Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana

Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana

President, Royal Association South Africa

South Africa

HE Dr Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana is a businesswoman and humanitarian who started her career path as an events manager for her company. She was drawn into the marketing and communications world when she realised that she has huge impact on people which motivated her to play an important role in studying towards her passion. She is supporting and developing small businesses and promoting entrepreneurship.

“I am inspired by the talent of South African which needs to be recognised. I use my humanitarian and Princess status to get things done.
She has worked in both the local and international sectors like the International Monitory Fund (IMF) & Public Investment Corporation (PIC).

HE Dr Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana is a real working Princess who don’t mind getting her hands dirty with work and work in changing Lives
She heads the Modjadji Foundation and Awards which she’s also a Chairperson of the board, it immerses itself in projects and ventures that positively impact on the country and its people, from health and education to the nurturing of young talent in the fields of music, sport and fashion through the foundation and awards. HE HrH Dr is a board member of Let’s build grade 10 to 12 and Gender equality of women and children in South Africa. Founder of the Royal Association (SA ), Endeavor and the Global Philanthropy Circle, and is the Patron of Birdlife South Africa and Child Welfare South Africa. The Chairperson has also married her passion for women empowerment platforms and health.

South Africa’s Most Influential Women 2012

Nominee Awards – Humanitarian, Gender Equality of Women and Children (five times) in 2018

Ambassador : National Department of Health South Africa
: United Refugees Green Council (International)
: World Student Peace Federation (International)

Member : World Royal Association (International)
:World Royal Families
: Women Economic Forum (International)
: International Association of Royal Nobels

Seconded : Part of NEPAD newly launched project in Gender Equality and diversity

Most Recently HE HrH Princess Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana (Dr) will be speaking at an annual World Women Conference in India on special invitation. Her passion for empowering disadvantaged women across the country saw her founded a pageant with a purpose built to handle poverty issues.
About being the awards nominee and being a speaker.. Dr Tebogo said it was “an absolute honour” to represent the African continent and believed it was confirmation that African women empowerment was “on the right track”. She said the award represented another step in Africa’s journey to make an impact on global change and was grateful for the support she had received in her goal to help her make a difference.

“I am humbled by the nominations and the invite to speak I accept it on behalf of everyone who has worked so hard on the continent to push the ideals of equality and empowerment. In my culture, we say ‘if you want to go fast you walk alone, but if you want to go far, you walk with others.’ It is a victory for all of Africa. We create platforms to develop Africa. Albinos United South Africa is one of the projects am passionate about. It will eliminate discrimination and educate those who want to know about Albinos communities. ” Who runs the world ” will cover those eight projects and we plan to employ and empower individuals who will facilitate and assist our country.
HE HrH Princess Tebogo Modjadji-Kekana (Dr) and her business partner and mentor Mr Christopher Bongo ( an international accredited life coach) founded GAP project (We provide a series of specific sessions (talks) to last year students at tertiary institutions (colleges and universities) to assist them to pre-plan their entry to the labour world with confidence.)

“Even as a young girl in Pretoria, I was aware of the need to make a change to my community. I have received support from people around the world in trying to make that happen. There is a beauty in seeing humanity come together and work for the greater good. I am grateful to have received this five humanitarian awards nominations in 2018 alone but I am just one person of many trying to make a difference,” she said.

Dr Tebogo believe that “who runs the world” will continue to grow in both strength and international demand.“We need to be proud of our work and never compromise our quality or visions because it is what makes us stand out and strong. People admire us and want our strategies because we are unique and we cannot lose that,” she added. She has a TV show deal coming to live in March 2019 ( for real people with real stories)

What is “Who runs the world”???
This is motivated by all Projects combined, HE doesn’t believe in having plan A and B only, but stretch yourself to achieve your goals. She sometimes say” don’t give up”if you can do with plan Z!!!!

Projects :
Those below projects are to create job opportunities for the selected community members who share similar interests. Also includes estimated dates for hand overs from 2019.
2016 she and her husband adopted Hospice in Gauteng and started a food parcel project in feeding and clothing about 200 families at least twice a year (winter and summer) irrespective (Falls under the Rain Queen Modjadji Foundation)

Rain Queen Modjadji Foundation ( n/a)
Rain Queen Modjadji Awards ( n/a)
Ms South Africa National Pageant ( 1 year)
Albinos United South Africa ( 6 years)
Gender Equality of Women and Children in South Africa ( 2 years)
Let’s build grade 10 to 12 (n/a)
GAP ( in collaboration & n/a)

Motto : Never give up on your dreams!!!
“if you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl ”