WEF-Annual, 2020 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
* Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session has around 7-8 speakers who individually deliver their acceptance remarks and inspiring life message for about 4-5 minutes in the order of speaking as mentioned in the program.
* Parallel Sessions: Each session of 45 Minutes will have maximum of 4 co-lead speakers on a panel, who will speak for 10-12 minutes each.
* Moderators: For parallel sessions, it is recommended that speakers select from amongst themselves a moderator in advance who will strictly enforce the time allotted. All speakers in a session will be connected via email beforehand to coordinate their discussions.
* Vibe and Flow: We encourage speaking and sharing from the heart in storytelling format (instead of powerpoints). Overall, the vibe of the conference is interactive with open hearted sharing favouring connection and community spirit.
* Timings: Timings of the sessions are subject to change. Sessions may be merged or de-merged depending on schedule flow. While we do our best to adjust and accommodate, the decision of the organisers is final.
* Language: The conference is in English. If any support is required with translation in your talk, do let us know in advance so we can connect you to another participant with a request for volunteer help.
* Social Media: You can publicise your participation and request a social media banner template from our team.
* Press Release: A general press release is also available closer to the dates.
* Dress Code: We love to celebrate all cultures in creativity, diversity, and sisterhood. So we welcome you to dress up for comfort and confidence. Do also apprise yourself of local culture and customs.
* All the Videos and Pictures of the conference will be uploaded on the website after the event.

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist  Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: The Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo

Culture and Creativity: Creating pathways to Peace and Prosperity

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Day-1, Wednesday 4th March 2020
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
Plenary 4A9:00 AM-9:45 AMInaugural Theme Address : “Culture and Creativity: Creating pathways to Peace and Prosperity”
Plenary 4B9:45 AM-10:30 AMEgypt: the Cradle of Civilisation, the Champion of Culture
Parallel 4029:45 AM-10:30 AMSelf-Care in Relationships
Parallel 4039:45 AM-10:30 AMWomen: Uplifting & Uniting The World through Entrepreneurship
Parallel 4049:45 AM-10:30 AMDiversity – Women on the Board of Companies
Parallel 4059:45 AM-10:30 AMImpact of Self-Help-Group on women empowerment
Plenary 4C10:30 AM-11:15 AMEgypt: Confluence of Faiths – Uniting the World with Creativity
Parallel 41110:30 AM-11:15 AMWomen do not have ALL that it takes to be on the top
Parallel 41210:30 AM-11:15 AMThe extraordinary in every woman
Parallel 41310:30 AM-11:15 AMGiving voice to the voiceless: for a more equitable world
Parallel 41410:30 AM-11:15 AMWomen emerging as the new leadership : its impact on politics, culture and business
Plenary 4D11:15 AM-12:00 NoonEgypt: Leading the New World Order of Peace & Prosperity for All
Parallel 42111:15 AM-12:00 NoonSocial Entrepreneurship – A New Dimension to Art and Creativity
Parallel 42211:15 AM-12:00 NoonLeadership, vision, planning and culture building within the movement
Parallel 42311:15 AM-12:00 NoonWomen entrepreneurs: Jumping ahead and launching your company
Parallel 42411:15 AM-12:00 NoonThe Art of Storytelling
Parallel 42511:15 AM-12:00 NoonBridging the Gap Between Communications & Connections
Plenary 4E12:00 Noon-12:45 PMNew ideas, New approaches, New projects, New Egypt
Parallel 43112:00 Noon-12:45 PMWhat does “culture” mean to you?
Parallel 43212:00 Noon-12:45 PMThe Strength of Our Souls: Celebrating Sisterhood
Parallel 43312:00 Noon-12:45 PMArts as Means of Development
Parallel 43412:00 Noon-12:45 PMHow Arts and Culture could move forward a society more inclusive ?
Parallel 43512:00 Noon-12:45 PMCreating a Sustainable Paradigm of New Thought Leadership
Plenary 4F12:45 PM-01:30 PMEgypt: Perspectives on Immigration & Integration
Parallel 44112:45 PM-01:30 PMWhy is it important to learn and love the cultures and faiths of each other?
Parallel 44212:45 PM-01:30 PMHow to Create a Culture of Learning
Parallel 44312:45 PM-01:30 PMHow we can use art for social inclusion and improve culture worldwide ?
Parallel 44412:45 PM-01:30 PMEntrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality
Parallel 44512:45 PM-01:30 PMHow small business can stimulate creativity and innovation for growth.
Plenary 4G01:30 PM-02:15 PMEgypt: Boosting Small Businesses for a Better World
Parallel 45101:30 PM-02:15 PMInnovation & Sustainable Development for Economic Progress and Wellbeing
Parallel 45201:30 PM-02:15 PMChallenge of leadership in Innovation, Creativity, cutting edge technologies and education.
Parallel 45301:30 PM-02:15 PMArt & Culture- Creating & Developing Emotional Intelligence & Thinking
Parallel 45401:30 PM-02:15 PMThe Workplace of the Future: How Space Shapes Culture, and People Shape Space
Parallel 45501:30 PM-02:15 PMDecisions, Decisions: Mastering the art of decision making in self-management
Plenary 4H02:15 PM-03:00 PMEgypt: Creating Economic Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid
Parallel 46102:15 PM-03:00 PMStart-up profiles – lessons from success stories
Parallel 46202:15 PM-03:00 PMGiving & Philanthropy: Women Exerting a Greater Cultural Influence
Parallel 46302:15 PM-03:00 PMEntrepreneurship Beyond Individuality
Parallel 46402:15 PM-03:00 PMEntrepreneurs – Improve your Creativity & Innovation
Parallel 46502:15 PM-03:00 PMWomen in Security : Toward Safer Communities
Plenary 4I03:00 PM-03:45 PMEgypt: Leadership for Middle Eastern Peace
Parallel 47103:00 PM-03:45 PMReclaiming  Creativity  with Compassion
Parallel 47203:00 PM-03:45 PMReimagining Communities with Leadership
Parallel 47303:00 PM-03:45 PMTake time to Nurture Relationships & Friendship
Parallel 47403:00 PM-03:45 PMThe Power of Kindness & Connection
Parallel 47503:00 PM-03:45 PMHeart working; breakthrough to elevate our growth in work, relationship and education
Plenary 4J03:45 PM-04:30 PMEgypt: Providing Education for All
Parallel 48103:45 PM-04:30 PMCo-education (Mixed gender education) – Pros & Cons
Parallel 48203:45 PM-04:30 PMTravelling: Helps in Generating Ideas and Experiential Learning
Parallel 48303:45 PM-04:30 PMKnowledge is the biggest asset you can accumulate
Parallel 48403:45 PM-04:30 PMGender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements
Parallel 48503:45 PM-04:30 PMInnovation Vs Invention: What is more important?
Plenary 4K04:30 PM-05:15 PMEgypt – Integrating Internationally with Commerce & Culture
Parallel 49104:30 PM-05:15 PMJournalism, advertising and Internet
Parallel 49204:30 PM-05:15 PMAre women better managers than men?
Parallel 49304:30 PM-05:15 PMSocial Media – Impact on human behavior and society
Parallel 49404:30 PM-05:15 PMRedefining Competition in a Hyper Connected World
Parallel 49504:30 PM-05:15 PMYouth Leadership for Community Change
Plenary 4L05:15 PM-06:00 PMClosing Session : Egypt’s Investment Strategy: The way forward
Culture and Creativity: Creating pathways to Peace and Prosperity
Day-2, Thursday 5th March 2020
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
Plenary 5A9:00 AM-9:45 AMEgypt: Speaking through the Creative Industries
Plenary 5B9:45 AM-10:30 AMEgypt: Modern Learnings from Alexandria and Antiquity
Parallel 5019:45 AM-10:30 AMMotherhood & Entrepreneurship: Walking the tight Rope
Parallel 5029:45 AM-10:30 AMThe Importance of a Hug & a Smile
Parallel 5039:45 AM-10:30 AMNurturing Growth Mindsets: Do’s & Don’ts
Parallel 5049:45 AM-10:30 AMA New Era of Citizen Social Responsibility
Parallel 5059:45 AM-10:30 AMLeveraging Personal Drive Factors for Business Growth
Plenary 5C10:30 AM-11:15 AMEgypt – North & South America: Opportunities for Cooperation
Parallel 51110:30 AM-11:15 AMTalking Control of your Health : Natural Lifestyles
Parallel 51210:30 AM-11:15 AMCreating a Collaborative Thinking Team
Parallel 51310:30 AM-11:15 AMThe Power of Words to Change Our World
Parallel 51410:30 AM-11:15 AMFood, Festivals, Films & Fashion: Bringing Cultures Together
Parallel 51510:30 AM-11:15 AMPhilanthropy with Purpose
Parallel 42311:15 AM-12:00 NoonWomen entrepreneurs: Jumping ahead and launching your company
Plenary 5D11:15 AM-12:00 NoonEgypt: Providing Leadership for Sustainable Development Goals
Parallel 52111:15 AM-12:00 NoonHeartful Networking: Transforming ‘Networking’
Parallel 52211:15 AM-12:00 NoonGrowth Opportunities in the Business of ‘Waste’
Parallel 52311:15 AM-12:00 NoonEducation of Women Leads to Community Development
Parallel 52411:15 AM-12:00 NoonFinding Peace & Empowerment through Mindfulness
Parallel 52511:15 AM-12:00 NoonBuilding your Brand Personality: It Starts with You
Plenary 5E12:00 Noon-12:45 PMEgypt: Energising Exchange between Asia and Africa
Parallel 53112:00 Noon-12:45 PMPitch Perfect – Following your Passion & Nailing a Perfect Pitch
Parallel 53212:00 Noon-12:45 PMThe Impact of Art And Creative Thinking on Human Cognition
Parallel 53312:00 Noon-12:45 PMRe-articulating #MeToo : Moving from Pain to Power
Parallel 53412:00 Noon-12:45 PMThe Leap of Faith: Grooming our Children Differently
Parallel 53512:00 Noon-12:45 PMThe Power of Storytelling: Rewriting our Fairy Tales & Fables
Plenary 5F12:45 PM-01:30 PMEgypt & Europe: Strengthening Partnerships for Sustainability
Parallel 54112:45 PM-01:30 PMHow To Put Together A Program That You Can Teach
Parallel 54212:45 PM-01:30 PMReimagining Communities with Collaboration
Parallel 54312:45 PM-01:30 PMWonder’ makes a Wonder Woman
Parallel 54412:45 PM-01:30 PMNatural Beauty & Self Care: Grooming Experience
Parallel 54512:45 PM-01:30 PMEnd to Gender based Violence
Plenary 5G01:30 PM-02:15 PMEgypt: Youth Leadership for Economy & Society
Parallel 55101:30 PM-02:15 PMUnlock Your Inner Confidence & Show Up as The Authentic You
Parallel 55201:30 PM-02:15 PMThe Importance of Physical and Mental Fitness
Parallel 55301:30 PM-02:15 PMHow to Create a brand for Startups
Parallel 55401:30 PM-02:15 PMPersonal Transformation for Leadership Excellence
Parallel 55501:30 PM-02:15 PMSkill building Activity- Lean In Goddesses
Plenary 5H02:15 PM-03:00 PMEgypt : Engaging Diversity in Law and Policy
Parallel 56102:15 PM-03:00 PMThe Strength of Our Souls: Living in our Truths
Parallel 56202:15 PM-03:00 PMAuthentically Me! Loving yourself
Parallel 56302:15 PM-03:00 PMHolistic & Purposeful Success in Business
Parallel 56402:15 PM-03:00 PMRethinking Education for Access & Equity
Parallel 56502:15 PM-03:00 PMThe Power of the Youth for a Sustainable Future
Plenary 5I03:00 PM-03:45 PMEgypt: Inclusive Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship
Parallel 57103:00 PM-03:45 PMUsing the Power of Social Media & Digital Strategies for Creating Positive Impact in the World
Parallel 57203:00 PM-03:45 PMChoose to be the Heroine in your story !
Parallel 57303:00 PM-03:45 PMValues Based, Rights Based, Entitlement based: Exploring Approaches Toward Progress
Parallel 57403:00 PM-03:45 PMDecision-Making Across Cultures : Role of Women
Parallel 57503:00 PM-03:45 PMWhen You are the Only Girl at the Table, Getting your Voice Heard
Plenary 5J03:45 PM-04:30 PMEgypt: Bringing Technology for Humanity
Parallel 58103:45 PM-04:30 PMCombining Creativity & Finance for the Successful Entrepreneur
Parallel 58203:45 PM-04:30 PMCreating Balance, the Holistic Way
Parallel 58303:45 PM-04:30 PMHow to be a Micropreneur
Parallel 58403:45 PM-04:30 PMPurpose of Entrepreneurship
Parallel 58503:45 PM-04:30 PMBusinesses Online : No Longer an option
Plenary 5K04:30 PM-05:15 PMEgypt – India: Two Ancient Civilisations Reshaping Modern Times with Values & Wisdom
Parallel 59104:30 PM-05:15 PMThe Power of Storytelling in Leadership
Parallel 59204:30 PM-05:15 PMAn Entrepreneurial Mindset & The Intangibles
Parallel 59304:30 PM-05:15 PMReimagining Diversity & Culture
Parallel 59404:30 PM-05:15 PMMaking the Law of Attraction work for You
Parallel 59504:30 PM-05:15 PMEntrepreneurship as a Path to fulfillment
Plenary 5L05:15 PM-06:00 PMValedictory Session  “Women in Leadership Roles-the Harbingers of Change