Vicky Morrell

Vicky Morrell

Award Winning Inspiring Women, Change Maker & HM Prison Services


Vicky boasts a wealth of experience, proudly working across both the Justice and Charitable sector and is a leading Yorkshire Woman Entrepreneur and Award Winner.
Vicky has always been passionate about helping others and those in need, evident from her role as a prison officer where she has continually strived to encourage people to change their lives and improve their future.
Not only a prison officer Vicky is the founder of “A Little Something Back CIC” A revolutionary approach to offender rehabilitation which is the embodiment of social conscious and giving for the benefit of others.
To date thanks to A Little Something Back, offenders engaged on the project have raised over £10k for 15 small/local beneficiaries as well as being directly responsible for maintaining family ties and creating a wider social impact across the community.
Vicky has never faltered in her passion for charitable giving and encouraging others that they too have something they can give.

A Little More About Vicky
Having suffered the tragic loss of her father to suicide at the young age of 18, Vicky’ journey took her on to helping those people that wished to help themselves. In 2007 she joined Her Majesty Prison Service as a residential officer at HMP Everthorpe. Vicky gained experience working on the residential units promoting positive attitude and life changes necessary to achieve a successful rehabilitation. In 2011 Vicky transferred to HMP Leeds, which housed more chaotic and challenging offenders in need of support. Vicky continued to encourage those prisoners to address their offending behaviour and make steps toward successful release. It was here where the seeds for A Little Something Back began to be sowed.
In 2013 a colleague of Vicky’ became terminally ill and whilst staff wanted to raise money toward helping him so did the offenders which she worked with. Vicky supported the prisoners and enabled this to happen, noting all the additional benefits which came with the offenders raising money and giving something back. She had provided individuals with pretty much nothing, a sense of purpose, common goal and a sense of worth in what they were doing. It is these key things which continue throughout the ethos of ALSB.
Since this point Vicky has committed herself to driving forward the values of the organisation with her resilient mindset. In 2015 Vicky was invited onto the Entrepreneurial Spark Business Accelerator Programme funded by Natwest & RBS Banks. In 2017 Vicky was awarded Inspiring Women Changemaker for an Organisation committed to Diversity Inclusivity and shortlisted for Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2018. By June 2018 ‘A Little Something Back’ was no longer just an idea, but an established Community Interest Company and more recently in 2019, received recognition from the Lord Mayor of Leeds for the outstanding contribution the organisation makes to the citizens and communities of Leeds.
Vicky is an inspiration to the clients and communities she engages with. From delivering career advice to students and young people, to guest speaking at the General Annual Magistrates Association, Vicky’ passion and dedication to changing people’ lives is infectious.

So much has been achieved so far by Vicky and her CIC, which is even more impressive considering its Vicky has pioneered this all while raising 2 children alone and maintaining a full-time role as a prison officer. From its small start – an idea from an amazing woman with an equally amazing vision which is being realised more and more each step of its journey
Thanks to Vicky’ passion, commitment and ability to see the good in those around her, ALSB continues to give each and every person involved a sense of pride in themselves for being involved in such a worthy cause – something many of its clients have not experienced before.
Vicky herself states “all the people engaged are good people who have may be lost their way and this is allowing them to be involved in something positive whilst also helping others.”