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Tsitsi Bolambo


Tsitsi Bolambo

Founder CEO at Women of Purpose UK and Beyond


Founder of Women of Purpose (WOP) a movement and platform for empowering, women and families, professional women who work to improve the lives of women and families in local communities and across the globe. I seek justice, peace, and global goodwill for women and families. Through global partnerships and network I at WOP, as always inspire action and create opportunities to transform the lives through advocating equity and equality; Creating safe and healthy environments; Increasing access to good will; Developing leadership and practical skills for a sustainable future. The name “WOP” was coined by combining the English words women “of” purpose, and can be taken to mean “purposeful women”

CEO & Philanthropist at WOMEN of Purpose
Motivational Speaker
Humanitarian advocate at WOMEN of Purpose
Studied Philosophy and Theology at Roehampton University, London, UK
Studied Masters degree at Heythrop College of university of London
Went to City University London