Travis Jessop – United States Of America (USA)


Travis Jessop

Diamond Mind Consulting

United States Of America (USA)

Travis is an Author, Coach and Master Builder.
He entered the construction industry in his early teens and had already earned his contractor’s license shortly after his eighteenth birthday. He has built several multi-million dollar construction businesses from the ground up, by building stunning custom homes and beautiful timber structures.

Travis has overcome many challenges in life such as divorce, bankruptcy and death. Growing up in a polygamous family, he was born to his father’s third wife as his 19th child. This very strict culture stifled his ability to seek and accept his true spiritual and emotional self. Dramatic transformation was sparked by the tragic loss of his two year old son, which spurred his dedication to helping others overcome challenges as well as to find the gifts hidden within heartbreaking loss.
Travis understands the importance of honoring the lives of loved ones who have passed on while also allowing ourselves to heal from the devastating guilt and pain of surviving their death. He loves sharing with others the incredible relationship he has developed with his deceased son today and the countless gifts he has found in his personal losses. Travis is a powerful voice and advocate for human rights.