Tyema Sanchez


Tyema Sanchez

Community Activist

United States Of America (USA)

Tyema has over ten years experience in event planning and 15+ years experience in administration in Corporate America and in Hospitality Industry. In 2011, she established her own business – GirlTini, based out of Philadelphia, Pa. She created this company to empower women. She loves sisterhood and everything related to uplifting, empowering and encouraging women in the world. She prides herself on providing platforms where women are living, laughing and learning from each other’s life experiences.

Along with being a businesswoman, she is a philanthropist.

Tyema takes proud in her ability to ignite women and girls into fulfilling their potentials through volunteerism. Her mission is to create powerful volunteers that understand it is time for us to come together as one to save our communities. Each component is slightly different, but the goals remain the same; empowering women to rebuild their communities.

Her latest crusade is very dear to her heart: Handbags 4 Peace. Tyema is the co-founder of Handbags 4 Peace and the mission behind this grassroot movement is to teach safety awareness to women and young girls. This movement was created in 2014 after women were being killed over their handbags in Philadelphia, Pa. Their goal is to teach as many women and young girls self-defense in Philadelphia by offering monthly free classes throughout Philadelphia. She received a citation from the City of Philadelphia for her continuous efforts to keep women in Philadelphia safe.

Lastly, she created a lifestyle blog (www.BeingTyema.com) with the hopes to inspired and uplift women with her personal experiences and insight into life.
Although Tyema is viewed as a “Socialite” her first true passion is being a wife and a proud mother of three. Her husband and children are the reason for the illuminating smile she carries daily.