Vertica Dvivedi

Vertica Dvivedi

Director, Bigsea Marcom India Pvt Ltd


Vertica Dvivedi is an entrepreneur from New Delhi, India, into the fields of publishing, events, market research and promotions. She is the founder of WADe Asia, Asia’s 1st platform for women architects, artists and designers.

A recipient of several awards, an early stories about how Vertica Dvivedi started her entrepreneurial journey is published by Jack Canfield for Westland Publishing in one of their books Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul at work, with the story titled‘Passion Unstoppable’. Her life so far has been intense with griping challenges and equally delightful successes. Vertica Dvivedi is a passionate Entrepreneur.

A first generation entrepreneur, she is a self-made person in the truest sense. In the last decade, she came to Delhi with a backpack and few hundred rupees. She had no relative nor any acquaintance in Delhi. The only thing she had was a dream to set up her own work and to take care of her family that needed her.

Today, she is the Chief Editor of Surfaces Reporter, a special magazine dedicated to Products, Materials & Designs for Interiors & Architecture. Vertica is the proprietor of a design firm and Director of Bigsea Marcom (I) Pvt. Ltd. Among her latest ventures, she has founded Wade ASIA, which is India’s 1st platform for women architects & designers.