Vibha Ravee

Vibha Ravee

Founder of VR Image Consulting and Aumtara Foundation


Vibha Ravee is an internationally known Up lifter, Spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, intuitive consultant overall personality coach and wardrobe stylist. She is a powerful speaker, heart felt writer and bridge for those interested in transcending the paradigm of fear to ‘Faith.’ She works with Individuals, Corporates, Educational Institutes to assist to improve their Happiness, Mental ,Emotional Quotient and Relationships to amplify in their professional and personal living. She has a knack to connect with people from different backgrounds with ease and grace. She is the medium to reach inner light and has assisted many to merge with themselves and emerge to live a fulfilled living.

Vibha has not only built clients over the years, she has built a strong network of loyalist and long term relations those who
vouch for her sessions and stand by her. Vibha dons many hats. She is a Jt. Managing Director of a security outlet FIREBALL GROUP which specializes in
banking security. A founder Director of V R Image Consulting, she has transformed many lives. Her beautiful Aumtara, which is a registered trust, is located in the heart of South Delhi which provides a tranquil ambience for holistic healing practices and workshops designed to benefit Mind, Body and Spirit.

Vibha chose Journalism and Education after completing her graduation as a natural following to her Journalist father and
teacher mother without having any inkling that she would be totally wedded to the Personality enhancement mission one day. Marrying a GORKHA RIFLES officer added another feather to her cap in 1990.

Vibha is the founder of Aumtara, Spiritual Hub, which is the first of its kind which provides a scope of various activities. The center has been personally designed to inspire peace, prosperity, and liberation. This space embodies a vision to raise global consciousness through awareness and acceptance with a suite of services designed to bring out the best version of yourself at all levels. Aumtara is a reminder that you are the creator of your own reality and that your life is really a reflection of your beliefs, experiences and perceptions.

VR Image Consulting follows a simple mantra of Image building that is ABC. By working on an individual’s Appearance, Beliefs and Communication (ABC), practitioners give equal importance to transforming both the inner and outer self, facilitating a living to the fullest. Vibha provides individual consultations, small group workshops and corporate trainings. To achieve this, VR Image Consulting has three core values: Integrity, Confidence, Performance. The absolute passion for its vast range of services has created an environment of openness, and made VRIC as one of the first Image Consulting.