Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir

Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir - WEF - UNIVERSITY - ICELAND - 2017

Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir

CEO & Investor, Naskur ehf


Thordis Loa is a powerful business leader with experience in leading Business, Public Offices and Associations.

Her background and experience varies from being the CEO of Gray Line of Iceland, CEO of Pizza Hut in Finland & Iceland, VP for the Social service division at Reykjavik City, a Part time University professor, TV Host, speaker & Investor.

Thordis Loa has been recognized as one of 100 extraordinary women who have contributed to the economic empowerment of women. She received the TIAW world of difference awards in Washington DC in 2011.

The President of Finland awarded Thordis Loa with the First Klass Lions Knight Kross in 2013 for her work in leading The Finnish Icelandic Chamber of Commerce.

She entered the publishing world when Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook invited her to write the introduction to the Icelandic translation of the best seller book Lean In, published in Iceland September 2013.