Vibeke Foss

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Vibeke Foss

Founder of Gorgeous Geek


I’m the founder of Gorgeous Geek – Web Design & Online Business Consultancy for female coaches & entrepreneurs. I’m originally from Norway, but live in Barcelona.

Being a relentless fan of customizing my life to my liking, I realized on one particularly unfulfilling day in the office that I could do so much more with my life. It didn’t help that my boss wanted me to serve him coffee…

With Internet at my fingertips, I saw the opportunity to start an online business, and planned the escape from my 9-5 job. Inspired by international women in the online world, and their heartfelt passion to support each other, I created my business and now live a free, flexible and fulfilling lifestyle that I could not even have imagined a few years ago. I create communities for women and help them get started with their website and the first online business steps towards an empowered lifestyle.