Victor Lau

Victor Lau

Entrepreneur, Trainer & Coach, Ballroom Dancer, National Sportsman.


Known for his “out of the box” ideas for turning around Companies & especially Sales figures, Victor is a highly sought after figure in MNCs, the Insurance & Direct Selling organizations. He specializes in an unique style of Development Training using psychological and emotional factors based on the Principles of Sun Tzu The Art of War to achieve a very high Development rate within a short space of time.

He has lived outside Malaysia for more than 35 years and has reaped the experiences of spending time in the States, Japan, Europe, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Singapore. His Work & Life environment has earned him remarkable experience as a Trainer & Coach.

In his younger days, he has worked in German companies (Normende), Japanese (Toshiba), American (General Electric USA & Apple Computers) in International Divisions. He has also travelled very extensively both in Asia, States and Europe.

His experiences include training engagements with the Singapore Association of Professional Trainers. He was also Primary Speaker for Insurance Giant Great Eastern (Elite Round Table Producers). He was engaged by a top Insurance agency for 8 months as a House Speaker, resulting in the most successful Recruitment program ever experienced (when he has zero experience in the Insurance Industry). His Creativity brought Hair Fancier to triple their Sales within 2 years; and Angie’s Jewels (Elegant Jewelry Stores) to double their Sales within 2 years.