposina
09:00AM–11:00AMPersonal Growth Tools
Salon GuacamayoWomen in logisticsLiliana De la Roche Gracia
Salon GuacamayoChange you, Change your World” Holistic Transformation and Inner Peace Angi Lorini
Stephanie Bianchi
Julian Facundo Rinaudo
Anayanci Vargas
Salon GuacamayoLeading Business Wheels Lina Anllo
Viviana Zocco
Grand Salon PlenaryTED Talk Public Procurement: An Indispensable Tool For Women’s Economic Development Yokasta Guzma

Salon GuacamayoWomen’s Economic Empowerment: “Enterpreneurial Women Peru” Magaly Torres

Salon GuacamayoPartnerships For Women’s Economic Development Maria Fernanda Perez

Peacebuilding And Equality
11:20AM–12:30PMSalon Bolivar 2How we Define Success on the Road To EqualityNatalie C. MacDonald
Salon Bolivar 2Traffic of women in the XXL CenturyDenise Mudigere
Salon Bolivar 2Historical Memory And Human Rights For the Construction of peaceJuana Ruiz Hernandez
Salon Bolivar 2The Power of happiness in Mental HealthAngelica Mesa
02:15PM–03:15PMSustainable Development and Trend
Salon Bolivar 2 Public Health Towards Sustainable Development Adriana Martinez Duque
Salon Bolivar 2Disruptive and Sustainable VenturesAndrea Patricia Vega
Salon Bolivar 2Women MillennialsOliva Barros
Salon Bolivar 2 Women PerennialsAna Eloisa Zuniga
Salon Bolivar 2Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals Tatiana Vuelvas
Isabel Adriana Garcia
Ana Karina Garcia
09:00AM–11:00AMThe Great Skills of the 21st Century
Salon Bolivar 2Emotional Intelligence: The Great Competition of the XXI Century Pilar Rattan
Salon Bolivar 2Responsible Marketing with a Gender approach Ana Maria Pesantes
Salon Bolivar 2Tools for Personal Growth “Magic if it Existe” Carolina Angarita
Salon Bolivar 2Influencing ResponsiblyGeraldine Pomato
Salon Bolivar 2The Glass Roof BreaksPaola Rueda Lopez
Salon GuacamayoWorkshop: Monetizing through Facebook
11:20AM–12:30PMSustainable and Ethical Business
Salon Bolivar 2Workshop Ventures: Speed Thinking, Explor the Design of innovative Solution for your Business and your Day to DayJoes Velasco
Salon Bolivar 2Sustainable Ventures and New MasculnitiesMauricio Cardenas
Salon Bolivar 2Their Roles Towards Equity Mia Perdomo
Salon Bolivar 2Sustainable and Ethical BusinessEsenttia
02:00PM-03:15PMPartnerships For Development
Salon Bolivar 2Building High Performance Diverse TeamsSonia Castellanos
Salon Bolivar 2Women leaders of Sustainability: The Role of Education For ChangeDaino Marcela Puerta Lopez
Salon Bolivar 2Workshop Trust for the Americas: Life Skills Developmen and Working to close circles of Violence Prevention: Based on the Experience of Proyecto VIVE.(Trust 4 Americas)Maria Fernanda Sirrea
Salon Bolivar 2The Power of Public-Private PartnershipsJuan Pablo Ayala
Salon Bolivar 2Gender Equality in Digital AccessGSM- EQUALS