WEF-Annual, 2020 Program Details

Session Guidelines:
*Plenary Sessions: Each plenary session is reserved for the VIPs , Ministers and Sponsors
*Parallel Sessions: Each session has around 4-5 speakers who individually deliver their acceptance remarks and inspiring life message for about 7-8 minutes in the order of speaking as mentioned in the program.
* Vibe and Flow: We encourage speaking and sharing from the heart in storytelling format (instead of powerpoints). Overall, the vibe of the conference is interactive with open hearted sharing favouring connection and community spirit.
* Timings: Timings of the sessions are subject to change. Sessions may be merged or de-merged depending on schedule flow. While we do our best to adjust and accommodate, the decision of the organisers is final.
* Language: WEF conferences worldwide are largely in English. However local speakers may present in their respective languages, in which case translation to English is mostly available.
* Press Release: A general press release is also available closer to the dates.
* Dress Code: We love to celebrate all cultures in creativity, diversity, and sisterhood. So we welcome you to dress up for comfort and confidence. Do also apprise yourself of local culture and customs.
* All the Videos and Pictures of the conference will be uploaded on the website after the event.

Moderator/Guest   Co-Lead  Panelist  Via Video Keynotes & Guest of Honour

Time Allocation
For  Co-Lead :10-12 Min, Panelist: 5 Min.

Venue: The Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo

Annual WEF-2020 “Culture & Creativity: Creating Pathways to Prosperity”

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DAY-1 Plenary Sessions, Wednesday 4th March 2020
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
9:00 AM-9:45 AMPlenary 4A
Special Plenary
Welcome Address : “Culture And Creativity: Creating Pathways To Prosperity” Dr. Harbeen Arora
Dr. Maya Morsy
Neamat Khalil­­
9:45 AM-10:30 AMPlenary 4B
Special Plenary
Egypt: the Cradle of Civilisation, the Champion of Culture
Neerja Birla

10:30 AM-11:15 AMPlenary 4CThe Role and Power of Self-Belief & Self-Care Lizbeth Goodman
Tania Castilho
11:15 AM-12:00 NoonPlenary 4D
Special Plenary
Egypt: Leading the New World Order of Peace & Prosperity for All
Vanessa Serrano

12:00 Noon-12:45 PMPlenary 4E
Special Plenary
New Ideas, New approaches, New projects: New Egypt
Dr. Bina Modi
12:45 PM-01:30 PMPlenary 4F
Special Plenary
Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Unleashing Potential & Progress
1:30 PM-02:15 PMPlenary 4G
Special Plenary
Egypt: Perspectives on Immigration & Integration
Dr. Minu Bakshi
02:15 PM-03:00 PMLunch
03:00 PM-03:45 PMPlenary 4HCreating Purpose Driven Businesses: Commerce, Culture and Creativity Didi Wong
H.H Princess Asharaje Gaekwad
Mossarat Qadeem
3:45 PM-04:30 PMPlenary 4ICountering Stereotypes: Role of Media Dr. Anurag Batra
Elly Pradervand
04:30 PM-05:15 PMPlenary 4JClosing the Gender Gaps: Opportunities in the New Decade
05:15 PM-06:00 PMPlenary 4K
Special Plenary
Egypt’s Investment Strategy: The way forward
Ravinder Pal Singh
06:00 PM-06:45 PMPlenary 4LGroup Photos for all Awardees on Stage
7:00 PM OnwardsEvening Reception /Gala Dinner
DAY-2 Plenary Sessions, Thursday 5th March 2020
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
9:00 AM-9:45 AMPlenary 5AEntrepreneurs Share their Stories: Challenges & Triumphs Candice Corby
Dr. Kulmeet Bawa

Dr. Lina Anllo

9:45 AM-10:30 AMPlenary 5BBuilding Collective Consciousness for Change: Empowering Global Networks Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D
Isabel Valdes
10:30 AM-11:15 AMPlenary 5C
Special Plenary
Digital, IT & E-Commerce Ecosystems: Driving Women’s Entrepreneurship
11:15 AM-12:00 NoonPlenary 5DAchieving Sustainable Development Goals through SDG 5: Gender Equality Nadia Sanchez Gomez
Sasa Bozic
12:00 Noon-12:45 PMPlenary 5EToward Financial Freedom: New Paradigms in Education & Parenting
12:45 PM-01:30 PMPlenary 5FStrengthening She-for-She Bonds: accelerating parity and progress Dr. Sharon G. Mijares

Tonya McNeal-Weary

01:30 PM-02:15 PMPlenary 5GClimbing the Mountains in the Mind: Fathoming Fear & Failure
02:15 PM-03:00 PMLunch
03:00 PM-03:45 PMPlenary 5HEngaging Diversity in Creativity

Manjula Jain

03:45 PM-04:30 PMPlenary 5I
Special Plenary
Egypt: Providing Education for All
Zarina Lam Stanford
04:30 PM-05:15 PMPlenary 5JEnergising Exchange between Egypt & the World
05:15 PM-06:00 PMPlenary 5K
Special Plenary
Closing Session Dr. Harbeen Arora
Dr. Maya Morsy
Neamat Khalil­
06:00 PM-06:45 PMPlenary 5LGroup Photos for all Awardees on Stage
DAY 1 ParallelSessions, Wednesday 4th March 2020
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
10:30 AM-11:15 AMParallel 411Impact of Self-Help-Group on women empowerment

Farhana Ahmed
Efe Anaughe

10:30 AM-11:15 AMParallel 412The extraordinary in every woman(I) Dr. Anita Caprice Powell

Caroline Emile
Amani Vernescu
Sandra Laura Manuela deakin

10:30 AM-11:15 AMParallel 413The extraordinary in every woman(II)

Marissa Abisai Ceja
Nubia Kalisch
Susan Nicholas

10:30 AM-11:15 AMParallel 414Giving voice to the voiceless: for a more equitable world

Heba El Sewedy
Veronique Genniker
Hilda Kalap

Epi Mabika
Zeinab el Ghatit

10:30 AM-11:15 AMParallel 415Women in Science, Innovation Creativity

Shenal Shah
Parves Khan

02:15 PM-03:00 PMLunch
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 461Start-up profiles – lessons from success storiesSenida Kiehl
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 462Giving & Philanthropy: Women Exerting a Greater Cultural InfluenceLeslie Andrews
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 463Entrepreneurship Beyond Individuality Nighat Akbar Shah
Dr. Emily Letran
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 464The Power of Kindness & Connection Jill Lublin
Jacqueline Carnevali
Sarah Ross
Ludivina Amalia Herrera Luque
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 465Women in Security : Toward Safer CommunitiesMs. Elizabeth Moncrief Chaney
03:45 PM-04:30 PMParallel 481*Argentina: Interacting with the World – Great Achievements in Equity Dr. Lina Anllo
Gisel Salinas
Silvia Susana Chus
Cecilia Jorge
Irini Wentinck
03:45 PM-04:30 PMParallel 482Travelling: Helps in Generating Ideas and Experiential Learning Lubna Elnaggar
Angie Lorini
03:45 PM-04:30 PMParallel 483Women: Uplifting & Uniting The World through Entrepreneurship Daniela Gonzalez
Nancy Carolina Fabara Verdezoto
Sonal Jindal
Anael Milena Laska
03:45 PM-04:30 PMParallel 484Leadership, vision, planning and culture building within the movement

Dr. Tina Allton
Liudmila Prozorova

03:45 PM-04:30 PMParallel 485Diversity – Women on the Board of Companies Candice Corby
Haidi Badawi
Beatrix Dart
Patricia Gonzalez
Francesca Secondari
04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 491Self-Care in Relationships Michelle Jewsbury
Iva Schubart
04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 492Are Women better Managers than Men?Carmen Elena Manea
04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 493Power of Miracle: What do we call a “miracle? How can we create miracles?Claudia Brall
Didi Wong
04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 494Social Entrepreneurship – A New Dimension to Art and Creativity Denise O’Brien

Dalia El Nazer
MaLinda Wilson

04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 495Youth Leadership for Community Change

Carmen Elizabeth Rodríguez Reinoso
Juan David Sanchez

DAY 2 ParallelSessions, Thursday 5th March 2020
TimeSession No.TopicSpeakers
9:45 AM-10:30 AMParallel 501Motherhood & Entrepreneurship: Walking the tight Rope Pushpanjali Reddy
K R Maalathi
9:45 AM-10:30 AMParallel 502Women in an IT & Digital Economy
9:45 AM-10:30 AMParallel 503Nurturing Growth Mindsets: Do’s & Don’tsKatia Villafuerte Cardona
9:45 AM-10:30 AMParallel 504Women entrepreneurs: Jumping ahead and launching your company Eva Arissani
Le Thi Thanh Thao
Naiara Martinez
9:45 AM-10:30 AMParallel 505The Art of Storytelling Dr. Rania M Rafik Khalil
Leigh Koechner
Eden A. Onwuka
Emira Dhifallah
11:15 AM-12:00 NoonParallel 521Heartful Networking: Transforming ‘Networking’ Priscilla Zamora Politis
Geeta Sheker
11:15 AM-12:00 NoonParallel 522The Strength of Our Souls: Celebrating SisterhoodBrigitte Baysse
11:15 AM-12:00 NoonParallel 523Education of Women Leads to Community Development Dr. Sharon G. Mijares

Nnenna John Njoku Bada

11:15 AM-12:00 NoonParallel 524Finding Peace & Empowerment through Mindfulness Tania Castilho
Shaloo Dogra
Rabi Atiti
11:15 AM-12:00 NoonParallel 525Building your Brand Personality: It Starts with You Jo-Ann Alexandra Hamilton
Dolamu Badejo
Olivia Abd El-Massih George

Nina Muncherji

12:00 Noon-12:45 PMParallel 531Pitch Perfect – Following your Passion & Nailing a Perfect PitchAwin Tavakoli
12:00 Noon-12:45 PMParallel 532Arts as Means of Development Marianna Marcucci
12:00 Noon-12:45 PMParallel 533Why is it important to learn and love the cultures and faiths of each other? Sarifa Alonto Younes

12:00 Noon-12:45 PMParallel 534How to Create a Culture of Learning Maria Aiolova
Shamila Ramjawan
12:00 Noon-12:45 PMParallel 535Innovation & Sustainable Development for Economic Progress and Wellbeing Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe
Siulem Li Fallas
Engy El Saban
Yehia Bahei-El-Din
12:45 PM-01:30 PMParallel 541How To Put Together A Program That You Can TeachTracy Repchuk
12:45 PM-01:30 PMParallel 542Challenge of Leadership in Innovation & Creativity. Ivy Syovata
12:45 PM-01:30 PMParallel 543Art & Culture- Creating & Developing Emotional Intelligence & Thinking Shirley Whing Chow
Usha Agarwala
12:45 PM-01:30 PMParallel 544The Power of Words to Change Our WorldBella Cruz
12:45 PM-01:30 PMParallel 545Philanthropy with Purpose
01:30 PM-02:15 PMParallel 551Unlock Your Inner Confidence & Show Up as The Authentic YouMofoluwaso Ilevbare
Clara Rufai

01:30 PM-02:15 PMParallel 552The Importance of Physical and Mental FitnessNancy Mallerou
01:30 PM-02:15 PMParallel 553Purpose of Entrepreneurship Savitha Nanjappa
Melissa Curtis
01:30 PM-02:15 PMParallel 554Personal Transformation for Leadership Excellence Nada Rashed
Samia Qamar
Vaneese Johnson
Maryam Lemu
01:30 PM-02:15 PMParallel 555Engaging Diversity in Creativity: The Academy of the Future Lizbeth Goodman
02:15 PM-03:00 PMLunch
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 571Using the Power of Social Media & Digital Strategies for Creating Positive Impact in the WorldNaomi Osemedua
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 572Choose to be the Heroine in your story ! Lois Bapikina John-Ibro
Ruth Nneka Nwokolo
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 573Inspired Latinoamericans Angelica Acurio Lopez
Catalina Cajias
Clara Arpa
Diana Pamela Pita Suarez
Dionne Del Pilar Sanabria
Gabriela Camacho Suarez
Israel Lozano L.
Lucy Stella Castillo Venegas
Monica Avila H.
Nazly Rocío Santos Buitrago
Nydian Rodriguez
Priscilla Solano Castillo
Ricardo Pinzon Aldana
Tatiana Buelvas Baldiris
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 574Decision-Making Across Cultures : Role of Women
03:00 PM-03:45 PMParallel 575When You are the Only Girl at the Table, Getting your Voice Heard
04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 591The Power of Storytelling in LeadershipSahir Raunaque Hussain
04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 592An Entrepreneurial Mindset & The Intangibles

Nina Kalmund
Geetika Saigal

04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 593Reimagining Diversity & Culture Nida Khan
Jeannette Ceja
04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 594Making the Law of Attraction work for You

Shahira Marei

04:30 PM-05:15 PMParallel 595The Power of Creativity: Trusting one’s Calling Elly Pradervand
6th to 9th March, Cultural Immersion and Sightseeing
Day-3, 6th March 2020, Friday
TimeSession No.Activity & CultureSpeakers
08:00 AM-12:00 AMThe Great Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, Sphinx
12:30 AM-03:00 PMEgyptian Museum
Day-4, 7th March 2020, Saturday
TimeSession No.Activity & CultureSpeakers
08:00 AM-09:00 AMCairo Citadel
09:00 AM-10:00 AMIbn Tulun Mosque & Mohamed Ali Mosque
11:00 AM-04:00 PMKhan El Khalili-El Moez street
Day-5, 8th March 2020, Sunday
TimeSession No.Activity & CultureSpeakers
08:00 AM-09:00 AMCoptic Museum
09:30 AM-11:00 AMHanging Church and Ben-Ezra Synagogue
11:00 AM-04:00 PMKhan El Khalili-El Moez street
Day-6, 9th March 2020, Monday
TimeSession No.Activity & CultureSpeakers
08:00 AM-12:00 PMEl Montaza Park
12:30 PM-01:30 PMCitadel Of Qaitbay
02:00 PM-04:00 PMLibrary Of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

Notes:-Explore exotic Egypt with your family for WEF special sightseeing guided tours in WEF buses from 6-9th march . Special visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza the first day, the Egyptian Museums, Churches, Mosques and Synagogues in this cradle of cultures and civilisation, shopping areas and the Nile river the next two days and finally on the last day, a day trip to the ancient city of Alexandria. It’s a never before event , one that must not be missed . You can also join for less than 4 days. You can pay for the excursions later as well. Plus we can arrange for day trips to famous Luxor and Aswan . ask for further details from our Sr DG Nikita Agarwal mobile: +919599481994 email: nikita.agarwal@aall.in