WEF-Caribbean, 2020 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session has around 5-6 speakers who individually deliver their acceptance remarks and inspiring life message for about 4-5 minutes in the order of speaking as mentioned in the program.
* Awards will be conferred to awardees at WEF Black & White Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony on Tuesday 5th May from 05:15 pm – 06:00 pm on.
* Parallel Sessions: Each session of 60 Minutes will have maximum of 4 co-lead speakers on a panel, who will speak for 10-12 minutes each.
* Moderators: For parallel sessions, it is recommended that speakers select from amongst themselves a moderator in advance who will strictly enforce the time allotted. All speakers in a session will be connected via email beforehand to coordinate their discussions.
* Vibe and Flow: We encourage speaking and sharing from the heart in storytelling format (instead of powerpoints). Overall, the vibe of the conference is interactive with open hearted sharing favouring connection and community spirit.
* Timings: Timings of the sessions are subject to change. Sessions may be merged or de-merged depending on schedule flow. While we do our best to adjust and accommodate, the decision of the organisers is final.
* Language: The conference is in English. If any support is required with translation in your talk, do let us know in advance so we can connect you to another participant with a request for volunteer help.
* Social Media: You can publicise your participation and request a social media banner template from our team.
* Press Release: A general press release is also available closer to the dates.
* Dress Code: We love to celebrate all cultures in creativity, diversity, and sisterhood. So we welcome you to dress up for comfort and confidence. Do also apprise yourself of local culture and customs.
* All the Videos and Pictures of the conference will be uploaded on the website after the event.

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist 
 Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Gender Equality: Promoting Women’s rights & an Equal Future.

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Day-1, Plenary Sessions 9th July, Thursday

TimeSession No.Hall NameTopicSpeakers
08:30AM -08:45AMPlenary-A(1)Main roomActo Inaugural – Opening act
Plenary-A (2)Main roomWelcome to Puerto Rico
08:45AM -09:00AMPlenary-BMain roomOpening remarks WEF Caribbean Dr. Harbeen Arora
Johanna Salgado
09:00AM -09:30AMPlenary-CMain roomImpact 2030: Women in Latin America and the Caribbean Wanda Vazquez
Linda Cruz-Carnall
María F. Espinosa
Yanire Braña
Johanna Salgado
09:30AM -10:10AMPlenary-DMain roomData on the Empowerment of Women From the Present to the Future Wanda Vazquez
Ana Cárdenas
Nerma Albertorio

10:10AM -10:40AMPlenary-EMain roomWomen Leading the Transformation of the Region Naniki Reyes Ocasio
Jennifer Isaacs Dotson
10:40AM -11:10AMPlenary-FMain roomWomen Accelerating Change From the Private Sector María Rivera
Francisco Montalvo
Michele Thompson
11:10AM -11:40AMPlenary-GMain roomChanging roles: The role of women in the wor ld economy and international development Melisa Gorondy Novak
Angelica Sosa
Nadia Ramos
Lídice Larrea
11:40AM -12:00AMPlenary-HMain roomWomen’s Leadership: The Key to Business Survival and Competitiveness Pablo Collazo
Lcda. Alexandra Fernandez
Denisse Rodríguez
12:00PM – 12:30PMLunch
12:30PM – 02:00PMPlenary-IMain roomDesigning Life: Diverse woman – Intersectional woman Karen Mendizabal
Adriana Reyes
Brigette Larrusso
Eva Cruz Peña
Lilly García
02:00PM – 02:25PMPlenary-JMain roomIndia -Nigeria -Paraguay- Puerto Rico: Education for employment – Preparing talent for the challenges of the future. Brigette Larrusso
Eva Cruz Peña
Lilly García
02:25PM – 03:00PMPlenary-KMain roomYoung women who make an impact on the Society. Pamela Barbara
Yanibel Cepin
Carlos De los Santos
Cynthia Carrillo
Karen de Freitas Fraser
03:00PM – 03:40PMPlenary-LMain roomInstitutions that support women entrepreneurs Mireya Zepeda
Oral Shaw
Cordell Williams
03:40PM – 04:20PMPlenary-MMain roomHow Arts and Culture could move forward a society more inclusive Tamaris Cañals
Dyanis de Jesús
Lorel Cubano Santiago
04:20PM – 05:15PMPlenary-NMain roomFashion and Sport: Generator of growth and wealth Yesenea Mendoza
Thebyam Carrion
Leah Armstrong
Samanta Cabrera
05:15PM – 06:00PMWomen Economic Forum Awards Ceremony
06:00PM – 08:00PMInclusive Fashion Show
Day-2, Plenary Sessions, 10th July 2020, Friday

TimeSession No.Hall NameTopicSpeakers
07:30AM – 8:00AMRegistration
08:00AM – 8:30AMPlenary-AMain roomMen as Builders of Gender Equity Christian Alanis
José Lam
Carlos Dotor Cacho
Edison Summer
08:30AM – 8:50AMPlenary-BMain roomStartups in Latin America and the Fear of Failure Ekaterina Matveeva
Paula Álvarez
Alejandra Torres
Cam Houser
08:50AM – 09:20AMPlenary-CMain roomKeys to Scale Successful Companies Through Digital Marketing Liz Mabe
George Torres
Thauana Moura
Eduardo Carvalho
09:20AM – 10:00AMPlenary-DMain roomEducation of Women Leads to Community Development Jodie Padilla
Nicole Griensewic
Aracelys Román
María Santiago
Sharon G. Mijares
10:00AM – 10:30AMPlenary-EMain roomFinance for Entrepreneurs Valda Henry
Monika Tapia
Lucia Peraza
Melanie Williams

10:30AM – 11:10AMPlenary-FMain roomGlobal Challenges of Female Entrepreneurship Angelique Sina
Keshelle Davis
Valeria Brandt
Ethnie Miller
Johann Alexis
11:10AM- 11:50AMPlenary-GMain roomInspiring Women in the Digital Era Víctor Rivera
Lucy Crespo
Juliana Carmona

11:50AM- 12:30AMPlenary-HMain roomIoT & Smart Cities Opportunities and Challenges of BlockChain in Business Generation Valérie Gauthier
Genevieve Leveille

12:30PM – 01:00PMLunch
1:00PM – 02:30PMPlenary-IMain roomWomen in NASA – Aerospace Areas Luis Ramos
Alessandra Pacinispace
2:30PM – 03:10PMPlenary-JMain roomScientific Women: Your work and work in society Carmen Zorrilla
Mayda Velasco
Yovana Pacheco Nieva
Charah T. Watson
3:10PM: 03:30PMPlenary-KMain roomThe Power of Media and Data that Impact the Region Maria Eugenia
Meejie Chaparro
Estibalíz Líppez, Actress
Ludy Caidedo
3:30PM – 03:50PMPlenary-LMain roomSuccessful Women Yanire Braña
Wesley Cullen
Sofia Stolberg

3:50PM: 04:10PMPlenary-MMain roomWomen towards sustainability: experiences of impact, innovation and inspiration in the world. Nawal al-Hosany
Aurielee Díaz Conde
Perla Cubero Santiago
Marilyn Rosa Tirado
Yamileth Astorga
4:10PM – 04:40PMPlenary-NMain roomGlobal Impact: Alliances that Transform Women’s Empowerment Juanita Franscis
Melissa Gorondy Novak
Harbeen Arora
Yanire Braña
Johanna Salgado
4:40PM – 05:30PMPlenary-OMain roomWomen: Peace Builders & Sustainability Harbeen Arora
María F. Espinosa
Nawal al-Hosany
Linda Cruz-Carnall
Johanna Salgado