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Tanja Malti Jadnanansing


Tanja Malti Jadnanansing

Manager at Albeda College


Manager Albeda College ( 20.000 students)/Former member of parliament(education)/worked for NOS News national broadcast/Former director of a community center for the youth in Amsterdam.
Tanja strongly believes that every person has her/ his own story that is worth to be told.
In her journey to find her own story there has been ups and downs and she takes the stage to tell especially the youth that trough hard work a lot is possible BUT there is no easy way. It will be a bumpy road. Her mission gained by experience in and knowledge of politics, media and education is to bring out the best version of every young adult she encounters. She challenges herself and people around her to reflect on who they are and who they can be by the LEFF method created in collaboration with students of Albeda College. Listening, Empathy, Feedback and Flexibility as key factors to developing entrepreneurial skills much needed for a successful professional career and personal wellbeing.