Tazeen Jamal Siddiqui

Tazeen Jamal Siddiqui

Managing Director, Mansha Educational Society


Honorary Doctorate Degree Of Education in Higher Education Management Honoris causa.
FICP Academic Standing Level 8.
Certificate of Achievement by NASA in Educational Development program .
Organized Vision India Summit with 100 leaders across India.

Won an international innovator award in 2016 in education Panel speaker at ‘World Handwriting Day’
A Google Scholar.
Article “Multiple intelligences 54” Presented at Harvard university in International Educational Conference WEI.
Article “Typing fingers vs Writing Fingers” selected by Oxford university and in International conference at Harvard School of Medicine.
Advisor to Finland Mehackit,(Training and Developmwnt organization for Educators and Students)
Chairperson, India for International Long Term Economy.
Created Theory “TAZEEN TAXOLOGY” theory that explains the Series of steps required in Methodologies to deliver a concept in classroom. Recognized as top 100 Innovations in Education of 2020, Hundred Ambassador of Education.
Blogger for International Long Term economy forum and Times Of India.
Expert columnist for International Long Term Economy ,NTDTV.
Director Waohr ,World Aid Organization Of Human Rights.
Global young Researcher Award 2019.
Editor Magazine :-Dr Kalam International Vision India Reader.
http://www.lteconomy.it/blog/2019/0 2/05/tazeen-taxology/
Best Academic Administrator Award bythe chief minister of Pondicherry.
Certificate of Achievement by NASA in Educational Development program .
Organized Skype Training Session for Teachers in interior of rural areas.
Lecture at ISB on women’s Empowerment in 21st century.

Training of principals and Teachers across India.
Certificate of Achievement from Harvard University in the course of “Family engagement in Education.
Parents and student counseling in schools and colleges.
Training sessions conducted in colleges and schools on behavioral problems and solutions to handle stress.
Training of teachers and Principals of underprivileged schools and colleges . Principal GC high school.
Lead innovator MS education Academy.
Vision India Summit organized in 15 th oct with 100 leaders and Speakers from ISRO ,Deputy Chief minister Tilangana.
Best poetry award 2006 from the international library of poets US.
Founder Mansha Vision India Forum with 300+ leaders across India.
Advisor to Finland organization Mehackit.