WEF-Annual, 2020 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
*Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session is reserved for the VIPs , Ministers and Sponsors
*Parallel Sessions: Each session has around 4-5 speakers who individually deliver their acceptance remarks and inspiring life message for about 5-6 minutes in the order of speaking as mentioned in the program.
* Vibe and Flow: We encourage speaking and sharing from the heart in storytelling format (instead of powerpoints). Overall, the vibe of the conference is interactive with open hearted sharing favouring connection and community spirit.
* Timings: Timings of the sessions are subject to change. Sessions may be merged or de-merged depending on schedule flow. While we do our best to adjust and accommodate, the decision of the organisers is final.
* Language: WEF conferences worldwide are largely in English. However local speakers may present in their respective languages, in which case translation to English is mostly available.
* Press Release: A general press release is also available closer to the dates.
* Dress Code: We love to celebrate all cultures in creativity, diversity, and sisterhood. So we welcome you to dress up for comfort and confidence. Do also apprise yourself of local culture and customs.
* All the Videos and Pictures of the conference will be uploaded on the website after the event.

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist  Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: The Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo

Annual WEF-2020 “Culture & Creativity: Creating Pathways to Prosperity”

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DAY-1 Wednesday 4th March 2020
Hall NameTimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
Al-Qahira Ballroom Section B9:30 – 10:00Plenary 4AWelcome Address : “Culture And Creativity: Creating Pathways To Prosperity” •Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF)
•Dr. Maya Morsy, President, The National Council for Women in Egypt
•Neamat Khalil­­, Chairwoman, The Worx for Events
•Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin­­
10:00 -10:15Break
10:15 -10:35Plenary 4CEgypt: The Cradle of Civilisation, the Champion of Culture – Importance of Mental Health, Education & Environment •Neerja Birla, Founder & Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Trust

10:35 -10:55Plenary 4DEgypt: Leading the New World Order of Peace & Prosperity for All

•Zeinab M Abdalla, Telecommunication Engineer, Philanthropist, Founder and President

10:55 -11:15Plenary 4ENew Ideas, New approaches, New projects: New Egypt •Dalia Abdel Kader, Head of Sustainabile, Federation of Egyptian Banks
•Randa Fouad, Artist/Development Communication Expert
•Shahinaz Ahmed, AMIDEAST Egypt Country Director
•Dr. Bina Modi, Chairperson – Modi Enterprises President & Managing Director – Godfrey Phillips India Limited
•Hoda Mansour, Managing Director, SAP Egypt
11:15 -11:30Break

11:30 -12:00Plenary 4FEgypt’s Investment Strategy: The Way Forward •Ravinder Pal Singh, CIO, Vistara
•Elizabeth Chalas Berman, President and CEO at Continental Food and Beverage, Inca Kola
•Mike Whitfield, Chairman & Managing Director for Nissan Motor Egypt, Chairman of Nissan Africa South
•H.E. Dalia Khorshid, Chairwoman & CEO, MASAR
12:00 -12:15Plenary 4GGreen Economy •Rawya Mansour, Social Entrepreneur, Environmental Activist, Women’s Rights Activist
12:15 -12:30Plenary 4HGhalya by ALEXBANK • Laila Hosni, Head of the CSR & Sustainable Development Office, ALEXBANK
12:30 -12:50Plenary 4IInnovation & Entrepreneurship: Unleashing Potential & Progress •Nagla Bahr, Managing Director, Credit Guarantee Company
•Rania Ayman, Founder & Managing Director, Entreprenelle
•Sylvia El Nakkady, Sylvia is currently editor-in-chief of her brainchild ICONA

12:50 -13:10Plenary 4JAn Interview for Ms. Jehan Sadat by Lamees Al-Hadidi •Jehan Sadat, Egyptian Politician Researcher & Feminist
•Lamees Ali Al Hadidi, Journalist

13:10 -13:25Plenary 4J (I)FRA and Women, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment •Mohamed Omran, Chairman, Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA)

13:25 -13:55Plenary 4KWomen on Boards •Dr. Ghada Howaidy, Founder, Egyptian Women on Boards Observatory
•Raeda Al Sarayreh, Director of Communications Nissan Africa, Middle East & India Region
•Dr. Maya Morsy, President, The National Council for Women in Egypt
•Gielan El Messiry, Deputy Country Representative, UN Women
•Dina Abdel Fattah*Editor-in-Chief, Amwal El Ghad Magazine
13:55 -14:15Plenary 4LEgypt: Perspectives on Immigration & Integration

•Dr. Minu Bakshi, Poet, Singer, Linguist & Author

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section A
10:30 -11:15Parallel 411Impact of Self-Help-Group on women empowerment •Sonal Jindal, Managing Partner, Medusa Source
•Farhana Ahmed, Correspondent, The Assam Tribune

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section C
10:30 -11:15Parallel 412The extraordinary in every woman(I) •Dr. Anita Caprice Powell, Founder & Creative Director, Engai Poetry

•Caroline Emile, Happiness & Fulfilment Coach, Author & Founder, Butterfly Me
•Amani Vernescu, Owner & CEO, Quality Focus
•Sandra Laura Manuela deakin ,Lifestyle coach, Transformational Leader
•Amel Yehia Khalil, CEO, Founder and Owner, Venti
•Dr. Linda Wallace, CEO, A Company of Women

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section D
10:30 -11:15Parallel 413The extraordinary in every woman(II)

•Marissa Abisai Ceja, Transformational Coach, Marissa Abisai Group
•Nubia Kalisch, CEO & Legal Representative, Viacolkultura Corporation Germany
•Susan Nicholas, CEO & Founder, Human Consciousness Consortium
•Tracy Tully, Director, Motivating Resilient Women MRW
•Caroline Struik, Owner, Raedacademy
•Precious Proscovia, Ambassador & Founder, Precious Kids Foundation

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section E
10:30 -11:15Parallel 414Giving voice to the voiceless: for a more equitable world

•Heba El Sewedy, Founder & Chairwoman, Ahl Masr Foundation
•Veronique Genniker, Director, Pearson Marang Education Trust

•Zeinab el Ghatit, Psychologist, International Bestselling Author, Master Coach,
•Cresta Durojaiye, Founder, Cresta Durojaiye Productivity Academy
•Shimaa Afify Mansour, National Hepatology & Tropical Medicine Research Institute
•Veronica Chidothe, Director of Administration, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urbann Development

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section F
10:30 -11:15Parallel 415Women in Science, Innovation Creativity

•Dr. Shenal Shah, Owner & lead Physician, Akeia Health
•Parves Khan, Director, Global Research & Insight
•Rana Hendy, Assistant Professor, American University in Cairo

•Ana Cristina Garcia Vasquez, Student, New Mexico State University
•Cheyenne Stice, Student, New Mexico State University
•Susan Manewich, Director, New Energy Movement

14:15 – 15:00Lunch
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section B
15:00 -15:40Plenary 4MCreating Purpose Driven Businesses: Commerce, Culture and Creativity •Marie Louis Bishara, Vice Chair, Bishara Group
•Dr. Aurora Martin ,Head of Unit, ANES
•Samar Elmnhrawy, HR Vice President Nissan Africa, Middle East & India Region
15:40 -16:20Plenary 4NCountering Stereotypes: Role of Media •May Abdel AsimFounder & Managing Director, Media & More
•Sherry El Kellany, Managing Partner, 1984 Management
•Sabrina Khalil, Chief Content Officer Of Scoop Empire
16:20 -17:00Plenary 4OClosing the Gender Gaps: Opportunities in the New Decade

•Moshira Khattab, Executive Chair, Kemet Boutros Boutros Ghali

•Nesrine Ibrahim El Baghdady, Board Member, National Council for Women

17:05-17:15Plenary 4PWomen in Science and Technology
•H.E. Dr. Nadia Iskandar Zakhary, Former Minister of Scientific Research
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section A
15:00 -15:45Parallel 461Start-up profiles – lessons from success stories •Senida Kiehl, Founder, Excellence in Expat Education
•Amira El-Deeb, Assistant Director, The American University in Cairo AUC
•Fatima Babakura , Founder, Timabee
•Irma Sanchez , Advocate for Latín Women, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist
•Abhnash Kaur Bains, Director of ISHKAMA/ Kia Beauty
•Heba Nassar, Professor, Director REPS & Former Vice President, Cairo University
•Omnia Samra, Founder and Creative Director, OMNIA for Fashion and Image Consultancy
15:45 -16:30Parallel 481*Argentina: Interacting with the World – Great Achievements in Equity •Dr. Lina Anllo, President, World Compliance Association
•Gisel Salinas, Lawyer, World Compliance association
•Silvia Susana Chus, Exporting Industrial Businesswoman
•Cecilia Jorge, Tax Lawyer
•Irini Wentinck, President, Women Entrepreneurs UIPBA
•Victoria Cole, CEO, Wunderman Thompson.
16:30 -17:15Parallel 491Self-Care in Relationships •Michelle Jewsbury , CEO, Unsilenced Voices
•Iva Schubart, Founder, Bohemian Inspiration
•Sola Oguche-Agudah, Life, Relationships and Family Coach & CEO/Founder
•Kiara Lee Holloway ,Student, New Mexico State University
•Zai Miztiq ,Speaker, Author, Trainer, Model & Life Coach
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section C
15:00 -15:45Parallel 462Giving & Philanthropy: Women Exerting a Greater Cultural Influence •Leslie Andrews, Chief Executive Officer, Daisy Ventures LLC
•Manal Hassan, Group Sustainability Director, Elsewedy Electric
•Starr Essence, Founder and President, MorningStar International, Inc
•Phylis Sarah Makurunje, Executive Secretary, Space Generation Advisory Council
•Marie Kletke, CEO-Entrepreneur, Estipona-Estioko Family Estates

15:45 -16:30Parallel 482Travelling: Helps in Generating Ideas and Experiential Learning •Lubna Elnaggar, Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer, World Peace Initiative

•Vandana Yadav, Writer, Engineer-turned Journalist & Storyteller
•Dr. Priya Virmani, Author & CEO, Ame Luxe

16:30 -17:15Parallel 492Are Women better Managers than Men? •Carmen Elena Manea, Leadership, Mindfulness, EI, inclusion & Diversity Coach & Facilitator, CM-CAMP

•Rosemary Carrillo, Publisher, Business Latino

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section D
15:00 -15:45Parallel 463Entrepreneurship Beyond Individuality

•Dr. Emily Letran, International Speaker, High Performance Leadership Trainer,
•Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar, Founder, Shruti Foundation and Nada Vibronics
•Alisha Murphy, Sutdent, New Mexico State University
•Yasmine El Baggari, CEO & Founder, Voyaj

15:45 -16:30Parallel 483Women: Uplifting & Uniting The World through Entrepreneurship •Daniela Gonzalez, Party Master and Founder, Code Party

•Shellie Hunt, CEO/Founder, Successisbydesign
•Anusha Bisaal, CEO, Uniworld Pageants
•Anne Tham, Founder and Group CEO of ACE EdVenture Group
•Anael Milena Laska, Spiritual Coach, Healer, and Shaman, Anael Spiritual Mastery, Czech Republic

16:30 -17:15Parallel 493Power of Miracle: What do we call a “miracle? How can we create miracles?•Claudia Brall, Coach for Potential and Consciousness
•Ronkeposh Adeniyi, Director, Le Poshe School
•Arianna Pigini, Chairwoman and Foundress, Associazione Culturale
•Penney Megginson, Founder of Megginson Method, Speaker/ Trainer
•Lisa Browne McCulloch, Hypnotherapist, International Hypnosis Federation
•Didi Wong, CEO, The Yes Academy, Speaker, TV and Movie Producer
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section E
15:00 -15:45Parallel 464The Power of Kindness & Connection •Jill Lublin, CEO, Promising Promotion

•Sarah Ross, Founder & CEO, Your Reason to Breathe
•Ludivina Amalia Herrera Luque , Regional Director, Management & Leadership Department
•Melissa Lizbeth Grijalva Hernandez, Student, New Mexico State University
•Mia Semmens, Founder/ Speaker/ Philanthropist, Kids Inspire Humanity
15:45 -16:30Parallel 484Leadership, vision, planning and culture building within the movement

•Dr. Tina Allton, President & CEO, Chamber for Africa Diaspora Relations

•Anne Biging, CEO & Founder, Healing Hotels of the World/Healing Summit
•Dr. Jerca Legan Cvikl ,President, Femmes Sans Frontieres
•Dr. Susan Truong, Holistic Optometrist, Beyond 20/20 Vision Strategist
•Ramona Mihaila, Vice Rector for International Relations , Dimitrie Cantemir
•Anna Maria Allen, Advisor, Author, Alchemist
•Dr. Cherie Banks, Founder & CEO, Global Success, LLC

16:30 -17:15Parallel 494Social Entrepreneurship – A New Dimension to Art and Creativity •Denise O’Brien, CEO, DOME Consulting, LLC

•Dalia El Nazer, Co-Founder/Business Development Director, Outreach Egypt
•MaLinda Wilson, Founder & CEO, Emerald’s Radiant Life-Style
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section F
15:00 -15:45Parallel 465Women in Security : Toward Safer Communities •Ms. Elizabeth Moncrief Chaney , Tech Training by Auntie Gadget Educator & Consultant

•Joana Neves Ferreira, Master Reflexologist, Healing Touch
•Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz, Professor, Author & Cartoonist in Global Risk, NYU
•Maha A.Mandour, Associate Partner | Business Strategy Consulting, PTS Consulting Engineers
15:45 -16:30Parallel 485Diversity – Women on the Board of Companies •Candice Corby, CEO, Cobra Legal Solutions LLC
•Haidi Badawi, Australian Global Goodwill Ambassador & Board Director, Women with Disabilities Victoria
•Beatrix Dart, Professor of Strategic Management, University of Toronto
•Patricia Gonzalez, British Chamber Board Member and Decano FS Pwc Partner

•Catherine Sofianou, President, SofMedica
16:30 -17:15Parallel 495Youth Leadership for Community Change

•Carmen Elizabeth Rodriguez Reinoso, Commercial Manager
•Juan David Sanchez, Social communicator, specialist in political communication

•Anthony Bryce Grubbs, Undergraduate Student, University of California San Diego
•Eman Mohamed Morsy, Strategist, Learning & Development Consultant, Coach
•Mentle Kukhanya Ncube, Founder and Executive Director, Khanya- Be the light

•Prekshaa Lohia, Student, Nord Anglia School

DAY-2 Thursday 5th March 2020
Hall NameTimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section B
9:00-9:15Plenary 5AKeynote Speech • Dr. Hala El Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development of the Arabic Republic of Egypt
9:15-9:30Plenary 5A (I)Egypt: Solidarity and Women Empowerment •Nivine El-Kabbag, Minister of Solidarity for Social Protection of the Arabic Republic of Egypt
9:30 -9:45Plenary 5A (II)Keynote Speech • Mona Zulficar, Founding Partner & Chairperson, Zulficar & Partners Law Firm
9:45 -10:30Plenary 5BEntrepreneurs Share their Stories: Challenges & Triumphs •Candice Corby, Chief Executive Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions LLC
•Emanuela Donetti, Co-Founder and Scientific Director of Urbano Creativo srl
•Dr. Lina Anllo, President, World Compliance Association
•Noha Khattab, Co-Founder, 30 North Coffee
•Manal Amin, Founder and CEO, Arabize
10:30 -10:45Plenary 5C Reimagining Policy-making in the Fourth Industrial Revolution•H.E Dr. Rania Al Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Arab Republic Egypt
10:45 -11:00Plenary 5DKeynote Speech•Nevine Essam EL Din Gamea, Minister of Commerce and Industry
11:00-11:40Plenary 5EFamily Economics, growing the Business•Neveen El-TahriChairperson – Delta Shield for Investment & Delta Inspire
•Ghada Aboul Fotouh, Vice Chairman, Aboul Fotouh Group
•Dalia Ibrahim, CEO, Nahdet Misr Publishing House Founder & CEO, EdVentures
•Shahira Diab, Member, Young Presidents Organization
11:40 -12:05Plenary 5FBuilding Collective Consciousness for Change: Empowering Global Networks

•Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D, Psychiatrist and Author
•Isabel Valdes, In-Culture Marketing Expert, Isabel Valdes Consulting
•Dr. Mamta Fomra, ALL Madurai Chapter Chairperson & WEF Madurai 2020 Convenor
•Basma Serag, Head of External Relations, World Youth Forum

12:05- 12:30Plenary 5GAchieving Sustainable Development Goals through SDG 5: Gender Equality

•Nadia Fernanda Sanchez Gomez, Founder & President , She-Is Foundation
•Sasa Bozic, ICF Executive Coach, Strategic Marketing Consultant
•Mossarat Qadeem, Co-Founder, PAIMAN Alumni Trust
•Manal Hassan, Group Sustainability Director, Elsewedy Electric

12:30-13:00Plenary 5HStrengthening She-for-She Bonds: accelerating parity and progress •Dr. Sharon G. Mijares, Psychologist, Author & International Speaker
•Tonya McNeal-Weary, Founder, IBS Global Consulting
•Dalia El Batal, Entrepreneur
•Laila Salem, Granddaughter of the Late Baheya & Spokesperson

13:00-13:20Plenary 5IClimbing the Mountains in the Mind: Fathoming Fear & Failure •Iman Mohamed Sabry Ammar, Founder and CEO, EDGE Consultants
•Hania Sadek, Former Executive Director and COO, HSBC Bank
•Heba Hagras, International Disability Consultant
•Krishna Pujara, CEO, Enfield Saheli
13:20 -13:50Plenary 5JLove and Lobby •Teodora Migdalovici*International Public Speaker and Trainer
•Sara Onsi, CEO and Creative Director, Sara Onsi
•Amy Mowafi*, Co-founder & CEO, MO4 Networkthe
•Dina Aly, Managing Director & Co Founder, Matter
•Naila Fattouh, Group Managing Director, IMPACT BBDO Cairo, Egypt
13:50 -14:15Plenary 5KCreativity of “WASTE” •Karen Duys, Senior Advisor City Mayor And Elderman
•Manjula Jain, Chairperson ALL West Bengal Chapter
• Rania Refai, Co-founder, Up-fuse

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section A
9:45 -10:30Parallel 501Motherhood & Entrepreneurship: Walking the tight Rope •Pushpanjali Reddy, Managing Director, Tropical Habitat India Private Limited
•K R Maalathi, CEO & partner, Auuro Educational Services Pvt Ltd
•Naomi Osemedua, CEO, Sparkle with Naomi Ltd
•Dr. V.V.Manjula Kumari, Senior Physiotherapist & Directo
•Coco Wong, Parentpreneur, Educator, Coach & Designer

11:15 -12:00Parallel 521Heartful Networking: Transforming ‘Networking’ •Priscilla Zamora Politis, Director & Co-founder, Women in Management
•Geeta Sheker, Director, Initiative for Women in Business
•Precious Nyarambi, Founder & Director, Business Advisor and Speaker

12:00 -12:45Parallel 531Pitch Perfect – Following your Passion & Nailing a Perfect Pitch •Awin Tavakoli, Lawyer, Business Advisor, Speaker & Trainer
•Arinola Adeniyi, Speaker, Author, Corporate Wellness Coach
•Dr.Priya kaul, Spritual Life Coach
•Mireille Nessim, CEO, Takatof Association for Development

12:45 -13:30Parallel 541The Impact of Art And Creative Thinking on Human Cognition •Vandana Somaia, Singer
13:30 -14:15Parallel 551Unlock Your Inner Confidence & Show Up as The Authentic You•Mofoluwaso Ilevbare, Founder, Women Connected by purpose
•Clara Rufai, President & Founder, The Shine Zone
•Luz Velia Herrera, Outside Sales Representative
•Irene Compte Lobera , Founder, Prosivendola
•Vivian S.De Guzman , President,Transformational Wellness International, Inc
•Angela Hoover , Attorney
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section C
9:45 -10:30Parallel 502Women in an IT & Digital Economy •Jennifer Shin, World Renowned Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Thought Leader
•Clara Arpa Azofra, CEO, ARPA Equipos Móviles de Campana
•Phu Styles, Founder, Women in Blockchain Foundation
11:15 -12:00Parallel 522The Strength of Our Souls: Celebrating Sisterhood •Brigitte Baysse, Business Engineer, Omexom Power&Grid – Vinci Energies

•Diane Curley, CEO, Celebrating Women LLC
•Nitika Dhungana , Advocate, Supreme Court
•Nancy Juneja, Co-Founder, MENTORx

12:00 -12:45Parallel 532Arts as Means of Development •Marianna Marcucci, Digital Strategist, Invasioni Digitali
•Norma De Saint Picman, Director, Founder & CEO Noravision Gallery
•Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO Publicity & Business Consulting, The RED Carpet Connection Publicity
•Elena Castellini, Account Director, Sec Newgate
12:45 -13:30Parallel 542Challenge of Leadership in Innovation & Creativity. •Ivy Syovata, Primary Health care solutions-Business Development Manager
•Sherine Abdelbaki, Founder, Beauty of Life

•Gina Yallamas, Founder, Gina Yallamas Urban Shaman

13:30 -14:15Parallel 552The Importance of Physical and Mental Fitness •Nancy Mallerou, Esocentrism, The Art of Self Leadership
•Anbreen Slama-Chaudhry, Doctor, Medical Training Services
•Rachel Hohn Gioannini, Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University

•Dr. Hanan Mohamed, CEO and Founder, Healology Wellness Academy

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section D
9:45 -10:30Parallel 503Nurturing Growth Mindsets: Do’s & Don’ts •Katia Villafuerte Cardona, Professor, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
•Pratima Gupta, Assistant Director, Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions
•Angie Lorini, Regional Coordinator, World Peace Initiative Foundation
•Remi Kuti, Director, Prima Wealth Management
11:15 -12:00Parallel 523Education of Women Leads to Community Development •Dr. Sharon G. Mijares, Psychologist, Author & International Speaker

•Nnenna John Njoku Bada, Chartered Accountant, 4M Consultants Ltd

•Anila Hussain, Cvo & Founder, Shenannz
•Charlene Macharia , Gates Millenium Scholar, UCSB
•Becky Tilton , Director, Asia Outreach, LETS Empower

12:00 -12:45Parallel 533Why is it important to learn and love the cultures and faiths of each other? •Sarifa Alonto Younes, Entrepreneur & Global Director, Speakers Tribe Women
•Ana Cristina Garcia Escalante, Student, New Mexico State University
•Nashwa Abdul Meniem Al Houfi, General Manager, Nahdet Misr Institution
•Viola Edward, CEO & Co-Founder, Kayana Breathwork & Grit Academy
•Akmaral Batalova, Journalist, Film producer, Sezar films
12:45 -01:30Parallel 543Art & Culture- Creating & Developing Emotional Intelligence & Thinking •Shirley Whing Chow, Social-emotional Intelligence Coach, Author, Fine Voices Founder
•Laura Moschini , Professor, University Roma TRE
•MEejie Chaparro-Traverso, Professional Coach & Public Motivational Speaker – TV Show Host
13:30 -14:15Parallel 553Purpose of Entrepreneurship •Savitha Nanjappa, Founder & Success Coach, Success With Savitha
•Melissa Curtis, Business Owner, Bright Stars Childcare
•Maria French, President & Chair, Terra Nova
•Ravishankar Gundlapalli, CEO & Founder, MentorCloud
•Amanda Byrde, Co-Founder, Impact Hub Geneva and Lausanne
•Lamia El Ayouby, Ass. Professor of Entrepreneurship, New Giza University
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section E
9:45 -10:30Parallel 504Women entrepreneurs: Jumping ahead and launching your company

•Le Thi Thanh Thao, Founder & CEO, Eldoraku
•Naiara Martinez, Co Founder, WAT Partners
•Candice Taylor, President, The Diamond Firm, Inc
•Dr. Georgette Fraser-Moore, Founder, CEO, Transformation Lead, LLC
•Natalia de Miguel, Founder & CEO, Crowth

11:15 -12:00Parallel 524Finding Peace & Empowerment through Mindfulness •Tania Castilho, Isness Mentor, Author & Sustainability Empowerment Change Maker
•Shaloo Dogra, Yogacharyaa, Shaloo Dogra Wellness
•Rabi Atiti, Founder, Inspire Networks
•Denise Michelle, Transformational Life Coach – RTT Hypnotherapist, Bridge The Love
•Christine Hains Erickson, Mindfulness Coach, Mental Health Counselor
12:00 -12:45Parallel 534How to Create a Culture of Learning •Maria Aiolova, Co-Founder, Terreform ONE

12:45 -13:30Parallel 544The Power of Words to Change Our World •Bella Cruz, CEO, Bella Cruz Consulting Group
•Yesenia Palma-Dominguez, Chief Support Officer, New Mexico State University

•Ghazala Mazhar, MD, Clinical Research Consultant, CEO, Success Within Reach
•Fatima Alimohamed, CEO, Africa Brand Warrior
•Olga Smachylo, National Director, Mister and Miss Runway Model Universe

13:30 -14:15Parallel 554Personal Transformation for Leadership Excellence •Nada Rashed, HR Director & HR Consultant
•Samia Qamar, Senior Manager- People, S&P Global
•Vaneese Johnson , The Boldness Coach
•Maryam Lemu, Motivational Speaker & Relationship Consultant, ProStart Consultants
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section F
9:45 -10:30Parallel 505The Art of Storytelling •Dr. Rania M Rafik Khalil, Research and Postgraduate Studies Coordinator & Internationalisation

•Eden A. Onwuka, Speaker, Author & Small Business Consultant
•Emira Dhifallah, Aeronautical Engineer & Safety Manager, Radio Presenter
•Cristina Callejas Campo, Journalist

11:15 -12:00Parallel 525Building your Brand Personality: It Starts with You •Nermine Shehab El Din, Head of Marketing & Social Development, NBE
•Olivia Abd El-Massih George , Legal advisor, Baianat

12:00 -12:45Parallel 535Innovation & Sustainable Development for Economic Progress and Wellbeing •Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe, CEO, Upshift Global
•Siulem Li Fallas, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Classical Feng Shui Architect & LYFE Developer
•Engy El Saban, CEO, VictoryLink
•Sylvana Caridi Coche, Founder & CEO, Gravity Pro Consulting
12:45 -13:30Parallel 545How small business can stimulate creativity and innovation for growth

•Ragab Mohamed Hamed , Executive Manager, Sabayik group
•Dame Jane Chircop, Founder & Director, Sapphire Real Estate Group

13:30 -14:15Parallel 555Engaging Diversity in Creativity: The Academy of the Future

•Dina Wafa, Associate Professor and Director Executive Education, The American University in Cairo

14:15 -15:00Lunch
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section B
15:00 -15:45Plenary 5MThe Role and Power of Self-Belief & Self-Care

•Didi Wong, CEO, The Yes Academy, Speaker, TV and Movie Producer
•Tania Castilho, Isness Mentor, Author & Sustainability Empowerment Change Maker

•Dr. Ahlam Mohamed Hanafy, Rapporteur of the Health and Population Committee, National Council of Women’s Organizations

15:45-16:00Plenary 5NKeynote Speech•H.E Dr. Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs of the Arabic Republic of Egypt
16:00-16:15Plenary 5N (I)El Nas Hospital supporting with a heart to heart initiative •Anissa Hassouna, Member of the Egyptian Parliament
16:15 -16:45Plenary 5OEgypt: Providing Education for All •Vinay Rai, Mentor, Author, Educationist & Philanthropist

•Maria Aiolova, Co-Founder, Terreform ONE

•Yasmin Helal, Founder, Educate Me

16:45-16:55Plenary 5O (I)The Daughter of Sinai •Dr. Seham Gebril, Member of National Council of Women

16:55-17:15Plenary 5O (II)Azza Fahmy Brand story: passing the Torch •Azza Fahmy , Chairwoman & Creative Director, Azza Fahmy Jewellery Egypt
•Fatma Ghaly, CEO, Azza Fahmy Jewellery
•Amina Ghaly , Head of Design, Azza Fahmy Jewellery
17:15 -17:30Plenary 5PClosing Session •Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF)
•Dr. Maya Morsy, President, The National Council for Women in Egypt
•Neamat Khalil­­, Chairwoman, The Worx for Events
Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section A
15:00 -15:45Parallel 571Using the Power of Social Media & Digital Strategies for Creating Positive Impact in the World •Ruqya Khan, S.M.I.L.E. Strategist
•Shaillee J Chopra, Healthcare, Technology Strategist, Global Advocate & Change Agent
•Jenny Eda Schipperr, Writer
•Somaya Elshafei, Director of Business Development, Expand
16:30 -17:15Parallel 591The Power of Storytelling in Leadership •Sahir Raunaque Hussain, Student, Lakhimpur Kendriya Mahavidyalaya
•Vanitha Choudhari, Founder, RadicalEdge Learning Consultants

•Claudia Ines Cabrera Tarazona, Lawyer Communicator, Exalcaldesa Policarpa Narino
•Damaris Angelica Bejarano
•Maria Carolina Hoyos Turbay, Journalist
•Mayra Alejandra Barreto Rojas
•Tatiana Andrea Cordoba Arteaga
•Gabriela Estefania Obando

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section C
15:00 -15:45Parallel 572Choose to be the Heroine in your story ! •Lois Bapikina John-Ibro, Founder, Vintage Vessels International
•Ruth Nneka Nwokolo, Consultant, Olive Coast Consulting
•Catherine Molloy, CEO, Auspac Business Advantage
•Ameera Ismail, MD, Neuroradiologist, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
•Okika maureen Ngozi, Maritime / Mindset coach, Tales of Trying to Conceive
16:30 -17:15Parallel 592An Entrepreneurial Mindset & The Intangibles

•Yasmeen Khamis, CEO and Co-founder, The Doodle Factory

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section D
15:00 -15:45Parallel 573Inspired Latinoamericans •Angelica Acurio Lopez, CEO Founder, Women Entrepreneurship Movement
•Catalina Cajias, CEO, Atributos

•Dionne Del Pilar Sanabria, Designation, Founder & President, Inngenia Foundation

•Israel Lozano L., Global Human Resources leader

•Monica Yazmin Avila Hernandez, Architect, EM Architecture and Sustainable Development

•Nydian Rodriguez, CSR Corporate Manager, Pharmabrand
•Priscilla Solano Castillo, EO – Founder, PSC ATTORNEYS

16:30 -17:15Parallel 593Reimagining Diversity & Culture •Nida Khan, Licensed Professional Counselor
•Jeannette Ceja, TV Host & Travel Journalist, Travel Advisor

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section E
15:00 -15:45Parallel 574Decision-Making Across Cultures : Role of Women •Kimchi Chow, Relationships, Culture & Life Coaching, Asian Women of Power
•Radha Devi, Founder & President, TTD Womens Barbers
•Hoda Galal Yassa, President of the Arab Women Investors Union
•Marwa El Khodary, Partner, ALC Alieldean Weshahi & Partners
•Dina Hussein Mahmoud Hassan, President, Youth Committee of the Council
16:30 -17:15Parallel 594Making the Law of Attraction work for You

•Shahira Marei, CEO, The Dirty Cookie
•Prakoshni Sakhare, Director, Inner Peace University
•Paresh Rughani, International Motivational Speaker

Al-Qahira Ballroom
Section F
15:00 -15:45Parallel 575When You are the Only Girl at the Table, Getting your Voice Heard •Yvonne Witter, Founder, YvonnePWitter
•Liudmila Prozorova, Senior Project Procurement Manager, OMV
•Jeannice Adele Fairrer Riahi-Samani, CEO & Founder, Fairrer Samani Group/Fifth Wave-STEM Education
•Tarusha Mittal, COO & Co-founder of Oropocket, Koonk Technologies and Soul Machine Innovations
•Marisa Meutia Kogovsek, Entrepreneur & COO, PT. Citra Karya Utama Group
16:30 -17:15Parallel 595The Power of Creativity: Trusting one’s Calling

•Kirti Fomra, CEO , Royale Fiesta
•Ini-obong Aniebiet Ernest, Gold Diamond leader, Norland Industrial Group

Notes:-Explore exotic Egypt with your family for WEF special sightseeing guided tours in WEF buses from 6-9th march . Special visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza the first day, the Egyptian Museums, Churches, Mosques and Synagogues in this cradle of cultures and civilisation, shopping areas and the Nile river the next two days and finally on the last day, a day trip to the ancient city of Alexandria. It’s a never before event , one that must not be missed . You can also join for less than 4 days. You can pay for the excursions later as well. Plus we can arrange for day trips to famous Luxor and Aswan . ask for further details from our Sr DG Nikita Agarwal mobile: +919599481994 email: nikita.agarwal@aall.in