Vishwapriya Kochhar

Vishwapriya Kochhar

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Blew Minds Consulting


Vishwapriya is a half-eaten Cookie & an Amoeba. She is a half-eaten cookie as s e believes she is a Work In Progress, just about explored less than half her potential, is a hungry learner & still has a long way to go. An Amoeba cause her best skill is her LQ (Learning Quotient); she is agile, sharp, ‘gets’ people, she can adapt to contexts, cultures, organizations & people very swiftly. She moves like an Amoeba – effortlessly & yet retains her very level headed humble self.

She comes from a lower middle class South Indian family, been through abuse, suffered from self-doubt
& self-confidence issues induced by trauma. She has been in the journey of self-transformation & continues to grow every single day. She is gritty about picking up the pieces of her life & stitching it back together – hence she calls herself a survivor.

Vishwapriya is a Soul Transformation Coach, an Organization Development Strategist, a Culture Change Specialist, a Human Resources Board level Advisor, an Aficionado of Human Behavior & a crazy mommy to her 11 year old hyper little geek.

She is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of, an eclectic full services StoryTelling firm which operates across geographies in the space of unconventional Learning in different areas of People Consulting, Coaching, Branding, Marketing & Leadership.

Past Life

Priya has more than 15 years’ experience in various facets of Human Resources in diverse industries. Her

expertise lies in Staffing (including Leadership/CXO levels), Rewards

Management, Learning, Organization Development, Cultural Change, Leadership interventions & Talent Management.

She is an ACTP ICF certified Life Coach & loves helping people achieve their dreams. She is exposed to the insightful Behavioural Laboratory techniques of Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Sciences, an Oxford Scholar & Ambassador’ with an ‘Executive Masters & Diploma in Organizational Leadership’ from

University of Oxford, Priya is Kozhikode (IIM-K).
also an Alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management

She is a stand up Leadership facilitator & APP accredited on various psychometric tools, Action Learning, Experiential & Catharsis based De-briefs.

Some of her intense assignments include the Avantha Group where she crafted their Organization Development charter from scratch across all their Global businesses, the very Global new age Learning Solutions & Publishing organization Pearson, where she was heading Human Capital for their India Subcontinent Education business.

With Pearson, she has also held coveted roles of Culture, Change & Communications to assist Businesses in their Global Transformation agenda, successfully. Priya was also with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the very successful Numero Uno Consulting Brand where she was heading Human Resources for their Finanial Advisory. She has been the North Ethics & Diversity Champ in her previous roles & her Oxford Thesis on Gender Diversity has been received very well.

Her strengths lie in working with Leadership by Coaching & supporting them for organizational excellence. She has worked on end to end Diversity implementation for large businesses by aiding them to create a policy, structure, system & implementation mechanisms on a long term cause-effect relationship basis.

She has worked around various tenets of Diversity – Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Challenged, LGBTQ+, Inclusivity needs across business geographies.

Priya as a Coach

She follows the Global Coaching model of Inner Transformation. The approach is multidisciplinary, linking the social sciences & management theory to practical situations, drawing upon relevant concepts from psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology, philosophy & more.

She has extensively coached Leadership & Mid Managers who are Hipos to help them catapult into the next stage of self efficacy.

Priya opines that People Transformation is more than just a mere day’s job; she is on a mission to help people look ‘within’ & get in touch with their ‘inner voice’. She has a keen interest in Personal Branding
& is an architect of Change. She believes that ‘Executive Presence’ is critical for both personal & professional success – she trains & writes extensively in this area.

She helps in making people beautiful inside-out using her 6Cs Psychology sciences framework that builds ‘Gravitas’: Composure, Character, Confidence, Charisma, Connection & Credibility. She deploys’ the 5 Factor Executive Presence frameworks’ of Kinesics, Oculesics, Proxemics, Haptics & Vocalics extensively.

Her Coachees are in the age range of 25-60. Her Coachees view her role as a Change agent who is leading the way to support an inclusive & culturally sensitive workplace.

She predominantly works with the five essential conditions for learning – insight, motivating, capabilities, real world practice, accountability & how cultural differences can influence Coaching effectiveness.

Coaching Methodology
She is a strong believer in the Inner Mastery & Self transformation journey.

She is a universe person, healer & huge believer of karmic energies. She is highly intuitive & deploys her intuitive ability to make informed decisions in her life & for her clients. She works on the Ontological levels of ‘Being & Becoming’.

She is a mental & physical fitness freak, loves reading & can sing a mellifluous tune or two!